Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 23 until day 30 of 30 days of gratitude

This is going to be a heavy gratitude post for the 30 days of gratitude challenge. I do manage to blog everyday until day 22 and then I just stop blogging about it. I decided to make one post of gratitude for these week.

Day 23: Gratitude for a safe and comfortable place to sleep. I love that I have a comfortable bed where I can rest and sleep. It’s my comfort place. I really enjoy the peace and quiet at the end of the day.

Day 24: Gratitude for Dr Harvey 5 S technique from the Happiest baby on the block book. I am so thankful that I’ve found this book and the DVD. This technique is a life saver. I have been using it from the beginning and it really works! Amazing!

Day 25: Gratitude for colors. What is life without color? I just love color and I am so thankful that I live in Malaysia where we can celebrate color every single day.

Day 26: Gratitude for high speed broadband. I’ve got to love my Unifi connection. Life is beautiful when you have high speed broadband. The things you can do online is limitless. When I was a kid I used to think that life without television was unimaginable. Now I can do without TV but I can’t live without high speed broadband.

Day 27: Gratitude for workout DVD. I love that I can workout in a comfort of my home. No driving to the gym and no changing to uncomfortable clothing.

Day 28: Gratitude for hot water shower. My life saver in the morning.  I really love taking a show with hot/warm water. It feels so good especially late in the evening.

image 2

Day 29: Gratitude for refrigerator. I am so thankful to refrigerator because with this invention I can store my precious mother’s milk for longer period of time. And I also can enjoy my favorite treat which is ice cream.

Day 30: Gratitude for pen. I just love pen. Not matter how advance I am when it comes to all things digital and online, I still enjoy having a pen in my hands. Love the feeling of doodling stuffs with pen and paper.


I do enjoy playing along with this gratitude game. It’s give you time to pause and take stock of what really important in your life and saying thank you to all the things that made you happy.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

it feels great to be able to do this

lovethismoment-web[Credit: Delight by Misty casto] unique-web[Credit: One of a kind by Meghan Mullens and Captivated Vision]

I am feeling a little bit creative today and I have managed to steal a few minutes to make these two layouts. I really miss being an active creative team member. I wanted to be like before where all my time is devoted to scrapbooking and all things related to it. But for now, this hobby take less priority because at this point in time I have a baby to enjoy. I am so afraid to miss these amazing developments that my baby is going through right now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the amazing seven months

I have been very busy juggling motherhood and being back to work. I have so little time to myself, my blog, scrapbook and documenting my baby first twelve months of life. In a baby’s world seven months are a really long time. A lot has changed from the moment I hold him in my arms and now. He is no longer a newborn, he is a baby and moving towards becoming a toddler. I do miss having a newborn in the house and at the same time I really enjoy having a baby in the house. He learns so much in such a short time.


It brings tears to my eyes while I was compiling this little collage, he doesn’t seems to change much when you follow him from 0 to 7 months but when you see his 0 months and then move your eyes to 7 months than you can see how much he grows. Such an amazing journey for him and for me!

{I think he looses his chubbiness in his 7 month, probably due to the fact that mommy is no longer around 24/7 to provide food. heheheh…..}

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hanif // 7 months


His current progress

  • He is able to move forward (creeping) before his 7 months birthday
  • He is already an expert with moving and rolling over
  • He is still on a cereal diet. I haven’t introduce any new food yet
  • He is having a fever for the first time. I hope he will get well soon
  • He is teething. I am not sure when is the first tooth will come out
  • He is able to say tatata and dadada
  • He will turn his head in the direction of my voice

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finding the right pump for beginners

Last month I wrote about tips on how to express milk for beginners. I hope it helps you to keep continue breastfeeding after you start working.
I discovered that, after ten years of not paying attention to all stuffs related to baby, I found out that there are so many brand and so many choices out there regarding breast pump. All of these options can make choosing the right one for you a bit challenging.


