Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moment like this makes me want to be a life documenter

Moment like this makes me so happy that I have my iphone on hand. I turned on my camera phone, switched to video mode and record it.

I just realized that he is not even two years old yet and he already is aware of the content he wants to see and touch.


After watching Day 3 of Scrapbooking with Project Life by Becky Higgins, I am more aware of all the little details in my life. These day to day routine might seem mundane but when it was recorded and documented, it will be part of historical momentous.

Sometimes I do wish I have taken the time to captured my two boys everyday life when they were little. I do scrapbook about them but more on the big moment and posed. Never the details, the quotes and the quirks.

Boy I am so glad that I choose Write as my One Little Word this year. Once I turned on the Writer mode, it seems like words keeping coming out of my head. Readers beware! I might write a lengthy posts this year.. hehehe…

I am not sure if any of my Malaysian readers are in to memories keeping and documenting life. If you are out there, give me a shout. I would love to see your take on how you preserved your family keepsakes and stories.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Life is getting expensive and it’s only the third day of 2014

I just can’t believe that the price of H&L 1 liter milk is RM6.69. I felt like it was only yesterday I bought the same milk for RM5.59. I still remember back in the days when my eldest son was one year old, the same milk only cost about RM3.50.

I do wish that back then I took the time to take pictures of it and documenting it. I just never realise that the price of 1liter milk would increase tremendously.

Photo 03-01-2014 11 25 54a

Since this year my one little word is write, I am going to take the time to document my everyday life, the pictures and the feelings that is going on in my life personally. I felt like milk is going into the luxury category, only super rich people can afford to drink them… hemmmm somehow this doesn’t seem right to me.

 Photo 03-01-2014 11 25 58aPhoto 03-01-2014 11 25 45a

Guest what? The total item the were in the cart reached almost RM500.00 and these was at Giant ( the place where the prices should be cheaper than other places).

I just wonder what the price would be like a year from now? Is the price of my favorite milk will increase another Ringgit?

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

#thursday3 : 02.01.2014

Welcome to the new year of 2014. I maybe clueless about the direction I am going for my blog this year, but one thing is for sure I am going to continue making lists and continue looking for new ways to document my life and at the same time inspire people to do so. Nobody can tell your story better than yourself. One day when you are old and grey, all this little pieces and titbits of your life will be the most valuable treasure and can be enjoy by your future generation.

"Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done." excerpt from



1. I am still taking my day off from week this week. I realized that I am super busy doing things at home than when I work. There are so many things I want to do and there are just so little time.

2. I found my One little word for 2014. It is the most easy word that really speaks to me for the last month or so.

3. Right now I am watching Becky Higgins Scrapbooking with Project Life 3 days course. Wow! I have never really thought to start my scrapbooking project with the end in mind. Usually I just jump in the process, sometimes the album get done and sometime it doesn’t. I am sure going to scrapbook with intention and with the goal in mind.

Follow along each week using the hashtag #thursday3 dan taged me @hanizeyecandy. I want to see your selfie and read about you.

One Little Word 2014 : Write

I choose Learn as my one little word for 2013. I choose it because I wanted to continue learning and be more aware of it. I was a little bit clueless with how I am going to make this word a part of my life for a year. Some months I make a conscious effort to learn new technique in photoshop and some months I totally forgot about it.
This year I decided to take Ali Edward One Little Word workshop and really make my word visible and work for me. I want to be reminded on a monthly basis to think about my word and do something about it. I am not sure if I will be making an album about my One Little Word journey but I will definitely write about them in my blog.
This year I choose the word Write, or rather the word choose me. I used to love writing in my journal unedited about my life, my thoughts and my feelings. I seldom do that anymore. I maybe writing in my blog but most of the content are the edited one. I really missed writing in my journal.
I looked up the meaning of the word write in a dictionary and boy I am so surprised that there are so many definition of the word write. When combine with other word like write down, write off , write in, write out, write up can mean different things.
So for me, this year I am going to simply write:To form (letters, words, or symbols) on a surface such as paper with an instrument such as a pen. It is more of a documentation of my life in a place where I can read about them in the future and still remember what it feels like back then.
This year I will write more on:
My life: I plan to keep a journal of 2014. This is the place where I want to write freely, unedited about my disappointment, my success, my worries, my accomplishment and many more.
My scrapbook / Project Life: I plan to do Project Life this year. Other than slipping in photos, I like to journal more about the facts of life in every layout.
My 30 days of lists: I will definitely be joining another round of 30 days of lists this year. I will keep this project as simple as I can and write them down in a notebook.
My to do lists: I always have a mental checklists of things I want to accomplished on a weekly basis. Instead of having them scatter around my mind, I will make a conscious effort to write them down.
…. I will add more to the lists through out the year ………
I am not really sure what my process and strategies are yet, but I know for sure that I will be using a notebook for my journal, a black pen and some colorful pens, DayOne apps on my iphone – it’s a great tool to document your life on a daily basis, my blog, my iphone and my photo printer.
On top of my head, I thinking of writing in my notebook Journal every other day or at least once a week, write on DayOne app maybe everyday and write my to do lists in my Awesome Notes app. The idea is to keep on writing and documenting what’s important in life and by the end of this year my goal is to make writing a habit.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January is for…

