Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project 365 101: Your Basic Supplies

I got a lot of questions about Project 365 in the last few months. I have been doing this project in a really long time that sometimes I forgot that some of my new readers might not know what this project is all about.

Project 365

Project 365 or 365 Project is a popular project among photographers (this project was started by Taylor Mcknight way back in 2004) and got picked up by scrapbooker and life documenter all over the world. In a nutshell is to take a photo a day for a year, so that is basically 365 photos in a year taken daily. Some people take photos of themselves, objects, daily meals or just some random photos of every day life. The theme is basically up to you. What memories you would like to capture. 

I have been doing these project from 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2014, some of them were successful and some of them were not. No matter what, at the end of the year, I was usually glad that I did this project. 


I am here today to share my lists of basic supplies that you need if you want to jump into 365 Project either right now or in 2015.

Let's go!

#1. Have a camera with you all the time. Any camera will do.

When doing this type of project, taking a really amazing photos is not the goal. At least for me, the goal is to capture my daily life in photo. So having a camera with me all the time is a must because you never know when the opportunity in for you to capture them.
So for me the best camera at the moment is my iPhone because I have the phone with me all the time.

#2. Have a place to upload your photos.

After you have taken a photo or photos for the day, the key is to upload them somewhere else other than your phone or SD cards. I used Dropbox to upload my photos of the day because . I usually do some light editing, add the day or the date before I upload to my Dropbox

#3. Do something with the photos

The idea of capturing the photos is for you share them with your friends and family. Blog about them is one of the way that you can share and document your memory. Some people share them on flickr or instagram or tumblr.

#4. A reminder to alert you when to take photos

If you are not in the habit of taking photos daily, it can be hard to maintain the habit. So having some kind of reminder either from using an app or reminder alert from your photo it really helps to at least make you stop, take a deep breath and capture anything around you.

[December 29, 2012]

If you are a scrapbooker or if you want to do something creative with your photos, you can always:

- print the photos out and put it in your Project Life album
- make a scrapbook page about your photo
- make a photo collage by month
- use the photo for you daily journal
- make a photo book for a year

Project 365 is also one of many ways to capture your memories and at the same time you have a reason to get your photos out of your phone. Give this project a chance, who knows you might enjoy them! 
Happy Snapping!!

Love hanizeyecandy 

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