Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beach and Sunshine // Pixelily Designs

Happy Saturday everyone! Hopefully you have a great weekend so far. Are you up for another great kit by Pixelily Designs called Beach and Sunshine? It’s currently on sale at Gottapixel Store. Grab them now!

Beach and Sunshine

This is my layout using the above kit

his story-web

for more inspiration go here.

Have a grate and creative weekend!

Photo prompt #11 // Food

It’s the 11th day of Ramadan and it’s a school day for my kids. I was a little bit happy that my week starts slow and steady. Hanif was being a very good boy. No crying and screaming early in the morning.

Challenge #11: Food
Today I am giving myself permission to indulge in making a spaghetti napolitan, mushroom sup and whole grain bread. It’s healthy and it’s yummy. At the moment I don’t feel like eating anything fried or greasy.

Processed with Instant App

Love a simple home cook meal which you can prepare and made in less than an hour.


Check out the whole lists here .

Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about. 

I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Prompt #10 // Around you

I've always love Friday. Too bad that in Malaysia most of the states did not take Friday as a weekend. Other than all Muslim men have to pray in the mosque with at least 40 people in them, we also can do a lot of beautiful things like recite Surah Al-Kahfi and many more. 

Challenge #10: Around You
The challenge for today is to capture life little details all around you. Something ordinary that you look at every single day. Snap a photo and document them in your blog or scrap about it or share it on instagram. 

This is my current fave for face wipe. It's easier to use and less messy. I keep one stock in the office.
Love my wrist watch. I am in the mode of collecting all things related to pink especially when it comes to wrist watch. Life is so much pretty with a little touch of pink.
Check out the whole lists here .
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about. 
I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan. 


Friday Finds // July nineteen

I am so glad that my day is almost over and tomorrow I can start my lovely weekend. I love looking at beautiful things in real life and also in virtual world. Hunting for beautiful things to look at or to own is one of the most satisfying thing. I hope you enjoy my little finds to help you get through the day, feel happy and excited. It's a little reminder that life is beautiful.

#1. Love the new Beautifulmess App Updates
I just update the apps, can't wait to explore more.
#2.Memoirs {July} Kit By Studio Digilicious
#3. Made of Awesome {mini kit} by Designs by Megan Turnidge
#4. I love photo processing. It is rare that I will post photo without doing any processing. Love the varieties of effects you can get from photo processing
#5. I am so excited to join 30 day self portrait challenge hosted by Elsie and Emma.
#6. I am so glad that I've found Focus T25 workout challenge. It was the longest 25 minutes ever! Looking forward to doing the rest of the week with this program.
#7. July Storyteller Kit by Just Jaimee
#8. Home Grown Journal Card by Amy Wolf and Pink Reptile


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photo Prompt #9 : 3 things

Today was a wet Thursday morning. It was very hard for me to be excited for work. All I am thinking about was laying on my bed with my baby boy, hugging him and kissing him.
I am so looking forward to this weekend. I do not have any specific plan except to stay at home, relax and do some scrapping or any creative project.
Making something creative for Hari Raya would also be a great project to do during this weekend.

Challenge #9: 3 things
Processed with Instant App
# I am in the middle of T25 program. This is the shoes that I used every day for jumping and running.
Processed with Instant App
# my new blue and pink hijab that I am loving at the moment. I just love how the pink color pop up in this photo.
Day #9: 3 things I like

# this month favorite Foundation - Naked Skin by Urban Decay

Check out the whole lists here .
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about. 
I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan. 


Instant: The Polaroid Instant Camera // app review

I don’t really remember when the love for polaroid start. One thing is for sure it started when I have my first iphone. I have install a few apps that have the polaroid effect but that was very limited.
After doing a few research I decided to try Instant: the Polaroid Instant Camera. I just love the idea of keeping a few photos in a polaroid format. Somehow that format reminded me a lot of my childhood.
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 4
“The app comes with 30 unique vintage style photo filters, with 10 of them closely mimicking the effects of various classic Polaroid films. Each filter is adjustable in strength, vignette and emulsion artifacts, adding even more realistic Polaroid look. Users may also add text to their Polaroid photo, selecting from 10 handwriting style fonts. Text can be freely resized, rotated and moved around by finger gestures. Users can also adjust the effect of the Polaroid border, such as choosing from 26 different colors, adding crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints on to the border.
The Polaroid photos can be saved to your photo library and easily shared via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram (requires Instagram app pre-installed) and Sina Weibo.

