Monday, December 31, 2012

Today I …

Some random things about the last day of 2012
  • I am taking a day off from work. Come to think of it I don’t think I ever work on the last day of the year
  • I am still clueless about my goal for 2013
  • I went for my facial and spoil myself a little bit
  • I received a very annoying message that really spoil my 2013 celebration ( some times I just wish I don’t have a phone!)
  • I watched the last two episodes of Haven season 3. I am so looking forward to the next season. I just hope that this TV show doesn’t get cancel
  • I secretly wish that I work at different company or even work at different country
  • I felt anxious when nursing my baby. He bites! Ouch!!
  • I don’t know what I am going to do with all the stuffs that I bought for tomorrow
  • If I got a chance to do all over again, I would change a lot of things, learn from my mistakes , be more presence and not rushing

day 363– day 366 // finished

Today is the last day of 2012 and that means it’s day 366. I just can’t believe that one year ago I decided to jump into Project 365 and today I am at the last day of the year.

day 363 – my last day of going to work for the year 2012


day 364 – my last Saturday of the year. Spending it with my kids. My baby is already 8 months old. I do miss him as an infant and at the same time I really enjoy him at this age. My little explorer.


day 365 – this photo was taken by my son. So creative and I love it.


day 366 – today I woke up early in the morning. Make a cup of warm milk. Sit down on my couch and recite Quran. Such a beautiful morning.


I am happy and excited that I have successfully managed to capture 366 daily photos of my life in 2012. Some days I took lots of photos and some days I took less. One thing is for sure, having an iphone with you all the time really helps with the capturing process. I am still haven’t decided if I want to continue doing this project in 2013. I will probably take a year break and give myself permission to explore other things.

XOXO – have a great, creative and happy new year

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another four

Last Tuesday I decided to challenge myself to make fifteen digital scrapbook layouts before end of the year. I am happy to report that with these four layouts I’ve managed to make at least fifteen layouts that I need for my photo book. In fact I’ve made seventeen layouts in total. I am totally loving this feeling.


Credit: I believe in Second Chance by Captivated Vision and Jenn Barrette designs.


Credit:Believe in Beautiful by Captivated Vision


Credit: I believe in Second Chance by Captivated Vision and Jenn Barrette designs.


Credit: Begin Again Kit by meghan mullens. Rough & Tumble alphas by Kathy Winter Designs.
Scraplift from : Love Like Crazy by Grethchen McElveen - Creating Keepsakes Magzine January/February 2012 issue.

Now I can continue with my Digital Scrapook Volume 2 photo book project. I can’t wait to print all of these layouts and have them in a photo book style.

12 posts of 2012

I thought it would be fun to reflect on some of my favourite posts in 2012. This year was full with many amazing thing that really changed my life forever. I just can’t help but feel lucky and thankful. Here are 12 of my favourite posts from this year.

1. I took an art journal e-course. I am totally new to art journal and I love this so much. Most of the page I did digitally and print them out.

Art Journal All Year E-Course

2. This time around we did a new year family photo shoot in a white studio. I just didn’t have the energy to walk around.


3. My worries at 29th weeks of pregnancy


4. I made a special pregnancy journal this time around. I made them digitally, print them and paste it into a spiral notebook. It’s a weekly journal. This is one of the journal I would cherish always.


5. I totally love Baby Bump apps. I think it’s a must have for expecting parents.


6. I finally gave birth to a baby boy. I am so happy and excited to hold him in my arms.


7. And I already missed being pregnant


8. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, but sometimes there are a few challenges that we face. These are basically what I did to make breastfeeding possible.


9. I love polaroid effect on a photo. I made this 10 lovely polaroid frames and a tutorial on how to used them.


10. I document my Ramadan with these daily photo prompts.


11. My quest for a perfect baby carrier and I found it with Boba baby carrier. Totally love this.28

12. I finally have the time and the opportunity to join 30 days of lists in September 2012. It was so much fun. It kept me motivated and inspired. I will definitely join this challenge again next year.


I hope that 2013 will be great and amazing. Things I want to see happen are a slimmer and healthy me, healthy kids, different management and more focus and balance life.

Friday, December 28, 2012

it’s the last Friday of 2012

Wow! What a great year?! It is definitely a roller coaster ride for me. Earlier this year I was pregnant, then I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, then I took 6 months maternity leave and become a full time mother. Such a beautiful journey for me so far.

