Thursday, December 20, 2012

loving this new updates from Diptic

I have been a fan of Diptic since last July. It's allow me to make a colllage of my favorite photos. This is a free apps and it has many decent frames that you can choose from. I think they also have this apps in android. And this app is also available for ipad and iphone.

Since I update the latest version yesterday, I decided to play around with it tonight.

* i took all of the photos here using the camera from the new ipad. This camera is definitely as good as iphone 4 S.

Give this app a try and let me know what you think. Enjoy and have fun with the.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I’ll be home in December


This new kit from Pixelily Designs is full with many beautiful elements and papers that celebrate family and all things related to December. The bundle kit also include beautiful stack papers, borders and word arts.

I love it and I ended up making two layouts with this kit. I hope this will inspire you.

dearHanif-web For this layout I used stack papers familytime-web

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today is (unpredictable)

TODAY IS (unpredictable)

# a rollercoaster ride at work from morning till the end
# meetings back to back from the morning untill late evening
# doing things that isn't our core business is really exhausting.
# I just don't understand why do we have to do everything. We know a lot of things but we are not expert in anything.
# we have become an unfocus society
# work has become greater than life
# office hour is just a myth
# since most of the things have ICT element in it, every single thing and every singel job comes back to ICT
# tool is not going to solve your problem
# ICT and technology is suppose to make your life easier but in the end people demand more because they don't know what to do with their free time and they just don't have a life

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Monday, December 17, 2012

What’s on my iphone?

I have been seeing this type of video going viral on youtube. It is very interesting watching what people have in their iphone.
So I decided to jump in and make a blog post “what’s in my iphone”. Other than giving ideas of some of the cool apps out there, this will also be an interesting thing to see what will be in my iphone one year from now.
At this moment I keep about four pages of screen. I really try to get most of my apps organize in a folder. Unfortunately there’s a limit to how many apps you can put in a folder.
Whats on my iphoneWhats on my iphone
On Page One:
I have Messages, Calendar, Photos, Utilities Folder [Clock, Compass, Voice Memos, Maps, Stocks, Weather, Ringtones, myLite, Boost Magic, Ringtones, Passbook, Google Malaysia Maps], Social Folder [tumblr, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hootsuite, StumbleUpon, Pintrest, Google+, Line], App Store, Settings, Photography Folders (I have two of them), Entertainment Folder [CineApps, GSC Cinema, IMdb, TopMusic, Videos, Azul Player, CamDream, Youtube], BlogPress, 2Do, myQuran, Online Storage Folder [Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, 4shared, Photobucket, SkyDrive, SugarSync,GDrive, iZip], Evernote related [Hello, Instant Ever, Simple Ever, Flava], Productivity Folder [Awesome Note, Notes, Awesome Calendar, Reminders, Remember the Milk].
I am so obsess with photography with my iphones that I have way too many apps for them. I’ve collected these apps through out the years.
These are the list of photography apps I have on my first page:
  • Snapbucket
  • Flickr
  • PhotoFunia
  • Camera
  • PS Express
  • pictureshow
  • RetroCamera
  • Camera+
  • Ttv Camera
  • DoodleCam
  • Hipstamatic
  • Instagram
  • IncrediBooth
  • KingCamera
  • Lo-Mob
  • CameraSharp
  • PhotoForge2
  • Everyday
  • Effects
  • Photosync
  • CameraFlash
  • ProCamera
On Page Two:
On page two I have Baby Connect, FlashLight, Calculator Folder [ Discount Lite, Calculator, Calc Pro, Metric Convertor], Newsstand, Lifestyle Folder [Emoji, Compas HD, PimpMyText, Athan, Cuptakes, Emoicon, Flashlight], Get things done folder [ Tomorrow, Mom Planner, Sticky Notes, Get it Done, Mobile Noter, OneNote, abcNotes, Wunderlist, NoteMaster Lite], Islamic folder [Yasin, iPray, Islamic Calendar, Ramadan Time, 99NamesofAllah, Islamic Baby Names, QuranMajeed, Qibla, Athan, Doa Harian], Photography folder [Ttv Basic, BleachBypass, Noir, Multilens, CameraFx, OldPhotoPro, ArtCamera, Luminance, CameraBag, Line Camera], Photo Editor Folder [ Lab, PE-Folder, Snapseed, Grundgetastic, Lens+, Pixlromatic+, iPhoto, PhotoStudio, Bokehful, Vintique, TtV PS], For Baby Folder [Baby Symbol, Baby Shusher, Baby Colors, MyBaby&Me, WhiteNoise, Shapes& Colors, MyBaby], Picture Frame Folder [Diptic, Insta Frame, Photoshaker, Instapicture Frame] Pocket, FileApp Pro, Font In Photos folder, Halftone and DaysUntil.
Whats on my iphoneWhats on my iphone
On Page Three
JotNotScanner, Scanner Folder [CamScanner, Genius Scanner, Bakodo, Scan, QRReader, Scanner Pro], Alarm Clock Folder [Alarm Clock, Alarmed, Best Alarm], Books Folder [iBooks, Kobo, CatinTheHat, Kindle, Ikea Catalogue, Dark Horse, Goodreads, Blogging, Merriam Webster Dictionary], Contacts, Chatting Folder [kkTalk, eBuddy, FBMessanger, YM, Voxer], Games 1 Folder [Kids Dua, Brain games bunddle, Kids Pack 1, Talking Tom 2, DTPets, Peekaboo, Pick up Stick], Sharing Folder [Photoshare, bump, GLive Sync, iDownload, Wifi Photo, JustCloud], Blog Editor Folder [Blogger, Blogger +], bitly, Reader Folder [QuickOffice Lie, PDF Reander Lite, DocsAnywhere, Mobile RSS, NuffnangX], Travel Folder [MHdeals, MHMobile], Music Folder [Shazam, TopSongs,Music, iTunes], Baby Games Folder [Infant Visual Stimuation, Doman Mathetmatics, Baby Don’t Count, Animals Sound], Games 2 Folder [iJewels, Bubble Free, Pocket Ipon, Tic Tac Toe, Bubble Bust, Angry Bird Rio, Kungfu Food, Bubble, Fireball, BattleBlatz, GameCenter, Wordsearch]
On Page Four
Waze, Sketches Flolder [My Sketch, SketchBookX], Web Browser Folder [ Atomic Lite, Anne Geddes, Amazon, Chrome, G-Whiz, Etsy, TheDailyDigi], White Noise Folder [Sleep Pillow, Ambiance, WhiteNoise], Radio Folder [IKIMfm, Fly FM,], Malay Content Folder [ MyDistress, TVGuide, Ya-Seen, Maybank2u, astro on the go, Zikir harian], Pregnancy Folder [Muslim Name, M. Cycles, Day by Day, Pregnancy, BabyBump, iPr Free, What to expect baby], Maxis Folder [Speed Test, Maxis Rewards, Maxis Movies, MyMaxis]
My four important apps:
Phone, Evernote, Safari and Mail
I have way too many apps. Some I use daily and some I only used once. I think it’s about time I took stock of my apps inventory and some cleaning up.
I will share my most use apps in my next posts.
Do you have any favorite iphone apps?
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