Today I would love to share with you a few tips when it comes to find a the right pump that works best for you to achieve your breastfeeding goal.
Electric or Manual
There are currently two types of pump in the market, one is electric with or without the option of battery operated and the other one is manual. Choosing which one is best for you can be confusing. From my experience the factor that make me decide to choose which one that I need is portability.
With Manual pump I can go and be where ever and still can pump when needed to.
I have been using Avent Manual breast pump for my second and third child (that was 13 years ago), so for my fourth child I choose the new version of Avent breast pump just because I can’t find my old one. I know that this particular brand has helped me in the past.
Single or Double
If you have decide to go with manual breast pump than you don’t have to worry about single or double option. This tip is for those who choose to the electric breast pump.
For me the deciding factors are your budget, how often you intend to pump (daily or occasionally) and how much time can you spend for pumping.
From my experience single pump is best if you can allocate time at work to pump and get more milk but if you are tight on time than double pump is the best choice because you can pump twice as much with 10 minutes session.
I choose Medela Mini Double Electric pump (cost RM650) for my second pump because I find it difficult to set a side 30 minutes to pump manually and get more than 4 oz of milk. This is one of the oldest model in the market. If you have the money to spend and still planning to have more kids than I highly recommend Medela Freestyle Pump ( about RM 2000 ++).
Occasional or Daily
Another deciding factor you have to consider is how often are planning to pump: occasional or daily.
Occasional (once every two days or four or five times a week), than choosing a single pump either manual or electric is good enough.
Since I am work full time and I am still planning to continue giving the best to my baby, I decided to have both the manual pump and the double electric pump. I keep my Medela Mini Double Electric pump at the office where I can do the pumping during lunch break and before going back home. I still carry my manual Avent breast pump just in case I have to work outside of the office.
Know the pros and cons of the product you choose
When you have made the decision about your pumping needs and your breastfeeding goal, the only thing left is to choose the right brand for you. No matter what brand you choose you have to know the in and out of your brand. What it can do and what it cannot do so that you won’t be disappointed with your investment.
I hope this little tips will help you choose the right pump for you and your needs within your budget. In the end all that matter is giving the best to your baby.
Do you have problem choosing the right pump?
Do you have any favourite brand?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

life captured: October edition

Another great kit, Life Captured October by Pixelily Designs for your Project life layout, Project 365 and Project 52. 

This kit has all things related to October and all things that makes October special.


This is my layout using the above kit treasure_memories-web

This layout is all about celebrating my last few days as a stay at home mom and celebrate my baby boy. I love everything about my October especially this year. I know that I will never get this kind of October ever again!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day.twenty two // Gratitude for trees

Day 22: Gratitude for trees

I am saying thank you to Allah for all the beautiful trees in the world. Those trees were not only pretty to look at but also functional. It brings us food, oxygen, ingredience for making tools and peace of mind.
Life is so much better with more trees around.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Caught on camera

His first creeping, originally uploaded by haniz*eyecandy.
Witness his achievement for the first time. He is still strggling with it but his technique has improve!

Day. Twenty one// Gratitude for online services

Day.21: Gratitude for online service

Life is getting much more easier. Nowadays most of the things that we have to do like paying bills, shopping, making friends, buy tickets can be done online. No more parking and no more queues.

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Right Now....

Right now... I am wondering why life in the office is a little bit messy
Right now... I am missing my baby
Right now... I feel overwhelm with all the urgent things and the important things
Right now... I am already planning a long vacation just to get away from all the chaos
Right now.... I am missing a lot on my baby's development. Not being able to be with him really make me sad
Right now ... I am wondering what is happening with everybody. The phenomena of "bangau oh bangau" is all around
Right now... I just can't seems to find the time to express myself creatively

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day.twenty // Gratitude for Avent Phillips Breastpump

Day.20 : Gratitude for Avent Phillips Manual Breast pump

I love this breastpump. I have been using Avent breast pump since my second baby and that was 13 years ago. I am thankful that by using this pump I am able to keep giving my baby the best nutrition even when I am not around. This pump has really change the way I think about mother's milk. I used to think that I can't produced enough milk when every time I try pumping, I didn't get enough. This was what I used back then. It was horrible and painful. No wonder I stopped trying.

