Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Movieworld Gold Coast Australia

Second day @Gold Coast Australia --- Movieworld
Tickets were cheaper if bought online. We bought seven days pass for three theme park - movieworld, sea world and wet n wild

It was hot even though it was on 10:00am. I HIGHLY recommend that you start the day early. The park open from 9:30am - 5:00pm
We have breakfast at the hotel. I bring along a bottle water which can be refill (through water fountain) through out the park.

- get a map so it's easier to plan you day and if you don't wan to miss any show.

- if you have small children, stroller is definitely a must if you don't want to carry your tired toddler all over the park.

- snapped photos of everything.
- we don't bring our own food to the park , so it's important for us to find a halal restaurant. Alhamdulillah we found one at Movieworld. 

- love this ride. It's total darkness and it's scary!!!
- must seen show " Hollywood Stunt Driver" 

- photo taking at western town is a must

- the prayer room which is comfortable and clean

- don't forget to ware comfortable shoes because you are going to do a lot of walking

We spend majority of the day at probably until 5:30 pm and it was a day well spend.
-the park was not as big as I thought it would be. But sufficient enough for me to get tired by walking hehehe...

Read here for full itinerary of Gold Coast Australia Trip 2015

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