Today was a little bit slow for me. I spend my time wrapping things up, plan my 2013 leave and mini vacation, online shopping and made another two layouts. When I saw this kit (Upside of down by the digichick) I just had to have it.


And these are the two layouts I made with it.

no regrets-webcomplicated-web

I am feeling a little bit sad to leave 2012. I am looking forward to a great year in 2013. I am hoping that my “dream” will finally comes true in 2013.  I have been waiting for so long.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

a little bit emotional

I just realized that I have a few kits I bough during sales and I didn't make any layouts with it. So today I decided to make three layouts about me. I am down to four more layouts. This challenge is so much fun for me. It really helps me focus and doing things I love.

I made these two kits using A little  emotional by Tracie Reed and Sugarplum Paperie
And for this one I used A Brand New Day kit by shawna clingerman, libby and erica zane


day 347– day 362 // almost there

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In less than a week, we are going to say good bye to 2012 and welcome 2013. I don’t intend to do Project 365 next year. I wanted to take break from it to explore and venture on other projects. I will probably will jump in the Project 365 in 2014.

Anyway these last few days, life started to calm down and everybody is getting ready for Back to School. Most of my teams are taking the last few days off to focus on family and things related to school.

Moving on to the last few days of photos

day 347 – I decided to wear red today to work. Love the color this year.


day 348 – I was on my way to drop off Hanif at a day care center. He was happy that morning


day 349 – On our way to Penang. I really love that I don’t have to drive.


day 350 – At Kerachut Beach in Penang during our trip to Taman Negara Penang.


day 351 – On our way back to Kuala Lumpur. We stop at a mosque on our way back


day 352 – the new ipad


day 353 – Wearing red again to work


day 354 – I really miss this face today. Can’t get enough of him


day 355 – His first tooth just came out. I am excited for him and scared for me at the same time.


day 356 – my new iphone case in purple


day 357 – back to school shopping. Sharpie is a must have in the list.


day 358 – the hat is getting smaller, hehehe…


day 359 – in his spiderman outfit


day 360 – delicious chocolate cake.


day 361 – my baby is 8 months old today


day 362 – he is still in sleeping mode. I just have to wake him up because mommy has to leave for work.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happiness is when ….

Last Tuesday, I made a pack to myself to make fifteen layouts before the end of the year. So far I have made four layouts using my current stash. I am a woman with a mission and today I made another four layouts. That make a total of eight layouts in 48 hours. I really forgot how much fun it was to make a digital layouts. Now I just can’t stop.

Here are mine and my baby is the centre of all these layouts.


Used Rough Tumble Kit by Ginger Scraps.


Used Happiness in your smile kit by Ginger Scraps


I hope that in the next 24 hours I can make four more layouts and play with at least two new kits I bought in the last two months. The year is ending and I am looking forward for more beautiful kits in 2013.

Hanif // 8 months


His current progress

  • Posing him in this position is getting challenging. He just can’t seem to stay on his back for a long period of time
  • He is now an expert creeper. Always moving around and can’t sit still
  • He is loves having people around
  • He sleep less and less
  • Since he is already reach 8 months milestone, it’s time to introduce him to protein
  • Finger food is his favorite right now
  • His first tooth came out a few days ago. It very sharp and it hurts when he bites me. Nursing is a challenge. I have to watch him really closely and I have to make sure he latch off when he started to bite.
  • this is such a wonderful and joyous age. He is a natural explorer, every thing is a toy to him

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In the moment

I am so happy to be spending some time with my parents. I am really enjoying life in a small town. Deep down I am still dreaming of staying here one day, perhaps in my old days.

I realize that I have been a little bit lazy in making digital scrapbook lately. I am in the process of making a digital scrapbook photo book volume 2 and I just realize that I still need more layouts for the photo book. I have already bought a prepaid photo book for RM285 , so  I have to make a book worth that much. I need at least 15 more layouts.

The countdown begins. Today I’ve managed to make four layouts using two new kits I bought this month.


Using Contagious Joy Kit by Traci Reed and Libby Pritchett


Using –>In the Moment Kits by Traci Reed

I hope that for the next 6 days I can make eleven more layouts. I still have a few more kits that I still haven’t play with.

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