Friday, April 8, 2016

What does it mean to be FOCUS?

My one little word assignment for April is to reflect and discover what FOCUS means to me. Meaning that is way beyond the definition of FOCUS from a dictionary.

For me today, FOCUS means getting serious with staying active and adopt a healthy lifestyle. I still have a long way to go in terms of meal planning and healthy eating but when it comes to exercise I am all in. I have always love exercise ever since I was a girl and running is the only thing that I was good at. If only back then there was such a thing as fitness industry, I probably will jump into that business.

So today I make an executive decision to buy a fitbit alta. It's not because I think Apple watch fitness tracker is not good, it's because I want something constantly on my wrist and can monitor my sleep. Battery life is also suppose to last for 5 days. I will do a full review once I have used this device for a week.

So far I am constantly keeping my appointment with myself to workout every evening after work. This month I am doing 21 day fix program daily and I also add in a few dance workout in the mix. My intention for this month is to try achieving at least 400 calories burn a day which not an easy thing for me to do.
I have to shift my FOCUS from watching the scale to watch how my body fit into my clothes. I am feel a little bit lighter  (which I think is a good sign) and I am aiming to wear my old jeans by end of the month.

Through out this month I am going to make a few post like this " What does it mean to be FOCUS", it maybe about fitness, work, cultivating a good life and even something random that might speak to me.

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#thursday3 // 07.04.2016

I am feeling a little bit lost lately. Things that I want and things that happened seems to be a lot different. 2016 is going to be an amazing year because I am going make a few changes to my lifestyle like eating habits and moving a lot. It's not an easy thing to do especially when you are not seeing any changes to the number on the scale.


1. I am obsessing over Agents of SHIELD at the moment. I am not able to stop watching seasons 2 and now I am on season 3.

2. I am loving 21 day fix beachbody workout program. I love the exercise program but I am not able to follow the nutrient part of the program. But I think I am getting there.

3. I really can't believe that it's April now. I am eyeing iPad Pro 9.7" at the moment and for the one that I want, it's going to cost me RM3,999 which I still think it's a bit expensive. If only the currency go back to normal than I think the price will not be more than $3,000.

Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done." -
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

iflix the next best thing

I discovered iflix last year from facebook feed. Back then I already subscribed to netflix and hulu. I was curious about what iflix has to offer so I try it for a month. During that time there wasn't a lot of the content streaming from iflix. I think I tried it for another month before deciding to subscribe. I think the Scorpion and Episodes tv shows that made me decided to subscribe.

What I like about iflix
- the price is cheaper than astro and you can watch any show you want at any time
- It has all of the tv shows that I love like Agents of Shield, Friends, Haven, Teen Wolf and many more
- I like that they allow us to download movies or tv shows to be view when there wasn't any internet connection. This is definitely useful for traveling
- I like that they don't restrict the content geographically. I wish they have iflix app on Apple TV tvOS so that I can watch movies on a big screen
- I really think that if they can stream more content, iflix will be the best option for internet tv
- Currently they only have apps for mobile devices. So I basically watch iflix on my iPad 
- Subtitles for foreign movies and tv shows is a plus.

I highly recommend iflix for a decent content streaming in Malaysia. You can even try it for free first before subscribing. And if you have unifi or celcom you get iflix for free.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Fitness journal

Part of cultivating a good life is to stay healthy and fit. I have been trying a few method to plan and document my fitness journey with erin condren planner but somehow I just can't get into the system. I watched a lot of youtube channel about bullet journal and I fell in love with the concept.

So this month I decided to make my fitness journal in a bullet style journaling.

This month I am doing 21 day fix program. It is one of the best program have ever tried after Insanity Max 30.

I want to keep track of habit related to fitness and this is what I got so far. I probably will break down all things related to fitness a little more detail.

This is how I setup daily fitness journal. I like writing down my thoughts and feeling about the workout I did that day.

I am trying to do a weekly review. Reflect on what works and what didn't work.

Adding Fitness wish list in the mix. I am eyeing fitbit alta just because the battery last for 5 days and it constantly monitor steps, calories burn and sleep. I am also trying to record what I ate for the month. I am still looking for a prefect meal plan for me, a woman in my forties and living in Malaysia. This is not an easy thing to do. Most of the healthy stuffs here are a bit expensive. We are a society that celebrate food and carbohydrates . I hope in the process of documenting my fitness journey I will find a meal plan that works for me.

My inspiration for the month is to list down why I want a body like Autumn Calabrese.
I believe that when you know why you want to achieve something, it's easier for you to push through and endure the pain.

Here are my reason to have a body like Autumn
1. It's easier to move around when you don't have to carry around extra weight with you
2. Keeping up with my 4 years old would be so much easier
3. Taking the stairs will not be such a challenge
4. I can carry my 4 years old easily without running out of breath or back pain
5. Zero belly fat will improve my health a lot
6. Daily Praying will be so much easier and not so much a challenge

I am looking to add a meal plan and recipes in this journal but I have not found the one that I like yet.

I am hoping that this fitness journal will help me in my quest to have a perfect body for me and my lifestyle. I want to be active and I want to be healthy for my kids and for myself. If possible I want to pray normally (standing up) even though in my seventies

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