Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 things // Avent Isis breastpump

When it comes to giving the best for your kids, nothing can beat mother's milk. I do remember way back in 2000, (I was naive about breastfeeding), I was getting ready to go to work but I couldn't find any infant milk as a substitude. My instinct was nothing was better than breastmilk. So I decided to do a research on how to make breastfeeding work when I have to go back to work.

So my hunt for a perfect tool begun. I was looking for a breastpump to help with pumping the milk when my baby was not around. My first thought was every pump was created equal. Boy, was I wrong! I think I've spend like thousands of ringgit just to find the perfect pump. At the end I discovered Avent Breastpump. It was exactly what I was looking for.

5 things why I think avent breastpump is still the best
# 1) It is light and quiet, so no one will know what you are doing
# 2) I can get milk let down easily, cause it's gentel and soft
# 3) It's portable. I can use it almost anywhere
# 4) The parts are easily disassamble and clean
# 5) I love the avent bottles. I usually will keep a stock of them for my baby needs.

I saw that Avent breastpump also has an electric version. I will definitely try it if it's quiet and can pump two times faster than the manual pump.

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