Thursday, September 11, 2014

My thoughts on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch

I was so excited to watch Apple Announcement yesterday that I marked the date on my calendar. In my mind I was imagining Apple announce something new, exciting and out of this world kind of technology. Something that will change my life for the better. 

I got to say that I was a little bit disappointed. The event webcast was more than one hour long and I felt like that they didn't say much. At least not something that makes my heart beat faster nor something that makes me drool over. I was totally excited last year when they announced iPhone 5S. I was hooked and drool over it. But now.... all I can say is hemmm..... am I watching Apple event? It felt somehow empty and soulless. And this makes me miss Steve Job. At least he was crazy enough to dream of something crazy and something that people have not yet thought off.

Will I buy an iPhone 6? 

1. If I have the money for it , why not but I am not totally obsess with it.
2. I am always a sucker for a great camera. So I am totally loving the new camera and that might be the only reason I might upgrade my phone
3. I like the idea of Apple Pay but the name was horrible. Cashless society is the dream now but weather it will pick up in Malaysia is yet to be seen. 
4. iOS8 is a plus but I think I would enjoy the same experience with iPhone 5S
5. I can understand why Apple release the bigger screen because there are some people who want bigger screen. As for me 4" is perfect enough so 4.7" might be bigger for me. hemmm..
6. They got rid of 32GB model and sell 64GB model at lower price. That is a plus for me because I think 32GB is a little bit small for me.
7. I don't think there's any other new exciting features in this new phone

Will I buy Apple Watch?

1. If I have the money why not. But I think it's a little bit expensive because the watch need iPhone to work
2. I like the customisable watch face
3. I also like the health features that comes with the watch. It might be useful for a health nut like me
4. I don't think I like the other features on this watch. 

I am wondering what will happen to iPod and iPad. Will these two devices be obsolete since now apple already launch the bigger iPhone and a watch? 

What do you think about these new devices?
Will you upgrade your phone?
Will you buy the Apple watch?

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