Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Little Word: 2013


Last year I was feeling a little bit unbalance. My life chaos and I felt so unhappy about a lot of things. So I dedicated my 2012 with finding balance, finding my center. So I choose Balance as my one little word for that year.

This year I am determine to learn more. I found out that the more I educate myself about certain things, the more confident I am. I really need to stop focusing on the bad things and start focusing more about the lesson learned.

One thing I realized was, I missed school. I missed learning something new. I missed having an assignments. I missed to quest of discovering something new. I missed taking notes. I missed books. So I am going to dedicate this year about learning. I want to set a good example to my kids that you never really stop learning even though you are not in school.

I want to learn :

  • the art of getting things done
  • how to manage projects more effectively and make it fun
  • at least three new tools or apps that can help me manage my life better
  • to love Allah more than anything else
  • to make better to do lists
  • more on Adobe Photoshop CS skills especially when it comes to brushes and extraction
  • the art of thinking creatively
  • the art of saying no without really saying it
  • to manage my emotion and action in a crisis
  • how to continue breastfeeding my baby after going back to work up until 2 years

I discovered that I learn better visually, that means either I have to read something and make notes or I see something in Youtube. It’s amazing how much you can learn from Youtube channels.

I am thinking about joining Ali’s One Little Word workshop but I still feel that $36 is a bit pricy for me ( when I convert to my currency it will be about RM136.80).

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