Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 best things // iOS 10

I have been using iOS 10 since it was made available to all last week. I have been waiting for this iOS since it was announced in March 2016. I even tired iOS10 beta version immediately after it was available to all. 

All I can say is I am loving the new iOS. For the outside the overall look still look the same as iOS 9. 

1. I love the new Apple Music.
Some people might argued this but I just love Apple Music. It has all the music that I love in the library even the old song like "Kain Pelekat" by Anuar & Elina. Who knew after all these years I can still listen to the song that I love growing up. Apple Music makes sense to me and I can use it easily compare to other online music services

2. iMessage is cool again
I always love iMessage more than Whatsup App. I will everybody can experience iMessage and see how cool the app is. 

3. Markup on photo
I know I know this is not something new. I just love the markup option for photos available in iOS10. I don't have to use third party app anymore

4. Maps is much better
Apple definitely has improved a lot with maps but I am so sure if I like the part when my phone tell me where I park and I have appointment at 3:00 pm at a certain place and I have to move now if I want to make it. It's so freaky and cool at the same time.

5. Hey Siri, take a selfie
I just love this! Now we are talking.

6. Stickers store in iMessage
I love those stickers store in iMessage that I can use. I have way too much fun playing with it. Stickers makes more sense to me. Emoticon not so much

7. Rise to wake
The Touch ID works so damn good that I can't even have the chance to see the time or the notification. Now I can see them before log in to my phone. It's a small touch that I really appreciate.

8. Sleep features is here
Finally the features that was lacking in iOS sleep feature. I am not sure how it works yet. I have been using fitbit alta to monitor my sleep. It would be nice if I could use Apple watch to monitor my sleep too.

9. Swipe to access camera
I love that now I can just swipe to the left on the lock screen to access the camera. Faster access to the camera is always a good thing when you don't want to miss those photos opportunity right in front of you.

10. Home App
I would have love to use Home App. I am always a fan of a smart home. I am not sure if we have anything available in Malaysia that support Home. It would be cool to be able to control your lamp, microwave, washing machine, refrigerator and many more home appliance. I can't wait for this technology to be available here and affordable.

Overall I am happy with this new upgrade. My experience has been smooth without a glitch. What do you think? Have you upgrade to iOS 10 yet? 

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