Monday, February 8, 2016

How I use Erin Condren Notebook

I am obsessed with journaling, planners and all things related to it. After watching how people used Erin Condren notebook, I am finally ready to setup my own. I am still trying it out and see how I feel about it. This notebook will be an extension of my Erin Condren Life Planner.  Get 10% off your first purchased with this link.

I love the cover of this notebook. It's exactly the inspiration that I need for 2016.




I add a year at a glance printable since this notebook doesn't come with calendar.


This is my first attempt to document / write down my routine - daily, weekly and monthly. Mostly relative to home and family.



I am also planning to list down all the projects that I have in mind for home - like upgrade my stairs tiles to a better material, redo the kitchen, redecorate my room and many more in mind.


I will also like to have a list of what I want and desire in this notebook


And movies we want to see this year


I also include a gratitude lists for a year in this notebook. I like the idea of making a lists of things I am grateful for at least once a month.



This is something I have been trying out - keeping track / make a lists of things that I need on a trip. I am not good with packing because it's overwhelm me. Hopefully having a lists like this will help me a lot when I am packing for a trip away from home.



I decided that this year I am going to make notes about books that I read especially the non fiction books. What I though about it and what I learned from it.





I am obsess with Zentangle and I am planning to use this space as a a place where I practice and collect all the patterns that I like.


The pages without lines I save it for my vision board - like planners I love, my dream house, my dream desktop, my dream vacation and many more that I fancy this year.


There are still space in the notebook for more. I am thinking of making a list of deep cleaning routine, home maintenance , anything related to keeping my home more organise , menu planning, anything that related to home and family.

Give me a shoutout if you have more ideas for me to try . I love writing in this notebook. 

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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