Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today I ....

Today I ..
  • am reading The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards
  • am lusting over iPhone 7 plus. Image that the power computing is in the palm of your hand. This definitely will change the way we work.
  • am worried about life right now. I don't agree in lots of thing and getting suck into the system that I despise is not fun
  • am super excited that I finally received my photo book for gengpanjattangga volume 1. It's so great to see how we evoled from early May until now.
  • am slowly going into planner slump. I am not excited to write in my physical planner. I have been into digital planner again
  • can't believe that a lot of my favorite TV Shows are no longer available on hulu. 
  • realized that there's a lot of streaming services out there and choosing just one can be overwhelmed
  • am looking for a new workout program challenges. I have reached plateau and I need to spice things up a little bit.
  • realized that my subscription on iflix has ended , fortunately I still have a few months free streaming from Unifi. So that means I can only view iflix on Unifi network
  • am so excited for tomorrow. Apple watch 2 will be available for purchased tomorrow. I haven't decided between Gold and Rose Gold
  • am finding a creative ways to organize my digital life
  • can't get enough of superheroes on TV - Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD and many more. I wish I have more time to indulge in this make believe world
  • can't believe that the US election is between Donal Trump and Hilary Clinton. Seriously?!!! Hemmmm
  • can't wait for the next General Election. I desperately wanted things to change. We need a great leader so bad. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lets talk about fitbit charge 2

I have been sucked into fitbit world earlier this year with fitbit alta. I have been trying to loosing weight since last year but I haven't been successful. This fitness tracker has helped me a lot to monitor my activities through out the day and also has helped me to monitor my sleep. I really need to know how well I sleep. It has been a constant challenge to have a good sleeping habit.

Then earlier this month I bought the new fitbit charge 2 because I really like the new look and design. This fitbit charge 2 display is bigger than the fitbit charge hr. I can really see my stats in detail at a glance. I have been using this fitbit charge 2 for about two weeks now and I have a better view on my overall health especially my heart rate statistic.

iphone_photo iphone_photo

What I like about fitbit charge 2?

- definitely the heart rate monitor and sleep tracker
- my fitbit dashboard on my phone has additional stats like floor climb and my heart rate
- the battery lasted decent enough for my needs. I really push this devices to the limit and I can get about three to four days of battery life
- I like doing the adventure challenge with the fitbit app. I can't get enough of moving and so addicted to achieve all my goals and more
- I am not a swimmer or a runner (even though I run occasionally) so I don't really care if the fitbit charge 2 is not water resistant or don't have a build in GPS.

I bought this fitbit charge 2 from Harvey Norman website and I got mine three days after purchasing it online. I got a great deal from the website and only paid RM671. The retail price for this product is RM730. Now I have to look for the leather band for my fitbit charge 2 because at the moment I am obsess with anything leather.

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Patiently waiting for October 21

And just like that October is almost over and Apple watch series 2 has been out for about a month now. The series 2 will only be available in Malaysia this Friday. Earlier this year I am obsess with fitness tracker and at that time the original apple watch was not good at keeping track of my activities 24/7 and the battery life suck. 

I decided to go for fitbit alta to help me track my activities through out the day and monitor my sleep daily. Fitbit is fun because there are a community out there that used fitbit devices. I love participate in the daily challenges and trying to hit 10,000 steps a day has been my obsession.

Then in early September Apple introduced WatchOS 3 and everything changes for me. Fitness tracker and activity monitoring on the Apple Watch has become interactive and more fun. It's so much easier to see your heartbeat and calories burn on one screen with the workout app. WatchOS 3 is definitely one of the reason I have been wearing my Apple watch. The they introduce Apple watch series 2 with build in GPS and water resistant features really makes me fall in love with the watch all over again.

I have been hunting down reviews on Apple Watch series 2 on youtube for about a month now and I really think that series 2 can really changed my life.

I secretly wish I have the money to spend on Apple Watch Ceramic. It looks so beautiful!

The cool thing about Apple Watch is the changeable watch bands. Another obsession that is going to make me spend more.

I am lusting over this bands from monowear . I am not sure if Lazada has one of these. Something cheaper from China would definitely welcome.

This time around I am definitely will go for 42mm size. It's not as big as the Fossil Android Wear. The size is just right for my daily needs. 

Note: If you don't have an iPhone than this watch is not for you. This only works with iPhone.
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