Monday, June 28, 2010

hello Monday wordart

I am feeling a bit generous today. Everything about today has been like a rollercoaster ride for me. I just can’t describe the feeling – it’s the mix of good and bad. So today I decided to give this word art freebies. Nothing fancy. Something simple. The idea was from me, but it was drawn by my son. He really likes this kind of sketch. Hope you like them. To download click here or on the image. 

Sales = Wimpychompers Creations

Wimpychompers Creations is having a sale at her store ( starting on June 28th till July 5th.sales

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don’t stop believing

I've been spending most of the time at home today. Just hang out and enjoy the moment.
These are my layouts for today.
Using : Loopty Loo by Connie Prince bionic Using: Bring on the Music Collabs by Sunshine Studio Designers Music I discover from Youtube that I really like.
Love this video Clip.
Feeling a little bit Nostalgic with this song

One Step at a Time- Jordin Spark

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lovely Saturday

A bit tired to scraps .. this is what I did today.. outing at KLCC. Instead of  doing the photo session outside, we decided to take more photos inside Suria KLCC. It was so much fun too!
haniz-klccjune031 haniz-klccjunehaniz-klccjune021 haniz-klccjune017 more photos visit here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Scraplift

Wow! June is almost over! I couldn’t believe it! Why does this year felt like it’s moving so fast. I haven’t done the scraplift in awhile. It’s a bit refreshing and interesting to see other people design. I felt really inspire by this layout. I just like the clean and simple design. This layout is from talivstouwe. image This is my lift from the above layout using Hellraiser Kit by Sunshine Studio Designers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

more on All About Me

Since I’ve bought more than one kit today, I decided to make more layouts and it’s all about me. It’s a bit challenging making layouts about me using Dear Daddy Kit. It doesn’t have any pink in it! hehehe..
Anyway here is my layout using Dear Daddy by Sunshine Studio Designers.
And this one using Life In Wonderland Kit

thursday totally random

* World Cup 2010 is happening right now and I’m not that interested to follow. Hemm why is that?
* June is almost over and I’m not ready to let go  
* I am 39 and feeling more calm
* I can tolerate people I despise if I set my goal or objective a head of time
* thinking about sony a lot lately –
* simple and back to basic is still my main goal this year

* bought a lot of books and very determine to read them this year
* listening to Blaze of Glory album. Ahhh Bon Jovi sound so good
* Knight and Day movie start today. Can’t wait to see
* I bought Life in Wonderland today at Sunshine Studio

folder * this is a layout “All About Me” I made using the above kit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

let go and be yourself

I am so tired today to things I love. I did two layouts and two paper stacks but can't share at the moment. I really plan to share All about me layouts but I just didn't have the energy to make more tonight. I decided to rest early tonight and hopefully I will have more energy and inspiration to do more tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

P365:2010 day 163 –173

this is what I have so far… enjoy  day173day172day163-day171
My busy June… it’s a school holiday and it’s moving way too fast for me..
* me and hazim ; just us
* visit to my happy place
* Nre go green
* decided to go with purple today
* reading Theodore Boones – John Grisham new novel
* finished reading this novel in one week
* two girls enjoying each other company
* this is where I spend my weekend
* cupcake yummy
* my birthday
* first day of work at age 39



Monday, June 21, 2010

Kit showcase : Canadian Pride

I know that today is my birthday. I’ve been busy with stuffs that I didn’t have any time left to make some layouts since Saturday. I’ll promise to share more tomorrow. So today I will left you with this beautiful kit from Christina's called Canadian Pride. It's perfect for your Canada photos or not. I just love the color and the cute canadian stickers.

Canadian Pride

This is my layout using the above kit. and this is from W3 Chris For more inspiration visit Wimpychompers Creations gallery here.


Birthday Wishes from my FB friends. Thanks a lot. This really made my day.

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Izadira SupardiIzadira Supardi happy birthday kak! semuge panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki dan happy selalu..oh ye, sentiasa young ok! kak mmg nampak young lah..cayalah! 31 minutes ago ·

Amir HamzahAmir Hamzah happy birthday..about an hour ago ·
Roslinah DaudRoslinah Daud Happy Birthday Izah! May this year brings you a lot of joy...enjoy...2 hours ago ·
Musaddik MokhtarMusaddik Mokhtar Wishing you a wonderful birthday!!2 hours ago ·
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Nur Hafizah ZakariaNur Hafizah Zakaria happy besaday..may Allah bless u always. 11 minutes ago

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Salvya MatteSalvya Matte tidak lupa diucapkan Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun kpd Siti Hanizah binti Mohd. Hanafiah. Semoga dilimpahi keberkatan & keceriaan sepanjang hidup di donia ini. kalau dekat, leh pi belanja kari kepala ikan. hehehe...about an hour ago ·

Anne-katrine Holmen NilsenAnne-katrine Holmen Nilsen happy birthday :) 3 hours ago

Hunt McPheeHunt McPhee Happy birthday along...! happyyyyyy!!3 hours ago

Valérie BessonValérie Besson Happy birthday to you! ^^ 3 hours ago

Kina YahayaKina Yahaya Happy birthday Izah! have a blast! 3 hours ago

Nita MalekNita Malek happy birthday izah! 3 hours ago

Irah SaariIrah Saari Slmt ulangtahun izah......5 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Siti Manzalifah OsmanSiti Manzalifah Osman Happy birthday ex-roomie! Have a good one! 6 hours ago

Rose Haslinda IsmailRose Haslinda Ismail

Happy Birthday Izah, oso my ex-roomie.. ;), God bless 6 hours ago

Shuhaida HarunShuhaida Harun

Izah, Happy birthday to you too. Moga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki olehNya...Amin 6 hours ago

Nudra SyafiniNudra Syafini Hepi Buffday :-)

Amalina Abdul AzizAmalina Abdul Aziz eppy bufday to u...eppy bufday to u...
May Allah bless u and have a wonderful life =)))
Norzahana ZainolNorzahana Zainol Izah, teman tempat ku meminjam kaset-kaset di masa dulu (termasuk kaset lagu cina). Happy birthday!

