Friday, May 5, 2017


I can't believe that my eldest son is twenty years old today. (i know I know I said this every year!!)

05.05.2017 - Happy birthday to my dear son, may all of your dreams comes true.

Twenty things I love about you

  1. You have so much love to give
  2. It's so easy to talk to you
  3. I love your artistic side
  4. I love how creative you are
  5. Your cool and collective nature
  6. You rarely say no to me
  7. I love the foot massage that only you can give me
  8. I love that we like most of the same things
  9. You keep your promise
  10. You have a talent for managing money
  11. We enjoy the same movie and TV show
  12. You are my anchor
  13. Your concern for others is contagious
  14. The day you got your driving licence was the best day of my life. It means I can finally relax from driver duty
  15. I love that I can trust you
  16. I love that you are not a shame to be seen with me
  17. I was a mother for the first time with you
  18. You are the precious gift from Allah 
  19. You are growing up into adulthood beautifully
  20. I love you.. there's no one like you in this world

Thursday, May 4, 2017


The thing about life is it's unpredictable

  • It's still raining every day even though it's already May. Somehow I felt like living in Seattle (hehehe)
  • Traffic is heavy every single day. Somehow it's hard to believe that there are so many cars on the road all the time
  • It's always hard when you heard the news of someone you know passed away. It reminds me of how fragile life is. In a blink of an eye death happened and it's permanent.
  • I can't believe that I have agreed to go hiking and camping to a place I have never been before. Seriously! Me, a city girl trying to be adventurous and live on the edge. I don't really like hiking but I love physical activities and I really like to push myself and see how far I can go
  • My eldest son will be twenty years old tomorrow. Twenty years ago tomorrow I became a mother for the first time. It was scary and excited all at the same time. I can't believe I enjoyed being a mother so much even though I have no idea what I'm doing
  • Life is messy and life is hard. I totally agreed with what my boss said this morning. Accept what life gave us and make the best of it. Like the saying--- when life gives you lemon, made some lemonade.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May is for,,

May is for

May is for ..
  • Hiking and Camping to CBL Terengganu , oh boy! I'm in trouble
  • Preparation for the trip which can be challenging -- a Marry Poppin style traveler who is trying to adopt minimalist
  • Hazim’s birthday is this month
  • Trying to host a BBQ party 
  • Planning for Guilin and Turkey trip, hopefully it will come true
  • Save some money for Eid and travel
  • Ramadan is this month, so I need to prepare myself mentally and physically. Not so much on eating less and drink less during the day but to face the people and the very very bad traffic.
  • Buy dates for hiking and fasting
  • School holiday at the end of this month. 
  • I still have not updates about books that I have read so far. I need to do so this month. I need to finish reading Woman in Cabin 10 and Zero Day which I think I can finished by this week. I have so many books line up to be read in my kindle and in my audible. Some are not the same book.
  •  I will continue doing Master’s Hammer and Chisel this month. I think in June I will start doing 21 days fix again and then 21 days fix extreme. After that I might try core de force

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Last Day of April 2017

the last day of April

Things I want to remember about April

  • I hike Mount Irau at Cameron Highland for the second time
  • I feel like this month is moving way too fast for me
  • I decided to jump into Hiking and Camping bandwagon this month. I am scared and excited at the same time
  • Researching and hunting for things related to camping gear
  • I discovered a different world when I watched a few hiking and camping youtube videos. These made me want to take a year off from work and just live in the moment. This is not something that I am comfortable with but I entertain the idea a lot lately
  • I went back to my hometown to visit my father. 
  • Brand like Coleman, Osprey, Deuter, Brook started to creep on my radar
  • I am obsess with weight lifting this month especially with Master's Hammer and Chisel Program. I buy a new dumbell this month - 15 pounds
  • I started to do morning pages almost daily on DayOne app but somehow I didn't get a change to them for about four days now. I really enjoy doing my Morning Pages. I need to dedicate twenty minutes in the morning just for this, it's challenging but I am going to try
  • I discovered Todoist app and I have a chance to try the full version for a month. I did enjoyed using them but I need to make it a part of my daily routine
  • I bought a digital bullet journal from Etsy to use on my GoodNotes app. I am loving the bullet journal so far. I have set it up for May. I might migrate all of my planner and fitness journal in here
  • Beautiful new apple watch band
  • Fast and Furious 8. I love this movie so much. I watched it twice
  • Hanif is 5 years old this month
  • I discovered Moldiv app for digital scrapbooking on my phone
  • Marathon watching 13 reasons why on Netflix

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