Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My reaction to iPad Pro 9.7 inch 😍

Early this morning I watched the Apple Event March 21st, 2016 on apple website. I am not really obsess with it to watched the keynote live late at night. I am still ok watching the recorded keynote the next morning.
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Luckily the keynote wasn't that long. Love the 40 years in 40 seconds video. I really like the simplicity of the video.
They spend almost closed to half of the keynote talking about their initiative to save the environment which I think it's a great cause but I'm not sure it's suitable for this event.

They talked about the new band for apple watch like two minutes. I love that they decreased the price of the apple watch. I think they can go lower to attract more people to apple watch.

On that note I have been wearing apple watch for about six months now and I realised that I have not wear any other watch since. I just can't go back to wear a dumb watch. Hemmmm...

iPhone SE ??? I have no comment on that, it's a personal choice regarding the size of a phone. This definitely an upgrade for people who love iphone 5 size. I think if they released the phone with the iPhone 6, I might choose iPhone SE instead. I was one of the people who love the size of iPhone 5 but after using iPhone 6 plus I just can't go back to smaller screen size.

(photo is from screen shot from iPad Air while watching the keynote)

Now the iPad Pro 9.7" ( is this the iPad Pro mini or the iPad Air 3???), I am loving this iPad so far. It's everything that I wanted in an iPad especially the true tone display and anti reflecting coating. And it support Apple Pencil. I just hope that my bamboo fine stylus will work on the new iPad Pro.(oh boy they make this so confusing?!! I do miss the time when they only introduce one ipad at a time so we can call it the new iPad). Thank goodness they still keep the 3.5mm headphone jack. The only thing that might get in the way between me and my new ipad is the price. I am eyeing the rose gold model. I am so looking forward to end of March.

Do I wish that Apple make a macbook like Microsoft Surface book? Yes I do or something better than Surface book. Touch screen laptop is the way of the future. I do miss the time when Apple Event excite me with their innovation and technology that is out of this world. Now it feel like they are competing with other company. 

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