Then I found Avent Isis breast pump and the rest was history. I loved it then and I love it now. This pump totally change my life and my view of milk production.

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Candy for the Soul

This is the first album I bought from iTunes. The album is Zikir Terapi Diri by Hafiz Hamidun. These Zikir are what I needed at the moment. The day that I bought this album was the day I get stuck in a horrific traffic jam, flood and a really bad weather. I played the whole album and somehow I felt calm and I felt the courage to drive home to my baby.

Zikir terapi diri

I highly recommend this album. The album cost USD$9.99 in the apple store. You also can buy one song only and the cost for one song is USD$0.99

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day.nineteen // Gratitude for time

Day 19: Gratitude for time
Today I would love to say thank you for the gift of time. With all the chaos in my life, I still can

enjoy beautiful time with this little guy. I am still able to hugs and kiss him. I am thankful for the time I have left in this world, to be with the loves one, to tell my story and to help others anyway that I can.

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day 306–day 323 // Sweet november

I am officially working this November. Life is a little bit hectic. I have to get back into the routine of waking up early in the morning, getting ready for work and getting my baby ready for daycare.

So this is what my November look like so far…

day 306 – I really miss him when I am at work.

day 306

day 307 – Finally I can get into my pre pregnancy cloth. Yeah.. even though my weight is not as low as I would have like but I am happy because I can wear my clothes. Now it’s time to buy new clothes… hehehe


day 308 – Outing to One Utama shopping mall


day 309 – at the airport with my baby. We were in our way to Pulau Langkawi, Kedah


day 310 – at Hotel Seaview. I love baby wearing.


day 311 – already at home, in the middle of reading Reading for Anything by David Allen


day 312 – at the office getting ready of Innovation day


day 313 – love you so much


day 314 – Happy 10th birthday to my daughter


day 315 – at a wedding


day 316 – I love the zebra print outfit. I got it on sale at Mothercare


day 317 – on our way to the daycare center


day 318 – love watching him when he sucks his fingers


day 319 – this is what he does to the play mat


day 320 – fallen asleep after a meal


day 321 – power pumping during my long holiday to increase my milk supply


day 322 – one lazy Saturday. I love to pose him on the nursing pillow with his favorite toy.


day 323 – Our Sunday outing at Alamanda. My son playing with the payphone..


I had such a busy November and the month is not over yet. I am hoping that every thing will slow down a bit.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

day 289– day 305 // catching up

I have been busy with work and juggling my life as a mother. Every time I came home from work, all I want to do is play with my baby boy and sleep. This weekend I’ve finally set a time to document my Project 366. I have been taking photos daily but I have not document any of them.

These are all the photos taken in October 2012

day 289 – me and my baby, enjoying the last few days of my maternity leave


day 290 – Outing with my son at Midvalley mega mall


day 291 – my baby admiring the sony vaio plastic beg


day 292 – watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 8


day 293 – another beautiful moment just the two of us


day 294 – I just love watching him sleep with his soft toy


day 295 – my current favorite ice cream


day 296 - this little guy is getting bigger each day. I am glad that he is still happy even though I’ve already sending him to the nursery


day 297 - My second son is 13 years old already. He is also getting bigger


day 298 - I have started to weaning my baby from swaddling during sleeping time and this was what happened when he was not wrapped


day 299 - During our trip to my hometown for the Eid Adha holiday


day 300 - celebrating 40th birthday of my brother and 13th birthday of my son at my parents’ house.( All the October babies)


day 301 - Introducing soft food to my baby for the first time. He seems to like it very much


day 302 - the cousins


day 303 – my daughter wrote this


day 304 – he is trying to reach out for the remote


day 305 – introducing ipad to him


…… to be continue tomorrow

Good or bad is Good

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