Monday, February 28, 2011

Polaroid Love: Day #27 and Day #28

Today is the last Monday of February 2011 and tomorrow is March. Seriously? I just can't believe that time is moving way too fast.
Day #27
This is the look and feel of our currently portal. The whole team is working so hard to revamp and lift the new look and feel of this portal. By March hopefully we will get a new revamp version of portal up and running

Day #28
And as always I hate Mondays.. urghh.. I wish today is still weekend. And today is also the last day of my Polaroid Love Project. Yeah.. 

Project Love Me and some love

I just love this new kit iLaugh (the Kit). Full with many sweet and wonderful elements and colorful papers.


This month is all about things that makes you happy.happywithyou-web

Another wonderful kit from Flergs called Scattered Heart.

Scattered Hearts: FULL KIT

And this is my layout using the above kit


Sunday, February 27, 2011

eye candy on Sundays with tumblr

As always Sunday has always been my favourite day and tumblr has been apart of it.






8 #RandomFunFacts about Me


#1) I slept through in a movie theatre while watching Star Wars movie
#2) I love to collect scrapbook supplies even though I rarely used them because I’m not a traditional scrapper
#3) I love the smell of books. I rarely got out of a bookstore without any books in my hand
#4) I hate numbers. Numbers makes me dizzy. I can’t barely remember them
#5) I hate Mondays and I love Wednesdays. It took me two days to adjust from weekend to work days but it took me a second to adjust from weekdays to weekends.
#6) I love Vampire related movies, novels or TV shows. What appeals to  me are the history and the mortality of a Vampire.
#7) Even though I don’t get Star Wars, I do get Star Trek. I’ve been a fan since Star Trek Next Generation
#8) I am a bit shy in person but in virtual world I am a bit talkative and friendly. How weird is that?

Kit Showcase: Lucky Me


“Do you feel lucky? Well, this kit is just perfect for scrapping all of your favorite lucky moments. With a color scheme of greens, creams and just a touch of brown, lots of flowers and a few lucky clovers thrown in... I'm sure you'll feel extra lucky when you use this kit” excerpt from product description at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

This is  a layout I made using the above kit


these are from sunshine sweeties

by Gina


by Jennifer


by Lela


Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 things: movie posters that grabbed my attention

I am really a movie fan. I’ve been watching movies since as long as I can remember. Other than enjoy the good movie, I also really enjoy seeing the movie posters. These posters inspire me in my digital scrapbooking and they way I see things.

So here are a few posters that grabbed my attention over the years.

#1) Titanic


I still remember how popular this movie was back in 1997. People were going crazy over this movie and it was totally huge. So many memorable scenes from the movie. What grabbed my attention about this poster was the photos of two people in love right above the Titanic.

#2) Speed


Of course Speed.. other than the huge photo of Keanu Reeves on the poster, the image of the bus flying through the fire was amazing.

#3) Letters to Juliet


Amanda looks great in this poster. I really really like the color tone, it feels warm and romantic.

#4) High School Musical 3


The black, white and red color combination really grabbed my attention and it’s high school musical. You can really feel the heat and the energy here.

#5) The Lost Valentine


This feels classic, romantic, warm and sweet at the same time.

#6) Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day! I really really love the dynamic characters in this movie and the poster really represent that!

#7) Burlesque


The contrast of black and white with a touch of pink really grabbed my attention.

#8) easy A


I am itching to make a layout base on this movie poster. Love the chaos words behind her

#9) the proposal


So sweet and scary. Black and white contrast of the poster really made me look at Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

#10) Unknown


I love the font in this poster.

Polaroid Love: Day #25 and Day #26

Day #25 (Friday)


It was Friday and everybody is busy with the never ending task. Creating a masterpiece isn’t easy. We played around with Canon 7D, somehow taking a great picture of isn’t easy. Uhuhuh…


Day #26 (Saturday)


I was so tired today. I did some manual labour today like vacuuming, doing laundry, cooking, tidy up rooms! Urghh at the end of the after I was so tired. I guess I’m not young anymore. Feeling out of breath at times and when I am done, all I wanted to do was lay down on my bed and close my eyes for awhile.Thinking smile I wanted to take a nap but I ended up watching 3 new TV shows – Nikita, the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural.

Kit Showcase: Over the Moon

Today I would like to showcase this new kit called Over the Moon by Wimpychompers Creations. Available at Scarpmatters


“Come join me for a journey through some of the favorite stories from our childhood.  You may remember hearing them as a child or tell them to your own little ones now.  Whatever your story this collection is one that can be used over and over.  Perfect for projects with your child!” excerpt from product description at Scrapmatters.

This is a layout I made using the above kit

iloveyoutothemoon-web And these are from the W3 Girls


by Joyimage

by Linda


by Melissa


For more inspiration visit Wimpychomper’s Galleries.

American Idol 10 Top 24?

They finally revealed the list of top 24 of American Idol.
"American Idol" top 24
I am not so sure with all the candidates the judges choose this year. They sent some of my early favourites home.  Maybe they saw something that we, the viewers haven’t see before. I really hope that they deliver what they are supposed to. Last year was really a disappointment for me. The only contestant I remembered was Crystal and she didn’t win the title.
so far these are my favorites
Thia Megia
Thia Megia
Stefano Langone

Stefano Langone

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina

Let see if these girls and this guy perform next week. Wish them all the best.

Friday, February 25, 2011

it is almost the end of February and Project Love Me

I intended to participate with Project Love Me just for fun. I am a bit behind with this month prompt -- it's all about love. Today I decided to play a catchup game and made three layouts at one go. The kit for March is already out and it's all about Love.

Prompt #6 : First Love
first love
Prompt #7 : Heartbreak
Prompt #8 : Love is
Credit: all of the layouts were made using iLove kit by Ziggle Designs. Available at ScrapOrchard

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I miss …

-- my old life
-- my kids when they were babies
-- staying up all night, making layouts and reading for pleasure
-- punching out of the office right on time
-- listening to music and get lost in that world
-- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-- those days when the only thing I worried about was what’s for dinner
-- learning about technology just for the fun of it
-- those days when working gave me great pleasure
-- shopping
-- when I could fit into my skinny jeans effortlessly
-- those days when internet used to be exciting and unexplored territory.
-- the excitement of driving my own car for the first time 

Good or bad is Good

Saya hari ni tidak sama dengan saya sepuluh tahun yang lepas. Banyak perkara yang saya belajar dan pengalaman hidup yang saya tempohi untuk ...