Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hanif 6 months update

Six months already! WOW! It felt like it was yesterday I gave birth to this baby boy. Life has been great so far..

Some random things about him so far
* he is already teething but no tooth yet
* he started his first food today. He seems to like it very much
* he has been an expert with rolling all over the place by now
* he still refuse to move forward (creeping)
* he loves playing with fabric especially his blanket
* he is the process of weaning off his swaddle. Some nights he sleeps perfectly well without his swaddle and some nights he can't sleep without it
* he is taking his milk with a syringe

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Loving this moment

It's 'balik kampung' time, it's family time. I am glad that today I am taking a break from driving. Now I have a chance to relax and enjoy the ride

"Wishing all Muslim, Happy Eid Adha". It's all about family, love, devotion and sacrifice..

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WW: so so true

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

13 lessons

I did this lessons thing back in 2011 for my eldest son, so today I decided to make a lists of lessons I want for my second son to learn. It’s his birthday and he is thirteen.
Dear Hazwan,
You are 13 years old today. I am so proud of you. You’ve become the boy or the man that I wish you could be and more. I just can’t believe that thirteen years ago today, I was in a labour room waiting for you to be born.
These are the thirteen lessons I wish and hope you will learn and understand.
  1. Allah is your saviour. Never forget HIM. Remember Allah always in everything that you do
  2. Pray 5 times a day on time and with passion. Do it for Allah and not for me
  3. Recite Quran daily even though you don’t understand the meaning. It’s good for your soul
  4. Be the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. Don’t give in to peer pressure.
  5. Choose your friends wisely. Good friends will not let you do things that will hurt you
  6. Always tell the truth. It's easier and it's good for your health
  7. Love and respect your mother.
  8. Knowledge is the most powerful thing. Don't stop learning just because it's a school holiday.
  9. Apologize . Don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry”
  10. Drink milk.You are never too old for milk
  11. Be a great student of school and student of life
  12. Do things that you love with passion and knowledge. If you are good at it you don’t have to work for the rest of your lives and you might get pay for it
  13. I am always here for you. Don't be afraid to tell me anything, even though you might think I do not understand. I am happy to learn about your day
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy thirteen birthday. I love you from the moment I felt you inside of me till the end of time. I only wish the best for you.
These were taken with my first digital camera Sony Cybershot.(at that time, point and shoot camera cost $3000 plus)
This was taken with my Canon SLR camera EOS 300v with ISO 100 fuji film
This was taken using Canon DSLR EOS 400D. Those were the days when Canon came up with affordable digital SLR camera for consumer. The quality is still amazing.
Taken with Canon DSLR EOS 50D.

This is now, thirteen years later, my baby boy is no longer a baby. He is a teenager growing up in a world where internet is the necessity not a luxury, facebook is now become your identity and twitter becomes your text message and iphone (or smartphone) has become not only a phone but your whole life and cyber bully is so scary like giving a gun to your child.
I hope in spite of all the chaos, you will still remember the basic and why we are here. 
Notes: I can believe that 11 years ago today this happened--- The iPod line was announced by Apple on October 23, 2001.  The little gadget that really changed the world!

Monday, October 22, 2012

taking a break, will be back soon

#Phonto life is so much better

I am definitely in a back to work mode. So many things to take care off before the big day. I will be back soon with many stories to share, including must have apps for your iphone and ipad.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

one fine day

I always feel so much better after making a few scrapbook layouts. It really can calm my nerves and took my mind off work. I love my life at the moment and I hate to change my routine especially if I am happy just by looking and cuddling my baby.

favorite-webexpectation-web7 random things-web

I know I should make some changes in my life if I am this unhappy with my work. The truth is I love my job but I hate the current management. I held on this long just because this is all I know, this life. Maybe one day I will have the courage to do something about it. Until that time comes all I have is scrapbook and positive thinking.

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