Wednesday, January 21, 2015

OLW: Digital Daily Planner 2015 Setup

Twenty Fifteen is the year where I want to go digital when it comes to daily planner. Since my One Little word for this year is CREATE and one of the things I want to improve is to create an organisation systems that works for me and this include organising daily planner for 2015.

I used to have a monthly and a daily planner that I carry with me where ever I go. I do have a digital calendar on my iPad but I still love to doodle and write in my planner. This year I am going to create a system that I can work with. 


Ever since I discovered how to setup digital Filofax Organiser with iPad, I get excited with the idea to writing, stamping and designing my planner digitally.

Tools that you need to go digital:

1. ipad
2. GoodNotes App (or any app that support annotation)
3. Stylus - I used Adonit JotTouch with PixelPoint and Adonit Jot Pro
4. PDF files of 2015 Daily Planner. I got mine from DigitallySpeaking.Net. You can used basically any pdf files to do this
5. Digital Elements - Since I am a digital scrapbooker, I have tons of digital elements at my disposal. You can get yours at or at any scrapbooking stores like TheLilypad, Gotta Pixel and SweetShoppe Designs.
6. Dropbox - online cloud storage to import your pdf files. GoodNotes also support Google Doc. Get your free dropbox and enjoy the cloud experience

My 2015 Digital Planner Setup

1. First a for most get yourself familiar with GoodNotes setup. Checkout this user guide to get started. 

2. After I bought 2015 Digital Daily Planner from DigitallySpeaking.Net, I upload all of the pdf files into my Dropbox folder.

3. In my GoodNotes app, I created a Category called 2015 Day Planner

4. While I'm in 2015 Day Planner, I choose Import and open my dropbox folder where I keep all of my pdf files. I click select and choose all twelves of the pdf files. GoodNotes will import all of the files into your 2015 Daily Planner Category.


5. After you import all the files, your planner will look something like this. The daily planner does not come with the monthly calendar. You can either purchased them from the store, make your own or download them from a free printable available on the internet. I got mine from 2015 Life Planner by Traci Reed.


Watched how to insert the January monthly page here. You can basically learn how to used the planner from this video.

6. When you are all set, you can do what ever you like with your page. You can add images, sticky notes, flags, washi tapes, stickers and many more. All of those images you can add into your digital page. 
When I started getting obsess with decorating my daily page, I hunt my old digital scrapbook stash for stickers, ribbons, flowers, staples, paper clips, washi tapes and many more. And I keep all of them in my dropbox folder for easy access.

These is how my digital planner looks like:

03digitalplannersetup-2015 04digitalplannersetup-2015 05digitalplannersetup-201506digitalplannersetup-2015
You can keep it simple or you can decorate them as much as you can.


I have no idea that decorating my planner is going to be my obsession for 2015. Now I know why my previous system doesn't work. I love pretty things and making my daily planner pretty makes me want to look at them every single day. And decorating them has become one of my creative outlet. Love love this system.

If you want to learn more on how to setup your iPad Like a Traditional Filofax, Day Runner, Franklin Covey, Day Planner Organizer, I suggest you watch this video or even take her class.

And don't forget to get your dropbox for free and enjoy cloud storage.

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