Saturday, June 8, 2013

Today is travelling

Some few photos from my iphone. Life is pretty hectic lately. Having a phone with you to capture life little details.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Finds // June Seven

I am living like a nomad these last few days. Life has been mobile and hectic. I wish I still have time to relax and unwind. I really miss my home, my routine, my scrapbooking and watching my favorite tv shows. The only thing that I don't miss is work. Hemmm...

I feel suffocated thinking and planning about work that I just have to take a breath and look at beautiful things around the net. Here are a few finds that captured my eyes.
#1. Mega Collection Paradise Cove { Full Kit, Overlays And Clustered Frames, Journal Cards, Photomasks, Alpha, Quickpages } By Et Designs

#2. Happy to be by Studio Maya.

#3. Shopaholic Kit by Sugary Fancy

#4. I wish I am organize and commited enough to make money from blogging. Somehow when I think about money, I see work and I see stress. These Top tips of successful blogging really help me to get out from blogging rut.

#5. Love Alphadalphy by Lauren Grier

#6. I am thinking of buying
Artful Intentions: Papillon Place [Art Journaling Kit] By Captivated Visions for June. I am desperately need to scraps!

#7. Berry Berry Blue by Chelle's Creations

#8. Love the creative landscape at Legoland Malaysia. I wish I knew these tips before going to Legoland.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cuptakes wallpaper for iphone and ipad

If you are a girl or a woman who loves girly stuffs, then you are going to love Cuptakes wallpaper apps. I have been using this app since early this year and I am loving it!

Here is why I love this app
* it only cost 0.99 and no in apps purchases
* you got more than 300 beautiful graphics to beautify your home screen and lock screen
* it's a universal apps
* monthly donwload for calendar. That means you get new design and new calendar every month

* you can save the beautiful designs in your camera roll
* and you can make even more beautiful wallpaper with PicFrame

Do you have any wallpaper apps for your phone?
Do you use Cuptakes? Let me know what do you think?

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#currentlylist // June fourth

I did plan to make this every Monday, some how lately my weekend and my Monday was so hectic that I just didn’t have the chance to plan, schedule and blog about my currently.

Suddenly it’s June and we are almost half way through 2013. So far it has been an amazing journey, online and off line.


This is my list for today
watching: Suburgatory. Such a fun TV series. I am so glad I found this show.
reading: CLEO online magazine. Love the amazing colors on my ipad
listening: Yuna new album
making: photo book about my family for 2013
feeling: hopeful
planning: another family trip to Terengganu. it’s a two for one kinda thing – work and family combine
loving: these last week of school holidays. No heavy traffic in the morning

Come and join the fun
Curious what my lists look like last week?
Check it here

Tips before going to Legoland, Malaysia

“Legoland Malaysia is a theme park that has opened in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia on September 15, 2012 with over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. It is the first Legoland theme park in Asia upon its establishment. Wikipedia

Legoland Malaysia

This school holiday we went to Legoland Malaysia and it was an amazing experience. I am not sure if I really enjoy the place just because it was so damn hot! I just wish the weather were a bit cloudy with a lot of wind. I makes me dehydrated a little bit faster and it cause me a mild headache.

Here are a few tips to consider before going

#1. Checkout the promotion online. If possible find the best and the cheapest deal. Paying the full price for the park at this moment isn’t worth the money


#2. It is going to be so hot. So make sure you suit up like wearing sunscreen, wear a hat or even an umbrella

#3. Bring your own bottle of water. You are going to get dehydrate very fast

#4. Make sure you know what ride you are going into cause most of the ride will not let you bring along your baby

#5. If you know someone or going with someone with a season pass, make sure they bring along their pass. Most of the food and outlet give discount to season pass holder


#6. If you are travelling with a senior citizen or small children, renting a wheel chair or a stroller is really great idea. It is going to be a long and hot walk in the park

#7. Do not compare this park with Universal Studio or Disneyland because you will be very disappointed. Just enjoy the ride as is and the creative landscape all around.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Afternoon snack

I am by myself enjoying a cup of tea with potato chips

No punch clock, no watching the time, no meeting, no last minute discussion and no traffic jem.

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June is for..

May ended way too fast and June started with a bang for me! I haven't got a chance to slow down and a take a breath. Wow!

June is for..
* spending more time with the kids during school holidays
* vacation time
* taking time off from work
* work is going to be super busy
* I need to be more organize with my blog schedule
* taking more photos
* smile more and take a deep breath
* celebrate my birthday
* enjoy myself more

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