Wednesday, January 13, 2016

16 Goals in 2016

It's January and it's usually the month when most people make a resolution and goals for the year. I love making lists and I love goals. This technique helps me to focus and see what I wanted to achieved clearly.

I saw youtube videos going around about goals and resolution, I decided to write a blog post about it.

This year I choose FOCUS as my one little word for 2016. What better ways to stay focus other than making lists.


1. Be more active
I would have like this year to be the year that I take action in terms of my health and fitness. I want to move more, stand more and do more physical activities that I enjoy like dancing, running and window shopping (hehehhe)

2. Read five books from my to be read pile
It's about time I do something about those to be read books that has been piling up my stacks. On top of my head these are five books that I want to read this year [ Magpie, one of the JD Robb In Death series, NYPD Red 3 ** I totally forgot I bought this book ***,  Pretty Girls by Karin Salughter and The Here and Now by Anne Brashres]

3. Read two non fiction books
This year I also want to improve and sharpened my skills for work. What better ways to do that than read a book. I intend to finish Getting Things Done by David Allen and the life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo, two books that have been staring me in the face every time I walk in my room.

4. Implement Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology at work and at home
I have heard so many great things about the GTD systems and how people used them to be more productive. I already have the tools like Evernote, Dropbox and planners to help me be on top of my game. I just need to improve my workflow system and process so that nothing slip through or no open loop.

5. Recite Quran at least 40 verses a day
I am so determine to finish reciting Quran before half of the year. I just need to make it a priority and make the habit has part of  my lifestyle. What better ways to do then set a goal for myself on a daily basis. If I can achieve 40 verses per day in a month then maybe I can start to increase from 40 verses to 60 verses per day. 

6. Utilise the planner that I have. Keep the current planner to three
I have accumulate a lot of planners in a year and sometimes I felt overwhelm with all the planners out there. I wanted so much to collect all those beautiful planners out there. So this year I am going to choose only three planners (including the digital planner) for 2016. 

7. Choose photos from last year and print them out
Photos  are very important to me. I like taking them and I like looking at them. Keeping all those memories tuck away in my computer or on my phone is not going to work for me. I took a lot of photos and printing them all out might not be cost effective solution. I need to spend some time (at least once a week) to go through them and choose which one I want to print out. My goal is to get all those photos out and put them in my Project Life album or make a photo book. 

8. Backup my digital photos and documents at least twice a month
I know I know I should backup photos every day or maybe every week but I found out that keeping a regular schedule for back up has been a problem. I can't commit. I already set an automatic backup to flickr ( they gave 1TB of free space) I still need to sort and process all of my photos, organise them in a way that I can find them again in the future. And I also need to have another backup site for my photos a.k.a MyCloud storage

9. Go for quality
With all the products out there it's easy to collect stuffs. So instead of buying stuffs just because it's cheap I need to focus on quality. That means no impulse buying. I need to do lots of research, read review and compare prices before buying stuffs. I want to be surrounded by stuffs that not only pretty and enjoyable to use but will last longer. 
I am not sure if I can apply the same principal at work just because the current situation focus more on quantity and fast result. 

10. Save up for macbook air 13"
I have been eyeing a macbook  air for a really long time. I find it very hard to justify the purchased  This year I am going to indulge myself with this beautiful laptop by setting aside a budget a.k.a saving up for macbook. I set my goal for September 2016.

11. Make creativity as part of my daily routine
Creative outlet has been something I crave for a long time. I need things to be pretty and has colors. I love coloring even though I have no idea that I love to color. I usually feel self conscious about my coloring technique and skills but now I don't really care. I color how I want and what looks pretty to me. I am not going to sell them so it doesn't really matter. So this year my goal is to set a side a time for me to be creative either making a scrapbook page, designing something for my planner , decorating planner, organizing my craft area, coloring or even when planning project at work.

12. Write in my journal at least three times a week
I enjoy writing especially when I don't have to worry about grammar or other people reading it. Also I need a place when I can write what I want and what I feel at the moment. It's therapeutic.

13. Make scrapbook pages or Project life layouts at least three times a week
Scrapbook has been a part of life for a really long time. I enjoy it so much but sometimes when life happened I kinda forget to make time for it. So this year I am going to make an agreement with myself to make at least three scrapbook page a week.

14. Doing some exercise at least four times a week - pick something that I enjoy doing
I want to look good and I want to loose weight. It has been a constant battle lately. I used to think that exercise alone I can loose weight. Well not anymore. So instead of being discourage I want to focus more on what exercise brings into my life like I am more happy, and more fit. Choosing something that I enjoy doing is the key here.

15. Listen to Quran recital everyday before bed.
On top of reciting, I decided to listen to Quran recital everyday before bed. I love that Apple music has Quran recital album in their collection. Those Quran verses really calms me down and help me sleep better.

16. Taking control of my monthly or yearly subscriptions.
Oh boy I can't believe that I let my subscriptions get out of control. I need to take stock of my current commitment, assess and make a few decision about them. I can't believe I have so many of them. 

There you have it. My sixteen goals for twenty sixteen. I love making lists but keeping up with the list is a different story. I have learned that I am a visual person. I tend to pay more attention to it if I can see it.

So my next step is to make this list available online and off line for me to see. Like Ali Edwards said made your word visible. And in this case is make my lists visible. Review them weekly and put some action related to it in my planner.

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