Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beautiful Wednesday

No wonder I was feeling a little bit depress lately. I haven't make any new layouts since last Friday. I was feeling a little bit on edge and restless. I am so happy today when I saw this  Freebies from Jumpstart Designs. Love the designs.. so beautiful and it match my mood completely.


To download the QP click here on or on the image


random Aidilfitri


* photo session wasn't as fun as it use to be
* I am still having trouble dealing with everything that has happened
* I am so hoping that he will understand and doesn't see me as the enemy here
* I love eating my mom's Raya dishes... so so good
* wishing and hoping that I did not gain any weight during this festivity
* I listen to their stories, I hear their laughs and their voices but somehow I just can't be present.. deep down inside all I wanted was to be anywhere but here
* every time I tried to tell him how I feel, all he heard was how unforgiving I am.. how can I make him understand that this is not about forgiveness..
* I tried really hard to pretend that everything is fine, that everything is ok

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My morning Aidilfitri

Hey hey hey.... It's morning and today is the 1st Syawal.....

Some random things early this morning //
# I automatically woke up at 4:30 am for Sahur and suddenly realize that Ramadan is no longer here
# I received good news today, my son is a man today... I just can't believe it..
# Solah Sunat Aidilfitri around here is about 8:30 am .. So I have to get ready now... Ok.. Ok I get ready after this
# Can't wait to dress up in my black Baju Kurung
# Setting up the tables for breakfast... Hemm I am not really sure if I can eat this early in the morning.....

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 29 // the last day of Ramadan

I spend most of the last day of Ramadan at my parents' house. I love staying at this house cause somehow I feel safe
Some photos taken during the day with iphone4

Chocolate Cake

My darling and adorable nephew

The ketupat at an early stage

Passing the skill to the next generation

Raw ingredients for iftar

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Kitshowcase : Happy Homecoming

Another look at this beautiful kit from Wimpychompers Creations called Happy Homecoming. Available at Scrapmatters.


This is my layout using the above kit


Have a great and creative Monday!!

Freebies // Eid Card

I saw this photo while going through all the photos from my brother's wedding and I immediately think of a card that I can made with this photo. I hope you enjoy them.

 kad raya 2011

Card Size : 240 x 239


Card Size : 500 x 497


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 28 // the last few days of Ramadan

The Ramadan is almost over and I am feeling a little bit sad to say goodbye to Ramadan. Today is the day of travelling and there’s not much things to do. Just enjoying the journey and the view.

Here are a few photos taken with King Camera.

Little Thing Called Love

I just love this new kit from Pixelily Designs called Little Thing Called Love. It has 12 papers, 40 elements and 1 alpha.
“Nothing is more interesting to tell than love. Love to parents, love to children, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, best friends, even pets. Tell and describe your opinion about love to your loved ones with this versatile and beautiful kit. “excerpt from product description.  
This is my layout using the above kit

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 27 // the checklist

During this festive season, most of us are leaving our home for a longer period of time. So for me there are things I needed to do before heading back home.

The checklist //
# send clothes to laundry, so that when I return home there's some fresh clothes waiting for us
# facial treatment
# do some light cleaning
# plan a few schedule post for my blog

# check that all of the photography equipments are still in good condition
# packing -- the most daunting task ever cause I really hate to pack
# make sure that I have all the cookies in one place
# taking photos for todays blog post

Photos taken using hipstamatic for iphone
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Instagram // now on your photoshop

Instagram - Fast, beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone.It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.


For those of you who want the same Instagram filter effects, now is you chance to exlpore with this Intagram filters action. To download click here.

Today I have the chance and the opportunity to play with the action.





Brannan Instagram-Brannan

Earlybird Instagram-Earlybird

Walden Instagram-Walden

Sutro Instagram-Sutro

Nashville Instagram-Nashville

Have fun playing with Instagram action for photoshop

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 26 // the last day of work before a long break

I don't know why I didn't take the day off. The mood the the office were a little bit down for the rest of us who have to work.
I am not really in the mood to chat more than I want to.. Just enjoy the last few photos of the remaining Ramadan.

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Peace and Love from hanizeyecandy

I am totally not in the mood to work today. My heart and my mind are some where else. Everybody is in Eid mode and most of us are already take the day off to go back to their hometown.
In the spirit of this holy month, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends and family, Happy Eid Mubarak -- "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" and "Maaf Zahir dan Batin".. May this year
celebration bring us joy, happiness and blessing from Allah.


~ XOXO hanizeyecandy ~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

iRenew // Words Of Wisdom

Sometimes I just need a few hours just to be by myself and do my things. I might not articulate it properly but when I wanted my own time I just keep quite and stop answering phones and text. Somehow I find it hard to tell someone that it’s me , it’s not them. I just need time for myself , to be alone and enjoying things I love.
And making these layouts is one of the activities I really need to do.. Credit iRenew kit, Available at ScrapOrchard.
truecolors-web unwind-web

Day 25 // Ramadan and mood raya

It's already Eid Mubarak mood in the office. We just don't have the passion for work at the moment. Most of the talks around the office are about going back home, Eid shopping, Cookies and a little bit about where is the destination for first day of Eid.

Some photos for today....

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 24 // Pink Ramadan

Always think Pink and always think Happy. No matter what life throw at you, accept them, move on and be happy.

Today I just didn’t have the time and the energy to take a lot of photos. It was such a busy and long long day!

Pink day

Sometimes I feel like .....

- every time I open up my heart I ended up being the one who is crushed
- every time I wanted to move on, there's always something pulling me back in
- every time I thought I was happy, there are always things that undo that
- every time I felt like I was ok, I ended up making other people suffer
- every time things started to go my way, somehow I ended up where I was
- every time I get back my routine, there are always something to stir up my world upside down

it feels like I can't get out from this zone that I am in.... no matter how much or how hard I struggle, I just can't escape....

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Life is but a dream // Scraplift

I’ve been looking at a few challenges in Scraporchard forum for some inspiration. I really need an inspiration boost for scrapping. I was totally hooked with Dance for me layout by Mommylaroo.
** images are linked for credit
This is my lift for the above layout using Life is but a dream kit by Inspired Designs.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I found beautiful colors

I seriously can’t work or be inspired in a place without color. I need color, I breath color. I just wish I could transform the whole office with color.

When I saw the  whole board on pinterest with so many  beautiful colors, I just have to blog about it. So inspiring, fun and happy!


Good or bad is Good

Saya hari ni tidak sama dengan saya sepuluh tahun yang lepas. Banyak perkara yang saya belajar dan pengalaman hidup yang saya tempohi untuk ...