Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Merdeka to Malaysian!

Today we, Malaysian, celebrate our 56th Independence day. I am so blessed and thankful for Independence and for peace. It’s about time we, the people, live in harmony no matter what races we are or what are our political views. We are human and that should count for something. Value lives and stop fighting and killing each other.
May we stay Merdeka forever.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Life so far.. this month

I really have a great year so far and I am enjoying every moment of it.

life so far

So far this month:
  • I register for 30 days of challenge September 2013 edition. This is my third time joining this fun challenge from Amy and Kam.
  • I celebrate Eid this year with my family. I hope and pray that every year will be like this year
  • I made two Eid cards freebies for my readers as a gift for being here with me through my journey
  • I ordered a Beautiful Mess photo idea book from Amazon. It has been a long time since the last time I ordered a book online
  • We hosted a Open House {Eid edition} for the first time since we moved to this neighborhood. It was fun and exciting to meet all of our long lost friends, close friends, family and all our neighbor
  • I had a fun and interesting experience watching Jay Jay performed live before my eyes. I used to have a crush on him when I was in high school. It brings lots of warm memories and feelings.
  • I was so smitten by Fujifilm Intax Mini 8 polaroid camera. I am thinking of getting one of those in the future. In the mean time I satisfied my polaroid appetite with this method. Now I have to think of creative ways to display and store all my Polaroid prints.
  • I am so excited that this month I started with Focus T25 Beta Cycle. It's fun and challenging at the same time. I really loves how my body feels after every workout.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

sixteen months

I just can't believe that my baby is already sixteen months old. He is growing up beautifully. Having him in my life is such a joy. Now I am watching and encouraging him to walk more. He seems to enjoy crawling more than walking.


Some random things about him right now
  • He still bits me sometimes
  • He can stand unsported 
  • He can take three or four steps of walking
  • He prefers crawling
  • He loves eating strawbery and dates
  • It's getting harder and harder for him to sleep early at night. He won't goes to sleep if I kept the light on.
  • He is in "pay attention to me" phase. He really loves when he is the center of attention. 
  • He is reluctant to let me out of his sight. He always wants me to hold him and talk to him.
  • He is now an expert at climbing up and down - the sofa, chair, bed, table and stairs
  • He also loves to imitate talking on a phone. So cute!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Polaroid Print

I was so smitten with this new rage Fujifilm Intax Mini, especially the colorful Intax Mini 8. My coworker also have one, not the min 8 but the mini 50. The idea of instantly getting your photo print and developing before your eyes is very appealing. It’s so old fashion but it’s fun if you enjoy vintage and small print
So the hunting and researching begins. These are a few points I gather which might be helpful if you are in the market for one.
Don’t buy this camera if you:
1. Don’t know what to do with all of your printed photos
2. Snap photos like crazy. Selective photography won’t satisfied you.
3. Have the mentality that film are cheap. These polaroid film is not cheap. The cost of one pack (10 pieces) is about RM25.00
4. This is your one and only camera
5. You love selfie. Taking your own photo with this camera is a little bit tricky and take lots of practice (you can’t really practice with this camera because the photo will print right away weather you want it or not)
Do buy this camera if you:
1. Are looking for your third or fourth camera to add to your collection
2. You don’t mind buying film and changing them
3. Have budget for it and aware of how much the films will cost you in a long run
4. You love to have a print copy of your photos right away and kept them in your art journal
5. If you want to make a DYI intax wallpaper for your home
For me, I might consider purchasing one sometime in the future just for the fun of it. In the mean time, to satisfied my polaroid need, I am happy with my Instant Polaroid App on my iphone.
And to get that instant print look, I upload all my polaroid photos on dropbox, open them in my Adobe Photoshop, arranged four photos on A4 paper and print them out.
Photo 27-08-2013 20 40 48
Photo 27-08-2013 22 09 25
Photo 27-08-2013 22 06 18
Photo 27-08-2013 22 35 43
Photo 27-08-2013 22 54 38
Now I just have to find a place to store or display all my polaroid photos. It’s a little bit of extra work compare to using Fujiflim Intax Mini but I am using what I have [iphone, Instant app, Adobe Photoshop, Canon E510 printer, photo paper and a scissor].

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Cycle // Week One Review

I started my Beta Cycle Week One last week. I was a little bit nervous to start Beta Cycle just because I know that the Cardio workout is going to be so much tougher than the Cardio in Alpha Cycle.


Weight today: 57.5 kg

Losing back the weight I gain during Eid feast isn’t that easy. It’s a struggle just because the Eid feast is still going on. I am hoping to loose at least another 800g by the end of the week.

My Review and Tips

  • For the first week of Beta Cycle, I am following the suggested workout just because I didn’t know what to expect.
  • I was so wrong. Cardio Alpha wasn’t the longest 25 minutes of my life, Core Cardio is! I have never felt like I just can’t finished the 25 minutes routine.
  • I am totally in love with Speed 2.0. It’s fun, it’s repetitive enough that you can focus, enjoy the workout and sweating like crazy
  • If you are working early in the morning (before breakfast), make sure you don’t over do it. Listen to your body, stop when you feel like you are going to faint or out of breath
  • Drinking a glass of protein shake after the work out really help to speed up your recovery
  • Ript Circuit and Upper Focus workouts are with weights, so you don’t work your cardio as much. The Routine in those two workout is not as tough as Jari Love Get Ripped but the next day you can still feel sore on the muscle that you’ve workout on
  • Dynamic Core is equally tough especially the floor routine. It makes you scream with pain.

I am looking forward to Week Two of Beta Cycle. I just wonder if I can loose another 1 kg with these routine if done consistently. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Counting down to 30 days of lists September edition

I saw 30 days of lists Blog hop at Campfire Chic and I decided to play along. 30 days of lists September Edition is coming this Sunday. I just can’t wait to share my lists for the month of September.

