Saturday, October 6, 2012

Right now…


Right now… I am feeling a little bit tired. All I can think about is taking a nap

Right now… I want to continue making Project Life for Hanif but I just don’t have the motivation

Right now… I have all of the ideas for my blog, all jumble up in my mind. I need to find the time to write them down and plan

Right now… I am a little bit nervous because next week is PMR. A big exam that my son has to take

Right now.. Hanif is crying, probably he is tired and want me to hold him

Right now..I am motivating myself to do Cardio 1 of Jillian Body Revolution DVD

Right now.. I can here the air-condition sound in my bedroom working to cool me down

Right now.. I am transferring my photos from my camera to my computer

Right now… I am drinking Herba life tea

Right now… the sun is shining so bright and it making my room a little bit warm even though I have my air-condition on

Right now.. I am making a mental lists why I should not loose my temper

Right now… I am praying and hoping that life would be better

Friday, October 5, 2012

4 simple goals: October update

I am really glad that I decided to play along with Elsie’s 4 simple goals before 2013 challenge. I am happy to report that I’ve made one photo book of my digital scrapbooks for 2012.
I am excited that I made the time to print out my digital scrapbook. So far I printed half of the layouts I made this year. I will probably print out the rest by the end of the year.
I used Photo Book Designer to design the book and upload it to Photobook Malaysia.
Price: RM 190.00 [including shipping] (It’s a discounted price) Normal price: RM360 for 11”x11” Hardcover Image Wrap photo book.
And I am also taking daily photos of my baby daily.
In the process of weaning him of swaddle 
I took this photo early this morning before he wakes up. I am in the process of weaning him off his swaddle.
I am still finding the will and the motivation to start organizing my store. I am hoping to at least start sorting through boxes and stuffs in there.
Do you participate in 4 Simple Goals before 2013?
How are you doing so far?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 things I did with my #30lists layouts

Did any of you join the 30 days of lists challenge? If you did, what do you do with the lists?
Some of you might write them down in a notebook, some make an art journal , some make a scrapbook page and some just write them on their blogs. There’s no wrong way of doing this project. This is what made the project so much fun and challenging at the same time. It can be what ever you want.
As for me, when I started out doing this project I have no idea if I want to make the lists digitally or hybrid. So in the end I decided to make both (digital and hybrid). So today, I would love to share with you what I did with my 30 days of lists project.
Here are the three things I did with my 30 days of lists layouts.
#1. Make an Art Journal
This is the conventionally way of doing a hybrid project. I made all of my lists using Adobe Photoshop. I used an A4 Size canvas for all my lists. I printed the lists on a photo paper at 84.5%, so that it will fit perfectly into my B5 size notebook. I cut them out and paste them in the notebook.
#2. Make a pdf file
I would also love to have a digital copy in a form of a file which I can browse as a single file. I want to enjoy this on my computer and also my mobile device. So making a pdf file of all the images is the best option.
First I arranged all the files in Microsoft PowerPoint in a portrait mode. Then I saved the file by choosing pdf type option and tick minimal for viewing on the web. Now my file is ready to be view by any application that support pdf.
#3. Make an ebook
I used a lot of ipad daily. I was looking for ways that I can enjoy my 30 days of lists as an ebook. I found ePub Maker and downloaded a trial version to create my own ebook. The apps is  easier to use but I can’t preview the book until I open it in ibook.
artjournal-ebook-30daysoflists1 For now, I am happy with the results. It do what it’s suppose to do and I have them on by ibook bookshelf.
Note: You also can open the pdf file that you created in ibook but the look and feel is just not the same. Just saying… hehehe…
I hope you are inspire to do more with your masterpiece. Right now I am thinking of printing some of the lists and frame them.

