Friday, March 4, 2016

London has fallen // movie review

How can I say no to London and Gerard Butler? You can't right. I saw Olympus has fallen last year and I really enjoyed it. It's pure fun with lost of action. Gerard Butler is like a Rambo in a world where anybody can shoot and he is still standing in the end.

What the movie is all about?
" London Has Fallen is an action thriller film directed by Babak Najafi and written by Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt, Chad St. John, and Christian Gudegast. It is a sequel to Antoine Fuqua's 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen. In London, the British Prime Minister has died under mysterious circumstances and his funeral is a must-attend event for leaders of the Western world. What starts out as the most protected event on Earth turns into a deadly plot to kill the world's most powerful leaders and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. The only hope of stopping it rests on the shoulders of the U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), his formidable US Secret Service lead agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), Vice President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), and a British MI6 agent (Charlotte Riley) who rightly trusts no one." excerpt from

What do I think?
- the movie is basically about U.S President and world leaders were under attack in London
- I am not sure how people in London felt about this movie. 
- the story line was not great and the magnitude of the attacks that they launched were too big for just one person or even one organization. 
- it's a little bit racists in my opinion
- it's a mindless action movie with lots of shooting, car chasing and bombing with Gerard Butler in the middle
- lot of people died without any good reason

I recommend this movie if you love watching action movie and Gerard Butler. Don't think too much and just enjoy the ride.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

#thursday3 [03.03.2016]

I intend to do this project at least once a week but sometimes that didn't happened. Somedays I didn't feel like taking photos of myself. And when I did, I was not happy with the result. So this week I try changing a few things about my routine and somehow this little change make a big difference in my mood. I saved so much time going to work 30 minutes early and going home 30 minutes early.


1. My audiobook this week is Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. A book about habit which I found very interesting. I never thought how important habit is in our daily lives.

2. I can't believe it's March already. So far this year has been great. 

3. I am trying to get in the habit of Inbox Zero, somehow it's so hard to hit the delete key when it comes to email. Why is that?

Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done." -
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

About today // PL App

Last week I was a little bit busy, so I didn't get a chance to scrap a lot. I only did two layouts last week. This week my life has gone back to normal and I have managed to make a few layouts. That's the beauty of using Project Life App. It's so simple. The genius of this app is it used all of the things that you have in a palm of your hand. Photos, template and kits all in one place. No playing catch up game. 

Note: Good news to Android users, the Project Life App is finally available on Google Play. Now everybody can enjoy this amazing app and make beautiful layouts.


"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March is for ....

Hello everyone! March is finally here and I am glad to enter the last month of the first quarter of the year. So many scary things happened this year, 1MDB issues, the currency exchange still bad and many sensitive issues which I felt like complaining but no one will listen. I feel like taking a sabbatical leave from work for one or two years and come back when things go back to normal and more manageable.

March is for ....
- making a photo book with my scrapbook layouts for 2015 and 2014
- I am so loving keeping track of my habits. It's an eye opening process. I am going to continue keeping track of my habits
- I am reading Better than Before. I bought this book last year and only this year I decided to read this book. I intend to finish this book this month
- London has fallen and Allegiant movies
- continue with #listersgottalists challenge. I love writing my lists in this book

- continue making lists either on my blog or in my journal
- I only did color two pages of my coloring book. So for this month I am going to do another two pages. I should put this in my habit tracker for this month

- review my 2016 goals and plan a few actions steps for it. I really need to do this
- back up photos and digital contents to my cloud. Convert old exercise dvd to mp4 format.
- watch The Big Bang Theory Season 8

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Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 favorites

  • I am obsessed with The Big Bang Theory this month. I've finished Season Six and now watching Season Seven on iflix
  • I almost gave up #listersgottalists challenge until I bought this book. I am planning to use this book for this year listers challenge.
  • I love reading productivity and motivational book this month. Now I am reading Better Than Before, a book about habits.
  • Loving the new app from abeautifulmess , A Color Story app
  • I caved in a bought the new Day One App. I am still trying it out and not sure how I feel about it. They took away Dropbox Sync
  • Finally I took the time to write about 5 things Iearned from being a planner girl
  • And today is a leap day, 29th February 2016. No wonder February felt a little bit longer than usual.
I hope you had an amazing February.  No matter how hard life gets, try to stay positive and look for things to be grateful for.

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