Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One little word // January: FOCUS

Making your word visible is the first assignment for January. There's something about making things visible that makes your mind know how important that thing is. 


This year I choose this A5 notebook as a host for my One Little Word Journey for 2015. I love the freedom these blank page bring to the whole process uncovering what FOCUS mean to me this year.

I am keeping things simple and low on decoration and design. The main objective is to let my word shine.

Picking out the reason why you choose the word is really important so that you will keep coming back to it.

I didn't choose any four or five prompts, I choose all of them. I feel like I need to sit down and really dig deep especially why FOCUS speak to me or why I want to invite FOCUS into my life this year.

Show up will the theme for this year. What it means to show up for your word? Be involved with FOCUS and make FOCUS part of my life this year would be one of a way for me to SHOW UP for my word.



I am so looking forward to invite FOCUS into my life this year. Ali Edward is really inspiring and an amazing teacher. I learn a lot from her class.

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