Thursday, December 22, 2016

twenty sixteen in Photos

Today will be the last day of work for me. I am going to take a long leave from work and spend the time with my kids. I wanted to take the time to reflect back on my journey in 2016. This definitely feel like a long year for me because so many things happened and so many things I did in my quest for a healthy life style. 

I didn't take as many photos as I would have like but with the one I have it's enough to remember what happened in 2016.



Happy Birthday Ayu
Ayu's Birthday in January, cupcakes time at Wondermilk IOI City Mall.

Me on my way to work in January. Not so excited but something I have to do every single day


Nothing much happened in February. I was still in the mood for planners and setting up planners for 2016.


This was my team back in March 2016 during one of our monthly meeting

Selfie of me in March. Feeling a little bit better


I love April. We went to Switzerland for a week. I really enjoyed my stay there.


My son celebrate his 19th birthday

My younger boy was obsessed with jigsaw puzzles

Photo May 27, 8 16 16 AM
I started my fitness journey - climbing the stairs with Anak Jati Johor

All About me- I am 45 this month and it's also Ramadan



EID celebration with family

We went to 3D Art Gallery at Port Dickson


Mount Irau,Cameroon Highland - the first mountain that I climbed after my last hiking to Mount Ledang about twenty five years ago.IMG_5739



Bangkok Trip with my hubby

Wedding reception Aina - Johor Bahru


Family Activity Bukit Broga
Broga Hill 2016 with the family

Me and my dad at Batu Pahat.

Bukit (Mount) Kutu adventure with Geng Panjat Tangga NRE

Hazim's acting debut at MMU

Broga Hill adventure again for the second time this year

Health and fitness life style is definitely not a destination - it's a journey. Every single day you have to decide either to eat healthy or not, to move or not, to walk or not. Human body is definitely design to move and stay active.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No Makeup

Make up or no make up is the thing I decide every time I go to work. The reason behind my make up routine not so much to look good but as an inspiration to get up and go to work. Lately I have been skipping a lot of makeup πŸ’„ routine. I just wear serum, moisturiser, bb cream, lipstick, one color eyeshadow and eyeliner. In less than 3 minutes I am ready to go work.
I am not worry anymore because now I wear makeup on my photo πŸ˜‚ . I currently use InstaBeauty app to put makeup on my photo with little effort.

With Instabeauty app

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Broga Hill 18.12.2016

Ending 2016 with a bang has become a theme for me lately especially when it comes to fitness. So yesterday we went to Broga Hill again. It's the second time I went here with my family last October and I am so happy to repeat this activity again.

Geng Panjat Tangga meet again on top of Broga Hill.

One thing that I noticed was there's someone stand by at the entrance to collect RM1 fee. I thought that it was for eco farm visit not for hiking. hemmmm.. Not sure if it's a permanent thing or just temporary.

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