I have been joining this fun challenge since 2011. It’s interesting to see what my life looked like way back in 2011.

Back in 2011, I didn’t do much with the lists. I just blogged about it. Plain and simple. This is my favorite lists back then : Things that were awesome about this month.

In 2012, I got more time to be more creative, so I did the lists using my digital scrapbook kits at the moment. My favorite lists for March 2012 was : favorite memories


And for March 2013 lists, I decided to write my lists in a notebook. Simple and straight to the point. Just my handwriting , my photos and some stickers.

My favortie list for March 2013 was Things I do every morning

11. Things I do every morning

Since September is still the same year as my March lists, I decided to continue making the list using the same notebook.

I am so looking forward to participate in this challenge. It’s fun and easy to document your life.

#currentlylist // August twenty six

I am not feeling so good today. I had a mild headache, mild flu and a mild cough. All I wanted to do was laying down on my bed and sleep. I can't really do that today because we are hosting an Eid Feast at the office. I have to be here and help out anyway I can.
I am wearing pink because somehow this color can help lift up my mood and trick my brain that I am happy.

This is my list for today
: Teen Wolf season 3
reading: A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book. I am so happy that I got this book earlier than I expected and can't wait to dig in
listening: Eid songs 
making: a visual board of things I love and dream of in my Evernote
feeling: sick and anxious
planning: photos to put in my 30 days of lists book
loving: my new lipstick from Bodyshop
weight: 57.5 kg
Come and join the fun
Curious what my lists look like last week?
Check it here

Sunday, August 25, 2013

these what kept me busy the last few days

I was travelling to Cameron Highland for work these last few days. I had limited connection to internet and limited time to sit down and write.

In the mean time these are a few instagram photos from my trip.

Love my #canon #pretty Alamak! Lupa pulak yg Cameron ni sejuk. Uhuhuh Sibok betul nak teh tarik #cameron #cold #night #travel Kat ladang strawbery #cameron at a strawbery park- pick your own strawbery #strawbery picking #cameron Lawatan tempat tempat menarik di #cameron highland #work #Strawbery picking at Raju Hill #cameron #iphone #iphoneonly #instadaily #photooftheday #cameron At Mosey Forest #cameron highland #work #cold #instadaily upload #tea plantation #cameron #work #life #instadaily upload #tea plantation #cameron highland Mosey forest #instadaily #place #iphoneonly

till next time. Have a pleasant weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Janganlah dinanti pada yang telah pergi...

I was so excited when I saw Jay Jay right in front of me. I was a fan of him since I was in Primary School when he was with Carefree. That was a long time ago. It was such a joy watching him sings right infront of me!


I really love this song. It is called "Rindu Bayangan".

"Bila kukenang
Ku renung gambar wajahmu
Kisah yang lalu tak akan berulang lagi
Lupakan saja
Cerita lama
Usah di rayu pada yang tak sudi
Janganlah dinanti pada yang telah pergi
Hanya luka lamakan berdarah kembali
Kini kecewa
Tidak terkata
Mengapakah itu disebut lagi
Apalah yang hendak dikata
Sudah suratan takdir menentukan
Oooh… inilah ragam manusia
Manis di bibir
Pandai bermain lidah
Berputar-putar membelitkan kata-kata
Hanya linangan airmata yang menitis
Pada bayangan
Di angin lalu
Membisikkan kata rindu bayangan"
After the show I rushed back stage to catch a glimpse of him and probably took a photo with him. I was so lucky because he was still back stage with his wife and taking photos with his fans. I got to meet his lovely wife and took a few photos with Jay Jay. He still looks the same. He never aged at all. It makes me wonder what was his secret? Hemmm I forgot to ask him that.
This is definitely the highlight of my day so far. 


random Aidilfitri 2013 edition

This year my Eid celebration moving way too fast for me. I am still shock that I am already at home and at work. I am still in Eid mood. 

Some random things this Eid:
* I love that this year we can celebrate Eid as a family
* I love that I didn't have to drive home
* I love that my baby can eat soft solid food

* I love that my baby want me more
eid012013 eid022013
* I really missed my mom's Eid cookies especially peanut butter cookies and makmur cookies
* I missed my dad's ketupat. This year we go for 'nasi impit' instead of ketupat
* Finally life started to feel like normal again. Hopefully this will last forever.

eid032013 eid042013 eid052013 eid062013 eid072013 eid092013 eid0102013 eid0112013 eid0122013
*I love this photo of Hanif and his father. So cute and loving eid0132013

Thanks Allah for blessing us with your kindness and opportunity to be with each other. I am loving my Eid so far.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One in a million

I have been having this uneasy feeling lately. I really hate when things are out of control. I know that letting go is part of life but how do you let go of things that you know is still happening?
The only thing I know what to domis ignore it, pretend that it never happen and pray to Allah that it will not happened again.
And one more thing that is always makes me happy and lift my spirit is scrapbooking.
I saw One in a million collection at sweetshoppedesigns and I just got to have it.
I got tons of photos from Eid holiday and celebration, I just have to make some layouts using my brand new kit.

I just this photo of us. Sweet, happy and made for each other kind of vibe. It's like the last seven years never happened.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#30lists September 2013 // My take

Last March I make a book of my 30 days of lists prompt. It's simple and to the point. I like simplicity at the moment. So for September 2013 30 days of lists challenge I decided to continue making the lists in the same notebook. I still have enough space to write my lists for September.

30dayslistSept2013-2 30dayslistSept2013-3

Good or bad is Good

Saya hari ni tidak sama dengan saya sepuluh tahun yang lepas. Banyak perkara yang saya belajar dan pengalaman hidup yang saya tempohi untuk ...