Wednesday, December 16, 2020

One Little Word Journey so far

I have been enjoying participate in One Little Word since 2011, some year I joined the workshop and some year I just choose the world and really try to live my word each year. 

 My One Little Word that I choose in the last nine years were:

This year I choose Mindful as my word, I wanted to blog about this word at least once a month and then pandemic hit , all plans thrown out the window. Some how it is difficult to do anything else when people all over the world are dying. 
I still stay true to my word and try very hard to be mindful. Be grateful for this moment right now. I am alive, happy, healthy and wealthy.

Now as always, in December I already thing about my one little word for 2021. What I want to investigate and make it as a theme for 2021. On top of my head I am thinking about refresh, intentional, grow, beautiful :- these are all of the words I would love to explore.

I am also thinking of joining One Little Word 2021 workshop, hosted by Ali Edwards. She is such a great teacher and inspiring scrapbooker. I love her style and her work

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