A day in a life.... morning edition

It has been an amazing ride for me these last 5 months. At first I wasn't so sure if I can last this long without going to work. Well, taking care of a baby is a lot of joy and a lot of work too. I am really glad I take a longer maternity leave to take care of my baby. The baby grows really fast in the first twelves months and I just don't want to miss a thing.
One of the activity I enjoy doing early in the morning is giving my baby a bath and get him ready. It's priceless.
Baru lepas mandi
This is him playing after his morning bath. I just love watching him enjoying his life and his environment.
Still in a good mood walaupun dikejut bangun
After a few seconds, he is already on his stomach, cooing and smiling.
A few seconds after that, he is already on his stomach
After a lot of Power struggle at the end, I decided to stop giving him bottle. I introduce spoon to him. So from now on when I am not around, it's milk with spoon feeding
And after a few minutes, he is already outside the boundary of his matteres.
A few minutes after that he is already out of boundry... Hehehe

When I was a younger mother I was so eager to be a great mother that I ended up with a lot of things to do on my plate. I was so stress out andbeat up at the end of the day. And I was always feel guilty when I have to work.
This time around I am taking things a little bit slow and only do things that I can handle. The most important rule I have to remember is you do the best that you can with what you have.

This time around I am going to...
* play with you more
* reading aloud to you everyday
* taking the time to introduce you to food, not rushing you to take food
* be more alert with what you are trying to tell me
* respect you more. So no more forcing you to drink milk from a bottle. There are other ways to get milk into a baby. Alhamdulillah you agree to consume milk with spoon feeding

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What do I think? Looper

I haven't been to a cinema in a really long time. So yesterday I decided to watch Looper on a big screen by myself. I don't know what to expect when I sat in front of the screen. All I know was Bruce Willis is in the movie.

"Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been"-- Joe
What do I think?
# I really love this movie even though it was a bit long for my taste
# I just can't believe that I was watching Joseph Gordon Levitt. He looks so different
# I do love time traveler movies. This one is a little bit different and it brings something new to think about
# Kill or be kill is the theme of this movie
# I just don't get the telekinesis thing they introduce on the movie. Some of them get it and some of them don't
# Overall, I highly recommend this movie
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My Watchlists 2012 movies part 2

It’s October already and I have missed a lot of movies on a big screen. Right now I am catching up on movies that was on my watchlist part 1 on DVD. Even though I hate missing out on movies when they were still in the cinema, I am still grateful that I got to watch them on DVD or BluRay Rip.
So here are my next watchlists part 2 in no particular order
#1. Looper
#2. The Millionaire Tour
#3. Playing for Keeps
#4. Lovelace
#5. Alex Cross
#6. The Paperboy
#7. Lockout
#8. Skyfall 007
#9. Silver Linings Playbook
#10. Step up 4 Revolution
#11. The Last Stand
#12. Rock of Ages
#13.  Taken 2
Do you love movies?
Have you seen any of these movies?
Which one do you recommend I watch first?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

revisiting Smallville

I’ve spend most of my September watching the entire seasons of Smallville (Season 1 – Season 10). I owned 8 box sets of Smallville DVD and I downloaded season 9 and season 10. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the DVD because I can’t play most episodes in those DVDs. It was so frustrating!
I am not a fan of comic books but I am definitely a fan of Superman- the TV show version.
I really like the first three seasons of Smallville where every episodes they introduce new Kryptonite infected people with powers. That was so interesting to watch. The love story between Chole, Clark and Lana was not so much to watch. I just felt sorry for Chole because it wasn’t easy  being the third person in that triangle.
I like season four the best because they introduce Lois Lane and Lana as a witch. By season eight, nine and ten when they relocate Lois and Clark to Metropolis, I feel like there’s no Smallville anymore but I still like them. Lois and Clark still make it a worthwhile show to watch.
I would really love to watch Smallville season 11, just to see how that world would react when there’s Superman and Lex Luthor is the president. If only they would consider making a movie.
Things I learned from watching Smallville
  • revenge and hate are not good for you. Those negative feelings will consume you and take over your life like it did Lex and Lana
  • people keep secrets for a reason, so there’s no point forcing them to reveal it to you
  • knowledge is really powerful weapon
  • all the moments in life and the people we meet one way or another really shape who we are
  • being a hero is not about having power but having courage and a big heart like Jimmy

Tips for PMR candidates and their parents

I saw this tips  on my wall this morning and I thought it’s good tips to share with everybody. My eldest son is one of the PMR candidates this year and I am really  hoping that he will do well in this exams.

