About ME

After running this blog for almost three years, I think it's about time I update my About Me page. It was long over due because a lot have changed since the last time I wrote that page. This is the new and updated version of that page.
Hi there! My name is Hanizah and I am the blogger behind hanizeyecandy. I am from Malaysia , the place where it is sunny all year round. I am a Muslim, a forty-something mother of four kids, a daughter, a sister, a fan of anything cute and creative, a family photographer, a photoshop addict, a web designer, a manager and a friend.

  • I don’t sell anything here
  • This blog is a place where I share my love for digital scrapbook, photography, (and lately iphoneography), projects, life in general and other things that inspire me
  • I choose not to have shoutmix or any other form of chatting here because I can't control the content.
  • This is my happy place. I will like to keep this place clean, simple and beautiful
  • To leave a comment here you must be a Registered User - includes OpenID. Your comment will be moderated before it is published
  • Contact me at hanizeyecandy@gmail.com 
  • Have fun and enjoy your stay here

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