Wednesday, April 30, 2008

100 little things about me

I came across this idea from one of my fave blog my words . She said that everyone should do this. Hemm I'm not really sure if I can list 100 things about me but I'm sure gonna try. Here goes nothing. This list is not in any particular order. I throw them in as I go along.
1. I love photography. It's a great way for me to freeze time
2. I can surf the internet for hours
3. I like to watch people and try to imagine what kind of life they are having
4. I enjoy working out. Exercise makes me feel better about myself
5. Music can really influence my mood
6. I can filter things I like from the things that I dislike
7. I hate cooking
8. I am punctual and hate it when people are not
9. It is not easy for me to trust people
10. People scare me
11. I can be by myself without feeling lonely
12. I love ice cream and chocolates
13. I have a very hard time saving money
14. I have two siblings who died when they were a baby
15. I hate hospital
16. I love milk
17. Computer and technology really changed my life for the better
18. I am really into health and beauty
19. I love to dance and can never say no to a movie or TV show with dancing in it
20. I've struggle with self doubt and self confidence my whole life
21. I'm aware of most of my flaws
22. I'm a control freak
23. History was my favorite subject in school
24. Motherhood is the most difficult thing I have to do
25. I always thought I am a good mother until I became one
26. I am not a domestic goddess
27. I started to wear glasses in my early 20s
28. I love babies. Every time I see one, I want one.
29. I hate sleeping in the dark.
30. I want to be understood and appreciate.
31. I would love to have my own business someday .
32. I love lists but having trouble making them or sticking to it
33. Marriage is different than what I imagine.
34. I love to travel. My dream destination would be Rome and Paris.
35. I was an athlete when I was in primary school.
36. I am very lucky to be born a Muslim .
37. Seeing Ka'bah for the first time was so surreal.
38. I am really obsess with Star Trek and everything related to it.
39. Scrapbooking is the best thing that ever happened to me.
40. I discover that I have a talent for creative expression when I was pregnant with my second child.
41. I'm a hardcore adobe photoshop addict
42. I like living in this century but I would really love to live in Star Trek century.
43. I love being inspired 
44. Books have been influencing my life ever since I know how to read.
45. I can express myself better through writing than through talking
46. I am attracted to beautiful things and creative peopl
47. I love blogging. Having documentation of my life is really comforting. At least when I die, a part of me will still be here
48. I have a lot of unresolved issues
49. Anger is the the hardest emotion for me to control
50. I hope my kids will grow up to be good people
51. I pray that I did not screw up their lives beyond repair
52. I see a lot of myself in my eldest son
53. I wish I have a relationship with my daughter like Rory and Lorelai
54. I'm not good with confrontation
55. I love all things SONY
56. I can be very generous when I want to
57. Watching movies and TV show to help me dealt with my own problem
58. I lived in US for three years for school. It's the best years of my life
59. I really want to take my kids to Disney World Florida for fun some day
60. I plan to go for Hajj when I'm 40
61. I am by nature a happy and positive person
62. I love pizza and pasta
63. I enjoy reading teen books - Sweet Valley High, Fearless, Princess Diaries
64. I enjoy watching teen movies. Young people inspire me
65. I have way too much stuffs
66. Organization is a skill that I am still learning
67. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still bugs me
68. I love to collect notebooks
69. I'm really bad at keeping plants alive.
70. I'm a loyal fan of Microsoft.
71. I would love to learn photography.
72. I never like primary and secondary school.
73. I need love and romance every day.
74. I love to pamper myself 
75. I hate to waste time doing things I hate. Life is too short for that.
76. I love living in a big city.
77. I am having a baby fever once in a while.
78. I can never understand what makes my daughter  throw a tantrum.
77. I love spending some time alone by myself. Just me and my computer.
79. My imaginary world is getting better and better.
80. I would love to be an expert in my field.
81. I can never stand people who think they are better than the rest of us.
82. I love buying books. I have too many of them already.
83. I love the smell, the touch and the whole idea of books.
84. I would love to have a maid to do all the things I hate around the house, so I have more time doing things I love.
85. I wish I can have a body like Jerri Love and Kathy Smith.
86. I'm trying very hard to make sense of my life.
87. I don't eat meat.
88. I would love to have SONY VAIO Notebook [the pink one] just for fun.
89. My motto this year is to Celebrate Life. Make every moment counts. Try to let go of the hope that I can change the past.
90. Learn to love ALLAH more
91. I love to run. It makes me feel alive.
92. Listening to music can help me concentrate and stay focus.
93. I love it when my daughter  plays with my hair.
94. I hate my hair. It's thin and fine.
95. I would love to be creative like Elsie Flanningan, Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins.
96. I am hoping that time will heal my broken heart. But till now I'm still waiting.......
97. I would love to have a financial freedom so that I can concentrate in doing something I love.
98. I hate playing computer games.
99. I used to have my own website with photos and stuffs.
100. I want to be happy in spite of everything. Decide to be happy daily.

Express Yourself

This layout was inspired by talented scrappers at twopeas. I love the simplicity of it.

Losing weight with Herbalife

Maintaining my weight after my third child has become a roller coaster ride for me. It is just not easy to shred the fat. So when people start noticing that I have lost some weight I was definitely excited. My secret is I had help. Other then exercise four to five times a week, I took Herbalife Formula 1, Herbalife Formula 3 and Tea Mix. I lost a total of 6 kg in a period of 4 weeks. I definitely recommend Herbalife product for anyone who wants to stay healthy and loose weight.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what inspires me?

Elsie is such an inspiration to me. She makes me want to scraps about me. I was so consumed in documenting my children life that I forgot about me. I am the most important person in their lives and I haven't document much about me. So this year I am determine to document more about my life and make lots of LO too. This is going to be so much fun. Thanks Elsie for the inspiration. I can't believe she is still young.

Welcome to Haniz Eye Candy

This will be the site where I will post my digital layout and any interesting photos that inspire me.

Monday, April 28, 2008


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Good or bad is Good

Saya hari ni tidak sama dengan saya sepuluh tahun yang lepas. Banyak perkara yang saya belajar dan pengalaman hidup yang saya tempohi untuk ...