Thursday, September 8, 2016

iPhone 7 reactions

I gotta to say I was super super excited while watching the Apple Keynote September 7 2016 event.  I really enjoyed watching the opening. It's simple and more down to earth. Nothing fancy and I really like it.

1. Design
Simply beautiful !! I am so into Black. The iPhone 7 plus definitely looks elegant.

2. Home button
- I am not so sure about this. They completely changed how the home button response. This is the kind of thing you have to hands on to experience the new concept. Otherwise the home button looks the same to me.

3. Water and dust resistant
- I am all for it especially the dus resistant. Not sure if it's protected againts scratch. Probably not.

4. Camera
--- New optical image stabalization Wow!! Six element lens!!! This is definitely the camera that I might want to upgrade to. I think this is the best feature that I definitely want. The images are so beautiful.

5. Retina Display
- Cinema standard display on an iPhone screen. Wow! The color is beautiful. I think when you have experience retina display, everything else seems less pretty.

6. Speaker
- Dual speaker on an iPhone.. I don't really care about this feature because I seldom use iPhone for watching movie.

7. Earpods
- Digital audio using lightning connector. Not so sure about this feature but what the heck. I already have a SONY wireless headphone which sound great and hijab friendly. I don't think I will using the earpod as much.

8. Wireless Airpod
The rumour is true, no headphone jack. They introduce wireless airpord. Wireless airpod ?  Hemmm I am not sure if this airpod is hijab friendly. It doesn't looks like it. The stick that is sticking out will definitely be uncomfortable under a hijab.

9. Apple pay
Felica technology for Japan. I don't really care about this because this technology is still not available in Malaysia. 

10. Performance
A10 fusion chip - 2 core.performance- Longest battery life ever!!!! I will definitely love the longer battery life. It will be nice to have a fully functionally phone for more than 13 hours.

I was hoping that Apple introduce wireless charging but that doesn't happened. My thoughts over all, if you have an older version of iPhone, it's time to upgrade. You will not be disappointed. For an iPhone 6s plus user, I am not so sure. 6s plus is still an amazing phone. I still get a kick out of this phone. 

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