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2014. I am so looking forward to the best year ever. I love making small and manageable goals monthly, so I will continue making them every month.
So here go my lists/goals for January 2014
  • since I am making 2014 is the year for me to try Project life, I am going to make a random photo album about my life in general for 2013 and below using Project Life materials and album. I am also making a 2014 Digital Project life. This basically will be about my Project 365 for 2014.
  • finished making digital scrapbook 2013 photo book and send for printing. I need to have them print out so my family can enjoy them
  • print selected photos from 2013 and compile them in a Journal style book / smash book
  • I enrolled in One little Word 2014 workshop with Ali Edwards to help me make my word visible.
  • choose one little word for 2014. On top of my head I am thinking about write. I used to love writing about my feelings and thoughts in my journal but somehow when I started blogging I’ve been editing my feelings and my thoughts a lot. I love to be able to write freely for myself.
  • setting up a system and workflow for my project life, so that I will have a month worth of album at the end of each month
  • continue making lists either on my blog or in my journal
Do you make any specific goals this year?
Do you like making goals?
Share with me, I want to know.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today I...

Some random things about the last day of 2013

* I am enjoying my day off from work. Come to think of it I don’t think I ever work on the last day of the year
* I am making a personal goals to make two Project Life album in 2014. One will be a hardcopy version and the other one would be a digital version
* I am still making some last minute shopping before new year comes
* I am still nursing my baby boy. I need to start weaning him off very slowly because he get very stubborn when it comes to nursing
* I already have my word for 2014
* I still have a lot of photos to process, backup and prepare for 2014
* I plan to join project 365 for 2014
* I enrolled my kids at a nearby class
* I ate durian with my kids. It was the best durian ever!
* I am wondering why I haven't had enough rest even though I'm on vacation
* I am disappointed with the movie"Ular" - somehow all the characters lack soul and I didn't feel sad or disappointed when they died

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Monday, December 30, 2013

#30lists // This time next year I will

 Day 30: This time next year I will..
  • at least be 2 kg thinner than I am right now
  • have an almost adult boy in the house - I am hoping he will get his driving license next year
  • do another round of Insanity program
  • print out more photos
  • do another 30 days of lists challenge
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 days of list -dec2013
30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual journaling challenge for Listers, from Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry.
Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night. 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day — even something as small as a list.
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12 posts of 2013 // A year in review

I had such an amazing year. So many things happening behind the scene which some them I shared in this blog and some are too personal to share here. Overall I can feel that I am growing as a person and as a human being. I feel more content and I know what I want and I am thankful for what I have.

1. This year as always, on the first January 2013, we took a family photo shoot at KLCC. This time Hanif is with us


2. Tips I wrote this year 5tips-productive

3. There is no doubt that iPhone and iPad is a personal thing. You can used them anyway that fits your lifestyle and personality. If you are new to iPad, here are a few apps that can help you get started .


4. Things that was on my mind most of the time this year. I just realise that this year I didn’t blog much about anything random like I used to. I intend to blog more post randomly just because I think it was fun to read things that are totally random


5. I participate in 30 days of lists for March, September and December  in 2013. I just love documenting my life in a list. It’s fun, easy and absolutely no wrong way of doing it


6. No matter how frustrated and depressed I was this year, I try to focus may energy and mind to little things that makes me happy. Somehow these things magically lift up my mood and spirit tremendously.


7. I can’t believe that this boy were once a baby. He reached his first birthday in April and I put together the amazing first twelve months video for him


8. We had our thirteen General Election this year. It was such a great competition between parties. For new voters, I made this 10 tips as a guide for you before and on the polling day.


9. I celebrate my forty two years old birthday this year and celebrate our seventeen years Wedding Anniversary.

42-birthday-web 13

10. Without realising it I have a toddler in the house. Living with a toddler is so much fun and deciphering a toddler language really require focus and attention. I am enjoying every moment of it.


11. I made another Ramadan Photo daily prompt this year and it is still super fun. I am thinking of making this a yearly project. I also made a Ramadan Goals as a way for me to focus and cross things off my lists.


12. I was super duper excited that this year I got a chance to meet and hear Jay Jay sang live in front of me. It was such an amazing feeling and it brought a lot of beautiful memories from my childhood.


I hope that 2014 will be great and amazing. I want to write more next year either on my blog or in my journal. Not all of the things can be captured on photos, some you have to write it down. Hope you had a great 2013. See you in 2014

Sunday, December 29, 2013

#30lists // What I'm letting go of

 Day 29: What I'm letting go of..
  • the believe that I am not good enough
  • the idea of a perfect marriage
  • that I can get as thin as I was in my teens
  • I may not have a super flat tummy
  • wrinkles on my face is not bad - it's just meant I've lived
  • old clothes - I really need to clean up my closet
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 days of list -dec2013
30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual journaling challenge for Listers, from Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry.
Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night. 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day — even something as small as a list.
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