Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Apple Pencil // Why I love it

I can't express enough of how much I am in love with Apple Pencil. Way back when I first started using iPad I have always imagining that I am able to write on my iPad like pen and paper. It's finally comes true in 2016! Yeah!!!

Why I love ApplePencil

My only reason to upgrade my iPad was I wanted the Apple Pencil. iPad Pro the 12" was too big for me. I feel like iPad should be 9.7", the right size to carry around and the right size to write on. (Some how I felt like in a Goldilocks story book, too big, too small, just right)

Anyway, back to the Apple Pencil, many people said that the price is way too expensive for a stylus. Yeah it is expensive but when compared to Mont Blanc pen, it's not that expensive (hehehe..)

Here are FiVE Reason why I am in love with the Apple Pencil

1. I can charged the pencil with my iPad. Believe it or not I kinda like the idea of charging this pencil with the iPad. I know it looks ridiculous but the charging is super super fast and I don't have to worry about buying an extra charging cable for it. It's brilliant!

2. Writing with the Apple Pencil feels so good. It's the closes thing to the real pen. 

3. Integration with third party app is amazing. I used GoodNotes app for my digital planner and my notes, I don't have any problem connecting this pencil to the app. It happened instantly. 

4. I like that I can use the Apple pencil with a real ruler and stencil. It's slim enough to fit into my stencil that I usually used for my planner.

5. Palm Rejection is amazing! I don't have any problem with it. Finally I can use a pen with my iPad like I am using a pen with my planner. 

There you have it, the reasons my I love my Apple Pencil so much. This is also the reason why I am migration all of my planner to my iPad. This device satisfied my need to write and doodle.

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