Friday, November 2, 2012

30 days of gratitude // my point of view

Since it’s already November and things are moving way too fast towards end of the year that some times we forget to be grateful. Even though I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I still think that celebrating things that you are grateful for is important. There are so many ways you can do to document your 30 days of gratitude like in a journal, photos and facebook posts. As for me I plan to blog 30 days of gratitude every day right here in haniz-eyecandy. This year I decided to make my own lists.
These are a few things I would love to be thankful for:
Day 14: Gratitude for iQuran
Day 15: Gratitude for a good night sleep
Day 16: Gratitude for my legs
Day 17: Gratitude for my beautiful baby boy
Day 18: Gratitude for modern medicine
Day 19: Gratitude for time
Day 20: Gratitude for Avent Manual Breast pump
Day 21: Gratitude for online services
Day 22: Gratitude for beautiful plants and trees
Day 23: Gratitude for a safe and comfortable place to sleep
Day 24: Gratitude for Dr Harvey 5 S technique from the Happiest baby on the block book
Day 25: Gratitude for colors
Day 26: Gratitude for high speed broadband
Day 27: Gratitude for workout DVD
Day 28: Gratitude for hot water shower
Day 29: Gratitude for refrigerator
Day 30: Gratitude for pen
What are you thankful for this month?
Do you hop on 30 days of gratitude project this month?

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