Saturday, October 24, 2015

#30daysofAlhamdulillah // Day 05 and Day 06

The two things in my life that mean the most to me, become a mother and have Project Life app to document my life. I could not have asked for better things than these.


Day 05: Project Life app

day 05

Day 06:  Opportunity to become a mother

day 06

Friday, October 23, 2015

Today is all about you // Sweet 16

My dear son Hazwan is sixteen years old today. Wow! Time does fly when you have kids. It only felt like yesterday I gave birth to this boy and bamp! now he is sixteen.

23.10.2015 - Happy Birthday to my dear son, may all of your dreams come true.

I hope that you always have Quran and Hadith as your guide

I hope that you are healthy and happy

I hope you aren’t afraid to follow your dream

I hope you love Allah always

I hope you get the best what life has to offer

I hope you laugh often

I hope you never forget how much I love you

I hope you ignore negative people

I hope you become a great Muslim, great son and great brother

I hope you respect yourself and your family

I hope you grow to be the best that you can be

I hope you will always remember your mother and father

I hope you love yourself and take good care of it

I will always love you no matter how old you get.

Notes: Happy iPod day -- Oct 23 2001 the technology that changed the world was launched today-->

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#30daysofAlhamdulillah // Day 04

I love books , printed books to be exact. Even though it's not good for environment I still hope that printed books will be here to stay. I just can't imagine a world without printed books, without library. I hope that day will never come.


Day 04: Printed books

day 04

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Living with the Apple watch

I have been looking for an Apple watch at Apple Malaysia store for months now but it is still not available. I have no idea what's the hold up.

I am super excited when I found out that Direct D store sell Apple watch and they have the latest edition Apple watch which is the  38 mm sport edition in Rose Gold.

I bought myself one and never look back. 

I have been living with the Apple watch for about two weeks now and here are a few things that I discovered / learned

It looks good on my wrist

I love watch and I have been wearing them for as long as I can remember. So wearing an Apple watch feels natural to me. I love this watch as much as I love my Michael Kor watch.

Be More Active

Suddenly I am more aware of my movement and calories burn than never before with the Apple watch. It's nice to know that you have not been moving through out the day. The reminder to stand up and move around is a pleasant welcome for me. I love being active but sometimes I just forgot to do it. Here to a more healthy lifestyle. Reaching my daily calories burn really makes me feel good.

Battery life

One of my main concern about Apple watch is the battery life. I am pleasantly surprise that the battery lasted through out the day. I don't mind charging the watch at night because I don't usually wear a watch when I sleep.

Love the little reminder

Ever since I have the Apple I rarely took out my phone for little reminder like when it's time for solah, whatsapp notification, message notification and even phone call. This is especially useful when I am at home where I don't carry my phone every where and while I'm doing house work. Talking on the Apple watch feels like I am in a Star Trek movie.


My main concerns at the moment with the watch are

1. The charger cable - I only have one and I am not sure if third party brand sold one here

2. Scratch - I put a tempered glass protector on the watch and so far I have bump it all around and it cracks. I am too afraid to try the watch without the protector

Overall I am pretty happy with the watch. It's beautiful, stylish and smart.  It's the internet of things that people are talking about. I wish it could do more. Maybe one day they will have a universal translator on the watch. That will be super cool.

#30daysofAlhamdlillah // Day 03

Day 03 is the day I started going back to work. Life at work even though not that exciting but still require a little bit of creativity. So today I am taking the time to be thankful for the creativity of doing things. I really love the fact that it's the only thing (well maybe one of the things) that can't be taken over by a computer.


Day 03: Creativity

Day 3: October 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#30daysofAlhamdlillah // Day 02

We are having a horrible haze problem at the moment. Even though it's a man made problem which can be avoided if only people care more the environment. 

Unfortunately they don't and as the results other people suffered. I really really hate that but in the spirit of being thankful for the bad things I am trying very hard to see the good in the bad situation. When you think about it all your life you are blessed with clean breathable air free of charge and you forgot that it's there. Now when clean breathable air is very hard to find makes me realised how I took the clean air for granted.

May Allah have mercy on us and bless us with clean breathable air again.


Day 02

day 02

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#30daysofAlhamdlillah // Day 01

In all of the chaos of living my life as a mother, as a boss, as modern woman, as a muslim and many more hats that I have to wear through out the years, I realised that this year I have not make any gratitude project a.k.a be thankful for 30 days. 

Well I think it's not too late to start. In fact I am going to start today. Document the things that I am thankful for daily. This year I am going to make something different. Instead of being thankful for all the blessing, I am going to be thankful for all the bad things a.k.a not so good things in my life.

I am going to call this project #30daysofAlhamdulillah. Islam thought us to be thankful (alhamdulillah) for all the things that happened to us. This is definitely a challenge for me because I would love to forget about all those painful things in my life. I guess putting all those hurtful feelings bottle up inside is not good for my soul.

This will definitely going into my project life layout. So here it goes. 


Day 01

day 01

- I made this journal card style to host my lists for 30 days. I am planning to keep the card simple and focus more on the journaling.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Digital Project Life [Week forty two]

I decided that today I am going to make something different. Instead of posting one week of my Project 365 I decided to jump right into the Digital Project Life Layouts for Week 42. I have the tools right in my hand to make my layout in a snap and today I decided to make something different. 

I finally cave in a bought a few extra digital template from the in App Purchased right inside Project Life App. Trying and doing something new is good for me. I have been caught in a rut for a few weeks now and I wanted things to be different. I am not the kind of girl who likes to stay stuck in the same cycle over and over again. 


Week 42a-web
Week 42b-web
Week 42a-webWeek 42b-web

I kind of like this week design. I can fit all my week photos into one layout/page. I don't even need to have a second page. I just throw in the second page with some random things that I think should be part of my layout this week. I really enjoy Be Fearless Themed Card and I have been using it in my layout lately.

To see what I did in 2014, see them all here in my flickr albums
Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about this approach to saving your memories, click here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

With my trusty iphone // back home

I am excited that this weekend we finally make time to visit my dad at Johor. I am still not able to buy the new iPhone 6 plus due to thoese prodcucts were out of stock especially the 64GB and 128GB model.
I have to wait for the next batch to arrive at maxis. Hopefully it will be soon.

In the meantime my trusty iphobe 6plus still great enough to capture everyday photos

Note: photos taken with iPhone 6 plus edit with Afterlight app and text add using Phonto app.

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