Lynne Desjardins JoncasLynne Desjardins Joncas well,hi!I guess you found me on a scrapbooking site;always nice to "meet" a fellow scrapper! Happy birthday ,too!

Daqing LeeDaqing Lee Heppi birthday, Nizah ~ !

Utski de SignUtski de Sign happy b'day! have a great day...

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Hazlini Abu BakarHazlini Abu Bakar Happy Birthday Haniz!

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Flora VelezFlora Velez happy birthday hope you have a wonderful day!

8 hours ago ·

Izad SallehIzad Salleh Selamat menyambut ulang tahun kelahiran yang keee????he3 best wishes fro me :-)

8 hours ago ·

Jimmy JawaJimmy Jawa happy birthday.... semoga berbahagia selalu...

8 hours ago ·

Azila NawiAzila Nawi Happy birthday, my ex roomate!! Semoga dipermudahkan segala yang terbaik..8 hours ago ·

Iena ReenIena Reen Happy Birthday to u...moga segala impian dan harapan tercapai...Aminn...9 hours ago ·

Umie Amar NaufalUmie Amar Naufal HaPPY BiRtHdaY.. :)9 hours ago ·

Zairiati ZakariaZairiati Zakaria Happy Birthday dear Izah.. Happy girl on happy day.. be happy always.. :-)9 hours ago ·

Norlida IshakNorlida Ishak happy birthday Izah. May Allah showers u with His blessings. 9 hours ago ·

Siti Hajar HusainSiti Hajar Husain Happy brithday to yau 9 hours ago ·

Wan Nuzaimah WmnWan Nuzaimah Wmn Happy b'day izah...

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Ros YusoffRos Yusoff Happy Birthday! 9 hours ago ·

Roselimah TalipRoselimah Talip Same here ... Happy birthday izah. May all your dreams come true and diberkati Allah sentiasa...9 hours ago · 

Aminah Nur YahyaAminah Nur Yahya Happy birthday! May Allah bless you with wonderful life full of happiness, iman and taqwa...from spore with love. 10 hours ago · Comment ·LikeUnlike · See Wall-to-Wall

Christina MigeemanathanChristina Migeemanathan Happy b'day Puan..... hepi2 selalu 10 hours ago ·
Norhayuza MohamadNorhayuza Mohamad Selamat ulangtahun Siti. Semoga Allah merahmati mu..10 hours ago ·
Nizaruddin TahirNizaruddin Tahir Hepi Besday yg ke 17..Moga dirahmatiNya sentiasa..10 hours ago

Anak Jati JohorAnak Jati Johor Hepi Birthday!...Semoga bahagia & Ceria slalu...10 hours ago ·

Suhaila KakchikSuhaila Kakchik tumpang yek..heppy besday.moga tercapai segala impian. 10 hours ago ·

Hazizah WahabHazizah Wahab kak zah pun nak tumpang jugaklah slmt hari lahir, sdp mkn kek secret recipe ...............ish sedih lah.....10 hours ago

Noor Sa'amah Mohd IsaNoor Sa'amah Mohd Isa Happy birthday 10 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone ·

Ainon Binti HairAinon Binti Hair Appy birhday....11 hours ago ·

Nik HishamNik Hisham Happy birthday! 11 hours ago ·

Noriatulazimah ZakariaNoriatulazimah Zakaria Happy bithday Siti...11 hours ago · Zalina YusofZalina Yusof happy birthday, Izah. may all your wishes come true. 13 hours ago ·
Ady HazmanAdy Hazman Happy Birthday To You! 15 hours ago ·

Erny WirdalisnaErny Wirdalisna tumpang2..hepi burfday puan!! 11 hours ago ·

Nuffey NapiNuffey Napi tumpang gak. Hepi besday boss. Semoga ceria selalu.. 11 hours ago ·
Ahmad 'Juan' RidzwalAhmad 'Juan' Ridzwal Happy Birthday to you.....17 hours ago ·

Sharifah ZulianiSharifah Zuliani Happy Birthday Izah .... semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.... have a wonderful happy life...:) 17 hours ago ·

Jasmine CameliaJasmine Camelia Happy Birthday 2u :) 18 hours ago ·

Norlila BahriNorlila Bahri Happy birthday...semoga kebahagiaan sentiasa bersamamu.. 18 hours ago ·
Fariz ZainalFariz Zainal appy birthday cT...semoga cita2 & harapan mnjadi knyataan ...18 hours ago ·
Najib KassimNajib Kassim hepi besday ct.. Moga pjg umur, murah rejeki dan di rahmati slalu OlehNya.. Sila open table di mattop.. Muehehehe 18 hours ago ·
Rasnidaayu Mat RosidRasnidaayu Mat Rosid HaPPy BiRtHdAy To YoU...MaY aLL YoUR WisH CoMe TrUE. HaPPy ALwaYs. xoxo.19 hours ago ·
Asma Abdul AzizAsma Abdul Aziz Happy Birthday :) 19 hours ago ·

Jennifer Roberts ManyX2 returns of the day kak... yeah its party again...:P


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