Thursday, December 31, 2015

The last day of 2015

I would love to take this opportunity to say goodbye to 2015. The year that brought a lot of joy, happiness, heartaches and tragedy into my life. Before saying goodbye to 2015, I would love to make a lists of some random things and events that have happened in my life this year.

Something Random 2015

 Something random in 2015 
- my dad remarried in March. I am happy for him because he doesn't have to be alone again.
- I am missing my late mom so much that it hurts. And the saddest thing is I don't have anybody to share this with. 
- I went for Umrah in February with my husband, my mother in  law and my sister in law. It has been a long time since the last time I went there. I miss Kaabah. I prayed hard, I pray that one day or some day I will meet my mom again
- In September we went to Aceh for a week. This is also a spiritual journey for me. It's not easy for me to visit a place that was hit hard by Tsunami in 2005. I can really feel the havoc and a disaster that happened ten years ago like I was really there
-my youngest son is three years old this year
- I've become obsess with planners and planner decorations at the beginning of the year. I've own filofax, carry it, kikki k, erin condren , color crush and midori travellers notebook. I think I am going to pick one or two planner and stick to it
- I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Iflix 
- Dilwale
- In November we went to Gold Coast Australia. I love it there if possible I want to live there!
- I choose Create as my One Little Word this year but somehow in the middle of the year, the word slip me by. Next year I am definitely going to join Ali Edward again to explore my One Little Word for 2016
- A lot of changes happened at the office - I got a new bos, new minister and new deputy minister, new team member and new officemate all in less than six months.
- Ikea Cheras is finally open. I need to go there and put my mark all over it
- I have never been this heavy before. I need to do something about it. Move more should my mantra for 2016
- My eldest son got his driving license! Yeah! It's really good to have another driver in the house
- My eldest son goes to MMU to further his study in Foundation Creative Multimedia
- Finally I successfully potty trained my youngest son. It's about time we stop seeing him as a baby. He his a little boy with 
- Hanif is three and he is obsess with jigsaw puzzles and legos, even though ipad is still his number one plaything
- Apple watch, iPhone 6s plus, Apple TV, iMac, iPad mini 3 all in one year 
- My favorite workout this year is definitely Insanity Max 30. I need to do this workout again. 
- listersgottalist challenge started this year and it has grown into a business for the rest girl. I join in because I like having a daily prompt to work with
- Celebrating Eid without my mom is definitely sad and empty. If it's up to me I want to crawl in bed and dream
- Suddenly Malaysian Ringgit is no longer relevant ~ 1USD = RM4.3 Wow! This is definitely bad. In the beginning of the year it was 1USD = RM3.4
- Everything is expensive now especially my favorite milk H&L, now the price is about RM6.40. It used to be RM3.59... what happened Malaysia?????
- Paycheque RM4000 is consider poor ... hemmmm  - Public transportation fee increase, toll fee increase .. everything is 6% increase due to GST. This makes me wonder what happened to "Zakat Pendapatan, Zakat Business" money?
- Adult Coloring book is the rage now.

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WOW! It seems like I can ramble on about random things that happened this year, which will make this entry a little bit longer than usual. So I am just going to stop.
I would love to wish all my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for being a part of hanizeyecandy journey. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!! 

         HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!       

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