Feature Highlights:
* Creative and fun user interface produces realistic experience of Polaroid instant photography
* 30 photo effects including 10 uniquely designed for Polaroid effects
* Adjustable filter effects including intensity, vignette, emulsion and grain
* 10 handwriting fonts for adding text to your photo
* 26 color borders, adjustable crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints effects
* Easily share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Sina Weibo
* iPhone 5 ready
“ excerpt from apps store description box
Processed with Instant App
What do I think?
  • I love the simplicity of the app is
  • Integrated with Instagram, Flickr, facebook and twitter
  • I really like the option of adding text to the photographs I took
  • I love the option of inserting photos from your camera roll
  • This apps cost me about $1.99 if I’m not mistaken
  • Now you can convert any photos to polaroid
Here are a few samples I took using my camera and edit them using instant: the polaroid instant camera apps
Processed with Instant App Processed with Instant AppProcessed with Instant AppProcessed with Instant AppProcessed with Instant App
for more review on apps visit here

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Photo Prompt #8 // What's on your mind

I am a little bit worried that we are already comfortable with what we have. Evolve and change didn't come naturally or instantaneously.  If only I have the time to explore the technology as I usually do. I don't know why the younger generation doesn't want to think beyond their comfort zone and always waiting for things to be handed to them.

Challenge #8: On my mind
Processed with Instant App

Things that have been bugging me since the last few weeks were our plan for 2014. Things we want to achieve and develop in 2014. Some thing new and creative.

Check out the whole lists here .

Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about. 

I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan. 


Focus T25 First Week Review and my routine during Ramadan

Wow! It was the longest 25 minutes of my life! I never thought I could be out of breath in just 25 minutes. Amazing!


A little bit about myself

  • I gave birth to a baby boy about one year ago
  • I was definitely out of shape because I rarely workout during my pregnancy months
  • I was too tired all the time to start working out religiously after 6 months postpartum. I had C-sec delivery, so 6 months was the safe mild stone to start high impact workout
  • Earlier this year I decided to jump on the fitness wagon and start working out regularly
  • I started with Jillian Michael 6 weeks, 6 packs then Jillian Killer Abs and then Jillian Body Revolution. I immediately fall in love with the idea of working out for 30 minutes a day. I can definitely handle 30 minutes
  • Then I discovered Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T. This is definitely the most fun workout I have ever done and I can really see the result on my tummy
  • Last week I discover Focus T25 also by Shaun T. I really love the idea of workout for 25 minutes and since I am already in Ramadan month, this workout is perfect for me
  • Last week I weigh 60.2kg and this week I weigh 58.7kg and my height is 157cm.
  • My goal is to be in at least 56kg by the end of Ramadan

Given my fitness background, I am not really overweight and I have lots of flabby skin to tighten, here is my review of Focus T25 on the first week.

  • I really have to give my 100% focus from the start or I will loose balance
  • My favorite part is the last 5 minutes of the workout
  • I love that every workout comes with 2 –3 minutes cool down stretch
  • I love running and sprinting but jumping around with squat really hurts my feet
  • I never thought doing Squat is one my favorite thing because I can finally catch by breath
  • Consume a well balance diet and staying hydrate is really really important
  • Wear a proper workout shoes and workout clothes is really important to prevent injury

Here is my routine during Ramadan

  • Sahur (around 5:00am) - I drink 2 liter of Herbalife Shake (4-5 scopes of Formula 1 and 2 scopes of Formula 3). I drink 1 litter of Herbalife Tea Mix. I ate 3 to 4 dates
  • Iftar (around 7:30pm) – I eat regular food, basically 1/4 plate of rice with chicken or fish,  dates and I drink 500 ml of Herbalife Tea Mix
  • Do my maghrib prayer, recite a few verses of Quran and drink another 200 – 300 ml of Herbalife Tea Mix
  • Do Isya’ prayer and Tarawikh prayer and after that recite a few verse of Quran.
  • Nurse my baby and drink another 400ml of Herbalife TeaMix
  • [Note: for the 1.2 litter of bottle water (1 small scope of Herbalife Tea Mix) ]
  • Around 9:45pm or 10:00pm – I do my Focus T25
  • By 10:35pm I’m done with my routine for the day and it’s time to relax, sip my drink again and finished off the remaining water
  • If I feel hunger after that high intensity workout, I take 200 – 300ml of herbalife shake (2 scopes of Formula 1 and 1 scope of Formula 3) [I don’t do this every single night, only when I am really hungry]

So far I am happy with the routine. I feel energetic during the day and I feel good about myself.

Looking forward to Week 2. I did Cardio Alpha for the second time and I still can’t barely made it till the end without switching to the modified version.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photo Prompt #7 // On Your Table

During Ramadan most of us spend a lot of time near a table either at work, at home or when you went out side to buy food. Take a conscious effort to take a photo of you table right now.

Challenge #7: On Your TableDay #7 : on my table

This is me, at work working on my calendar for the week and the rest of the month. I love digital calendar and I also love notebook style calendar. I love to keep a hard copy proof of my calendar. Something I can touch, smell and color.

