Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Color Story App //review

Happy weekend every one! Hope you have a great one and take lots of photos. I am super duper excited with this new app called A Color Story from abeautifulmess. This is a photo editing app on your phone. This app is free from the apple store but it will cost you about $7.99 to get the whole filter sets. 

This weekend I have a chance to play and explore this app. I like that they have a tool option which allow you to adjust the brightness, saturation and many more of your photo.

The filters are of course amazingly beautiful. You can mix and max the filter by adjusting the intensity of the filters. And when you are done you can save the filters you use to make your own recipes. Isn't that cool!

These are a few photos I did with the filters from this app. The photos were taken by my son with Canon DSLR camera. I import these photos to my phone and edit them with AColorStory app.

And this photo was taken with iPhone and edit with AColorStory app. Yes you can change the photo to black and white.

And the app also comes with starter pack of effects like light leak, color fog, flair and bokeh. These filters will be in my next month purchased lists. Love them so much.

Light leak effect
Color fog effect

Flare and Bokeh effect
I highly recommend this app if you are into photography and editing from your phone. It's so much fun and handy to have right on your palm.
For more beautiful photos and inspiration check out @acolorstory @hanizeyecandy and @planwithhaniz instagram

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