Saturday, March 18, 2017

10 Movies I am looking forward to in 2017

I know I know it take me the longest time to make this lists.

Here are 10 movies that I am looking forward to see in twenty seventeen

1 - Logan
This is definitely the movie that I am looking forward to see. I am glad that I get to see this with my husband last week. 

2 - John Wick 2
I love the first John Wick movie and I am so looking forward to see John Wick Chapter 2. I got a chance to watch this movie back in February and I love it!

3- Beauty and the Beast
I love the animated version of the movie and I am so looking forward to see the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast. Too bad this movie is not going to air here. Hemmm that means I have to find other ways to see it.

4- Wonder Woman
My favorite super hero when I was growing up. I watched the TV series version when I was little and I really enjoyed it even though I was too young to understand English. I hope that this movie make it to Malaysia cinema.

5- Fate of Furious
The trailer of the movie got me hyped. 

6- Spiderman Homecoming
I have high hope for this movie ever since spider man appeared on Captain America Civil War.

7- Thor: Ragnarok

The year of super heroes. Of course Thor made into my lists. It's Thor enough said.

8- Power Rangers
I used to watch Power Rangers tv series when my kids were growing up. I hope the movie will be enjoyable like the TV Show.

9- Pitch Perfect 3
I love Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 and I love Anna Kendrick. So I can't wait to see what happened in Beca's world.

10- Justice League
I have been waiting for this movie ever since I saw Batman V Superman movie last year. I need to see how they bring back superman.

So that's it for now. These will be the movie that I am going to watch on a big screen.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Too Cool for School [ Day 76:365 ]

Friday should be the day to wrap up things and get ready for the weekend. Too bad today feels like Monday. So many things to get done. I did not get a chance to take any photos at work today. 

By the end of the day I am so tired and I just have to skip doing Friday Fight Round 1. I know that this workout is going to take all of me and I just don't have the energy to give it my all.

The beautiful sight like this some how managed to put a smile on my face. 

Day 76-365
(This image was edited with Snapseed app in iPhone. Text add using Phonto app)

I took a few photos of hanif doing his homework. This is not the kind of thing that happened out of the blue. Since the school holiday has already started as usual there will be lots and lots of homework. I just don't get it. I thought school holiday should be for vacation and taking a break from school related activities.
I made this layout using only my phone with Project Life App only

I thought it would be nice to include a few of my #thursday3 project into my photo book album. I made this layout using Project Life App. The Journal cards are from Digital Project Life Awesome Edition Kit. I used Phonto App to add journaling on the card. Anything that you import into Project Life app will be treated as photo.

I just love the convenience of mobile scrapbooking. Before I can only make a layout like this using my computer with Adobe Photoshop. Now I can get the same layout by using only my phone! Isn't technology amazing!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 75:365 // #thursday 3

Day 75-365


1. - I am currently reading The Trapped Girl by Robert Dugoni, the fourth book of Tracy Crosswhite series. I am loving every minute of it

2.- It's official that Beauty and the Beast movie will not be aired in Malaysian cinema. I just have to wait patiently for it be available on Cinemabox

3.- I have no idea what my life would be like in the next months. Things can changed in an instant and I just have to be prepared.

Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done." -

Suddenly this...

Things that have been bugging me lately ...

Suddenly this....
  • doing things on mobile devices has become the norm now
  • social media has become a place for gossip and negativity
  • being kind has become a lost art
  • patriotism has become a thing in the past
  • mobile computing is the "in" thing right now but we are still stuck in a desktop workflow environment
  • punch card feel old fashion right now since most of us work outside 9-5 time frame
  • life outside the box seems so much more interesting
  • the more modern we've become the more money we need. We need money to eat, to move from one place to another, at home with all the electrical things we need to live a comfortable life, water, internet, talking on the phone and many more
  • it's very scary when walking, running, taking the stairs are consider hard work. These things should be the norm.
I do missed life in the old days. You might not get things done faster but at least your quality of life is intact. I used to believe that the faster you can finished your job, the faster you can be at home with your family but  it doesn't happened that way. The more job you can do and finished the more they cut down people / manpower so that one person has to do more than one job. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remember Me // PL Layouts Showcase

I have been trying a few apps in my ipad to add elements and background paper for my Project Life layout created with Project Life app. I have tried Over app and Procreate app to see which one is better. Procreate app seems more flexible but it has only 11 layers limitation, you can't add more than 11. 


Kelab BTM 2017 Lovely Day myloveforfitness Not So Cheap
Week 08 - page 1
Week 08-1
Week 08 - page 2
Week 08-2
Week 09 - page 1
Week 09-1
Week 09 - page 2
Week 09-2
Week 10 - page 1
Week 10 - page 2

  "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"~ Coco Channel

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 70 - Day 73 // 365 -- Let Go

Letting go of things might be easier but letting go of memories and legacy is a little bit harder to do especially when a person who mean so much to you has passed away.

Day 70/365 : Logan
The day that I watched Logan at GSC. Even though I know that this is a goodbye movie for Logan, I still feel sad. Saying goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Logan is not easy. I am not sure of they will every bring back Logan in Marvel Universe.

Day 70-365

Day 71/365: Lego
Hanif and Lego is a very beautiful combination. Other then making beautiful creation he also made "beautiful mess". heheh.. If I have the space I would really love to make a room for him dedicated to being creative with lots of legos, pens, color pencils and anything artsy.

 Day 71-365

Day 72/365 : Saying good bye to Jalan Dedalu
I am sad, I am heartbroken. The place that I grew up in will no longer belong to us. Even though you know that nothing is ever yours, it does not make the transition any easier. 

  Day 72-365

Day 73/365 : Pigment Coloring App
I am loving Pigment app at the moment. I love that I can add my own images to color in this app. Now I can finally start to color the Adult coloring book that has been collecting dust on my table. 

  Day 73-365

 "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"~ Coco Channel
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