Check out the whole lists here.
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about.
I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.

a toddler and a photo shoot

Yesterday I shared a few photos from our wedding anniversary photo shoot and today I would like to share a few photos from the same photo shoot with my kids.
As I mention before, taking a toddler to a photo shoot was not easy. Hanif didn’t care about our schedule, all he cared about was eat, play and sleep.
Here are a few things I learned from our previous session:
1. Always make a photo session with a toddler immediately when you arrive. That was time when he was fully rested and full. He was in a good mood and very excited to explore his new world. It was not a good idea to make him wait.
2. Never force a toddler to look at the camera. Hanif would not look at the camera immediately, he usually looked the other way just to test us. Mostly we have to entice him and make the photo shoot more fun for him.
3. When a toddler started to make a fuss and restless, stop immediately and attend to his needs. During that time out, focus on other family member. They can have all the fun while you attend to your toddler needs.
4. Bring lots of familiar toys for him to play with. My local photo studio don’t have many props for toddler to play, so he had limited access to all things he can play with. Having something familiar for him to enjoy while waiting for you, is definitely a brilliant idea
Hope this little tips that I learned (the hard way I might add) will give you an idea of what to expect when you are planning a studio photo shoot with a toddler any time soon.
hanif2 hanif3 hanif4 hanif5 hanif6

Monday, July 15, 2013

#currentlylist // July fifteen

It’s Ramadan and my daily routine change a little bit. I love this holy month so far. I feel more relax when I don’t have to think too much about food.

This is my list for today
: Melissa and Joey latest episode
reading: reciting Surah Al Baqaraah (almost finished with this Surah)
listening: Hunter Hayes
making: a schedule for my workout routine for the next seven days
feeling: energetic
planning: to have a simple and limited amount of food during iftar
loving: beautifulmess iphone apps
weight: 58.7 kg

Come and join the fun
Curious what my lists look like last week?
Check it here

Photo Prompt #6 // You

The first week of Ramadan is almost over. Now is the time to take photo of yourself. It will be interesting to see what you look like after fasting for more than 5 days. Are gaining or loosing weight? Are you more energetic or tired all the time? It’s time to audit yourself, see what work and what doesn’t work.

Challenge #6: You
Day #6 : You

It’s the sixth day of Ramadan. So far I am happy that I am able to stick to my planned routine like drink at least 2 litter of water daily, drink Herbalife shake during sahur, eat small amount during iftar and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. My current weight is 58.7kg. So far I am happy with the progress. I am so looking forward to loosing another 2 kg and I am hoping that Focus T25 by Shaun T will help me achieve my goal. Join me in this beautiful journey to document your Ramadan in photo.

Check out the whole lists here.
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about.
I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.


white studio // seventeen years anniversary edition

It looks like I have been obsessing with white studio photo shoot. We did one, back in 2012 when I was pregnant and too tired to take photos at KLCC like we usually did every first of January. I really enjoy the process because it was in door and we have easy access to a room for changing  clothes. I just wish they have lots of props that I can work with.

This year, I decided to take a photo shoot for our seventeen years wedding anniversary. It wasn’t planned or anything, that’s why we didn’t go out and rent a few wedding dresses for the occasion (maybe next time), it’s just an impromptu decision.

Anyway the theme was sweet and simple. I brought along my kids to be part of the photo shoot, just for the fun of it and also as a support. Having Hanif at the photo shoot was really challenging this time around just because he is mobile now and can’t sit still for a long period of time. By the time we wanted to take a family photo, he was so tired and wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot except sleeping.

love01 love02 love03 love04 love05 love06 love07 love08

(Come to think of it, we haven’t had any professional photo taken since our wedding day)

When we were younger

KLCC All About Me scan0013 me21

I am glad that we have evolve and grow as couple and also as an individual.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Photo Prompt #5// Shape

Shape is all around you. Today assignment is to find them, capture them on camera and share them. Don’t let Ramadan be a reason not to capture your daily life. These little moments make a really cool keepsakes especially ten years from now when you don’t even remember what your Ramadan was like.

I remembered my daughter was born during Ramadan but that was all I remember. Those daily moments during Ramadan, weather I slept at all at night or sleep through, or weather I cried all the time or not or what kind of food I ate or where I was, escaped me.

Challenge #5: Shape
Day #5 // Shape#ramadandaily

This was my attempt to make him walk. He stood for a few seconds on the grass but he was to afraid to move his feet. When I put this car toy in front of him, he immediately walked to the side and sat on it with his feet up. So cute! When I was busy snapping his cute little adventure, suddenly I saw these beautiful formation made using uneven shape of rocks. I never realized it before until today.

Join me in this beautiful journey to document your Ramadan in photo. Check out the whole lists here.
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about. I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.


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