Friday, June 5, 2015

Listersgottalist // GoodNotes tutorial

I have been doing listersgottalist challenge since April and I really enjoy doing this project. Maintaining a project like this really required commitment and strategy that works. I realise that doing this project using my notebook takes a lot of my time. I love the creative expression using my hands but comes June, I might not have as much time for myself as I would have like.

So for June I decided to go all digital with this project. I am using my iPad and GoodNotes to hosts my lists for June.

Things you need for this project
GoodNotes app
Stylus ( if you want to write on your lists)
   Typing is also an option if you like to type
Digital Kits - papers, elements and alphas

Dropbox account if you keep all your files on the cloud

As I mention before GoodNotes is a note taking app for your iPad and iPhone. You can write and type your notes in this app. You can also annotate on pdf file through this app. I have used and tried a lot of note taking apps on my iPad, so far I find that GoodNote app is simple and clean for my daily use. Read more about this app here.

#1) Create new Notebook
#2) You can choose any papers you like 

#3) Decide how you want to design your page - papers, washi tapes, ribbons, stickers and project life card. Insert those images to your page.

#4) As for me I kept all my digital scrapbook kits in Dropbox. All I have to do is inserts the digital papers I want to my page.
#5) The amazing thing about GoodNotes, you can crop the image right inside the app. Crop the page into the size that you need.

like what I did here..

#6) You can stack all the papers on top of the other 

#7) Then insert your title of the day 

#8) Keep on adding those papers, washi tapes, ribbons, stickers and project life card on the page until you are satisfied 
#9) Add a few touches to the title if you like

#10) Finally write your lists on you finished page.

This is what the finished page look like.

Learned more about this app here and here

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