“As salamu'alaikum semua. Ramai ibubapa (IB) yg minta tip nak bantu anak hadapi PMR &SPM. Antara perkara yg IB boleh buat:

1. Segerakan solat, solat taubat, hajat & byk berdoa,

2.Ingatkan anak jaga ibadah,

3.Pesan anak solat taubat, hajat, istighfar & istikharah utk mudah ingat & dpt jawab soalan,

4.Pesan anak maafkan & doakan guru & kwn2,

5.Pastikan rezki yg di bawa balik HALAL,

6.Bentuk suasana RumahTangga yg harmoni agar anak selesa belajar,

7.Suruh anak belajar dgn tekun & nyatakan IB redha dgn result yg akan di dpti. Ini kurangkan stres anak.

8.Amalkan sunnah harian: Segerakan solat, tidur mengiring ke kanan utk tingkatkan IQ, bangun tidur senyum & terus berdoa, elak kencing berdiri utk kuat ingatan & pandai, makan buah dulu sblm sarapan, mkn thari & mlm, masuk rumah & kelas dgn Bismillah, beri salam & kaki kanan dulu

9. Amalkan sunnah belajar: Doa penerang hati termasuk al Insyirah & mula belajar dgn senyum,duduk di kerusi menghadap ke Qiblat (jgn belajar duduk di lantai atau atas katil!), bubuh pewangi dlm bilik belajar, warna yg sesuai utk bilik belajar - hijau & kuning (atau warna lembut yg lain), bubuh pokok kecil atas meja utk supply oksigen

10.Pastikan anak sarapan pagi, sebab 80% pelajar tak suka sarapan, macam mana nak score dlm exam

11. Buat atau cari air penerang hati

12. Ibubapa cuti, puasa, solat hajat, baca Quran & doa semasa anak ambil exam

13. Tawakkal kpd Allah. Moga berjaya, wassalam.”
(source: Dato' Dr. Haji Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah Facebook fanpage)

My wish for you….


  • be the best that you can be
  • salah every time without fail
  • love Allah always
  • know what you want and have the courage to pursue it
  • be a gentle brother and son
  • remember that I will always love you

Monday, October 1, 2012

#30lists // Week four recap and some inspiration

I can’t believe that my 30 days of lists challenge is finish. So there’s no more lists for October. I really have so much fun playing with the lists and making art journal with it. I am definitely will be joining this fun challenge in the future. I wish they hosts this challenge three times a year instead of two. I just can’t get enough of it.
What did I do with all my lists? I decided that I want a digital copy of it and also a hard copy of the lists. So I made an ibook so I can open it from my ipad as an ebook and I print them out on A4 paper (reduce printing size to 84.5%) so I can paste them in my B5 notebook. I will share this in another post.
join 30 days of lists
These are the lists for week  four and I really have fun making them.
22. Favorite photos of myself
23. Current favorites
24. Yesterday was
25. Places I’ve lived
26. Trend I cannot stand
27. Bravest things I ever done
28. Little joys in my life
29. What I finished this week
30. Lists to make
And here are a few inspiration from listers
by kaylanaut30 Days of Lists - Day 30
by Michelle Lamey
30 Days of lists Septrmber 30 2012 by melzie2121
9.27.12 I'm not a very brave gal but I had a few. #30lists #30daysoflists by Rikkiscraps
Little joys by AngieBailey13
#30Lists List 26: Trends I Cannot Stand There are many more inspiring lists from all the listers at 30 days of lists flickr group. I am still going through all the lists and loving every style.
In case you’ve missed these are the lists from week one , week two and week three.

day 268–day 274 // time flies fast

I know I say this every month but I do think time flies faster than I would have like. Once in a while I would really like to freeze time and just enjoy the moment. I guess photography is one of the way where I could freeze time and enjoy the moment.

Here are a few snapshots of my life the last 7 days

day 268 – every time I see both of them together I felt so bless that I have an eldest son who is responsible enough to take care of his little brother  and my youngest son who loves people and mostly happy.


day 269 – the PMR candidate, having a late lunch with a new hairdoo


day 270 – behind the scene of Hanif 5 months. Now that he is an expert at rolling over, it’s very hard to get him laying on his back, looking at me and smile.


day 271 – Oh my darling


day 272 – His fifth month vaccine and immunisation.


day 273 – my digital scrapbook volume 01 photo book


day 274 – I almost forgot to take his daily photos for Project Life Hanif’s version. Luckily I caught him on his stomach, playing with his ball. I just can’t resist that adorable face.




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