Sunday, June 5, 2016

Photo daily // Ramadan 2016

Tomorrow all Muslim all over the world is celebrating the month of Ramadan. It's a fasting month, it's month to up your worship to Allah, it's the month of forgiveness and it's the month to practice patient. I have no idea how this month has people obsess with food. It's food everywhere. Maybe this is just a Malaysian thing? 

I decided that this month I am not going to get suck into all about food mentality. I want this month to be all about Allah, all about Quran and all about reaching within myself and be the best muslim I can be.

What better way to document this journey other than capture it on camera. Every year is different, every year feel different.
I've made this simple poster which can be carry around on my phone. I want to remember to capture my Ramadan daily and record it. Nobody knows when is their last Ramadan. So treat this Ramadan as if it's your last.

These are the lists of photography prompts for this year:


For the explanation for the challenge read them here.

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