Thursday, December 31, 2020

The LaSt DaY of 2020

Alhamdulillah, I never would have thought that I could be here today right here and right now typing this post on my blog. This year has been such a crazy journey. Who would have thought that 2020 is the year that Coivd-19 pandemic hit the world and instantaneously everything was put on hold. If I can sum up my year it would be healing and mindful. I really have to focus my energy on right now, appreciate and be thankful for this moment. One thing I learned was in a blink of an eye your life can changed forever. 

SoMe RaNdOm ThINgs in 2020

( in no particular order)

- my youngest is entering standard 3 in a few days
- I am still using my Kindle Oasis to read ebooks. I having been using it for three years now
- I finally choose INTENTIONAL  as my one little word for 2021
- I set reading goals to read 20 books and I have achieved this goal this year. I read some amazing books this year
- In March, the whole country was in locked down - school closed, non essential economy closed, school closed - we have to stay at home to stay safe. I have mixed feeling about it: scared, happy, thankful, lonely, hurt, anxious and many more. 
- I meet my soulmate 
- I got engaged
- So many rules and so many revised policy to join Program PAKKP. It was so inconvenient to impose during Covid time.

- First time ever submission for Program Hakmilik IKBS closed early (August)
- Both of my kids entered University almost at the same time
- I have to cancel my Umrah for this year.
- I subscribed to Disney + and HBO Max this year
- This is the first time ever that I did not watch any movie in cinema
- I got promoted and move to a new ministry. I love my new place 
- I discovered lofi music on youtube
- Taylor Swift released two new album this year - folklore and evermore
- Covid-19 positive cases reached up to 2,500 a day and people seems immune to it. Malaysia have reached more than 100,000 accumulative positive cases. Unbelieveable
- I have never missed travelling so much
- my youngest stay at home more than he goes to school
- online school is definitely not ready for primary school student. 
- I discovered new TV series - Virgin River, Station 19, FBI Most Wanted, Man with a Plan
- working at home seems to be the norm now

 I can ramble on and on about things that happened to me this year and the lists will be super long.

Check out my lists last year - 2019

I would love to wish all my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for being a part of hanizeyecandy journey. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!

H  A  P   P Y    N E W    Y  E  A  R   2 0 2 1

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