Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Finds // May twenty four

Happy holiday to all Malaysian and this is also the beginning of two weeks school holiday. I was a bit busy today. I planned to just hang out at home and do nothing. I ended up rearrange furniture in my room. I got bored easily so I decided to rearrange things and makes everything feels new in my room. I can’t wait to buy new bedding at Alamanda.

Anyway, these are few things I find pretty and inspiring today. Hope you enjoy this little eye candy!

#1. One Moment by Rosey Posey

One Moment {Kit}

#2. Fast and Furious 6. Love it but not as much as I love Star Trek Into the Darkness


#3. You are strong by Captivated Vision

You are Strong [Art Journaling Kit]

#4. Chalk Art Anthology: Charmed Life By Rebecca Mcmeen

Chalk Art Anthology: Charmed Life

#5. Mish Mash: Blend Me Stash 02 [Blending Masks] By Captivated Visions

Mish Mash: Blend Me Stash 02 [Blending Masks]

#6. This what you mean to me by Lauren Grier

This is what you mean to me by Lauren Grier

#7. Unplugged by Bella Gypsy

#8. A slice of good life by juliana kneipp

A slice of the good life by Juliana Kneipp


These little finds really helps to lift up my mood for today. Happy Friday and I am so looking forward to a great and creative weekend!

Do you have any little things that you do to help lift your spirit during a stressful time?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am feeling a little bit blue lately. I decided to wear red today and somehow this bold color lifted my spirit effortlessly.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautifulmess // App review

When it comes to camera apps or photo editing apps I am such a fan. Over the years I've collected a lot of camera and photo editing apps from the Apple store.
So when Elsie announced that they are releasing a photo editing apps for iphone, ipad and ipod touch, I was so excited. I know that anything they came up with is going to be one of a kind and fun.
I got mine the day it was release without hesitation.

My thoughts on this app
• I really like the icon. It's super cute and pink!
• the app comes with a few build in filters
• the unique thing about this app is, it has doodle function, draw by Elsie and Emma
• after you have finished editing your photo, you can share it via Instagram, facebook, twitter or email
• I really like the doodles especially all the cute arrows
• the app is addictive. I just can't stop playing with it

#ABeautifulMess #Tuesday #morning #happy

What I like to see in the next update?
•  the ability to take photo right from the app
•  add my own fonts like Phonto
•  more free filters
•  more fun free background
•  more free doodles

Have you played with Beautifulmess app
Do you like them?
Do you see yourself using it over and over again?

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Monday, May 20, 2013

#currentlylist // May twenty

It’s Monday and I am looking at a three days of working at the office this week. I am totally in a stay at home mode. Doesn’t feel like going to work this morning. Picking myself up from disappointment isn’t easy no matter how often you go through it.

This week list is going to reflect that. My life isn’t always sunshine even though I work hard to appear that way. If you believe you are happy than you are right?


“8 Questions. 52 Weeks. Embracing Right Now. The Currently Journaling Challenge takes one minute out of your week to document your story right now.”
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May twenty

This is my list for today
watching: Good Day to Die Hard
reading: CLEO e-magazine May Edition on my ipad
listening: true love song by Pink over and over again
making: a lists of things to do during this long weekend
feeling: disappointed and sad
planning: to decrease my food intake by 20%. Drink water or herbalife shake when I am hungry every two hours
loving: my computer time and my high speed internet connection

Come and join the fun
Curious what my lists look like last week?
Check it here

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