Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Story of Home

I was upset, sad and heartbroken when I heard the news that my dad has to vacate the house that he has been living for more than twenty years. The house that I grew up in and the house that I am proud to call my home will no longer be ours. This house holds many memories of me and my mom. The only thing that I have left that reminded me of her. Every time I am in this house I somehow can feel the presence of my mom even though when she is not around. I don't think I will ever be ready to say good bye to this house. 


I have so many memories here that I don't think can be replaced with anything
  • I got married in this house
  • I feel safer here compare to any other places. The place where I can call my home and without have to worry about anything
  • This is the place where I can be a daughter. 
  • All of my brothers's wedding reception were in this house
  • Where we had my farewell party before going to United States to further my studies
  • I remembered watching the stars from the garden in front of the house and dreaming about the future
  • Majority of things in this house were touched by mother. She has a way of making this house a home.
  • I am going to miss this beautiful view. This was my mom's favorite spot to relax, read a book and recite Quran
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  • We celebrate many birthdays here. My mom was into birthday celebration and family gathering
  • We gathered here, in this house every Hari Raya even though our family has grown bigger and can't fit comfortably in this house
  • Three of my kids spend the first two months of their lives in this house
  • I don't think I can list down every single memories without crying. 
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I am not sure when is the exact date that my dad has to move out but it's happening soon. My day already start to pack and looking for a new house to stay. I know I don't have any say in this because we don't really owned the property but I never thought that it will happen during my life time. 

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