Saturday, September 8, 2012

#30lists // 08. Out my front door

Happy Saturday everyone! I really love the lists prompt so far. These lists really help me think and increase my awareness regarding things around me and in my thoughts at this moment in time.
Todays prompt:
Out my front door
  • my car
  • my shoes collection
  • old bicycle
  • new bicycle
  • old newspapers waiting to be recycle
  • old welcome mat
If you're interested in joining, check out 30 Days of Lists! Here are what other listers are doing. So inspiring!
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#30lists // week one recap and some inspiration from Listers

I have join 30 days of lists challenge earlier this month. I love list and to be at the present of all the lists junkie out there is amazing and inspiring. I really love to see how other people interprets the same list and how creative they are with them.
join 30 days of lists
These are the lists for week one and I really have fun making them.
01. I am a lister because….
02. Goals for this month…
03. My friend would describe me as
04. When I need a time out
05. Reasons to start…………….[scrapbooking]
06. Reasons to quit …………..[procrastination]
07. Midnight snacks
Here are a few lists that inspired me for week one:
by kaylanut
30 Days of Lists - Day 4
by gleestormont list 5
by Rikkiscraps Reasons to quit...
by melzie2121
9.5.12 Reasons to start.. #30lists #30daysoflists #project365 #photoaday
by Kate Canon
30 Days of List
There are so many beautiful lists share at flickr group, be sure to join in the fun and visit 30 Days of Lists Flickr group for more inspiration! Somehow I have a feeling that my September is going to move beyond fast because I am having way too much fun with this lists!
Did I mention I love lists? I basically think in a bullet point format these couple of days. I have a new camera to play with these last few days and these are five reasons why:
  • it takes amazing photos even though I am not a professional photographer
  • I feel so much happier when I can capture beautiful photos of my baby
  • it’s a canon – delighting you always
  • so much lighter than my previous camera
  • it is so much fun to try the Vari-angle LCD screen

Join 30 Days of<br />Lists
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Friday, September 7, 2012

#30lists // 07. Midnight Snacks


I don’t do midnight snack because I am usually asleep around 11 o’clock but if I do midnight snack, these would definitely be in my lists

Today's prompt is

Midnight Snacks


  • potato chip
  • nan yin peanuts
  • tuna sandwiches
  • chicken nuggets
  • Kit Kat chocolate nugget

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Lovely Friday

When I saw my baby playing with this fingers, I have the urge to capture the details of him at this age. He looks too cute to just let it be. I am thinking of having a professional photo shoot of him at this age but somehow I have been postponing  the intention since May.

I think for now, this will do, just me, my camera, natural light and  my baby. 

 fridayshare01 fridayshare02 fridayshare03

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

10 things to get content into Evernote

Have you ever discover a great tools that really changed your life? Well I have. Last year I discovered Evernote and I have been using it ever since with my computer, iphone and ipad for notetaking and brainstorming. Evernote sync perfectly between these three devices that I can access to my notes anywhere, anytime.


I really love Evernote and it’s flexibility. With the growing popularity of this product, there are a few ways that help you get content into Evernote:

  1. Type It. You can create a note and start typing directly into Evernote. The basic text editing is pretty neat. I used this when I am brainstorming ideas and in a meeting. You don’t need an internet connection to use this feature.
  2. Email it. You can forward or send email directly to your   unique Evernote address, and it will show up in your default notebook exactly like your email format when you print. I usually used this when I want to keep a copy of my online invoices in my Evernote so I don’t lost it in all my other emails content.
  3. Scan it. With Scanner application for iphone and ipad, I can easily scan my hardcopy content and send it directly to Evernote. There are also scanner that support Evernote which you can scan document directly into Evernote but I did do this option because I don’t scan a lot of documents.
  4. Pocket it. When I stumble upon an interesting blog post or web page, that I want to read later I just  Pocket it (ipad or iphone version). If I decided that I want to keep the articles, I just send them to Evernote from Pocket it Apps.
  5. Paste it. You can also select some text or images from your browser , copy and paste them directly into your notes in Evernote. I usually use this method when I want to keep my digital scrapbook inspiration in one notebook.
  6. Clip it. You can install Evernote clipping add on to your browser, so that  you can directly  clip any content from that webpage or blog  into your Evernote.
  7. Send to. You right click on your files and choose send to Evernote directly from your computer. To use this you have to install the Evernote for desktop version.
  8. Record it. With create New Audio File in Evernote, you can record your notes directly and save them in Evernote. This is cool but I haven’t try it.
  9. Photograph it. You can capture photos directly into Evernote especially with your mobile devices. It’s really help to capture photos of your wish lists or things your home project before you purchased them.
  10. Open It. Most of my ipad and iphone apps support open it to Evernote. This is very useful when I have a pdf files I want to keep, I just choose open it and find Evernote. The files will automatically saved in Evernote and it will sync seamlessly between my three devices.

Do you use Evernote? How do you use them?
Does it help to improves your life?

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Thursday Favorite Things

#30lisits // 06. reasons to stop….

My interpretation of today’s prompt is to find a reason to quit your bad habit. I have been struggling with procrastination in a really long time because I usually have trouble doing things that doesn’t interest me.

Today's prompt is
reasons to quit… Procrastination
the reasons to stop procrastination:
  • time’s is precious, when it’s gone, it’s gone
  • set a schedule and stick to it
  • break bigger tasks into smaller and manageable task
  • make a lists
  • reward yourself when you accomplish the tasks

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WW // lazy days

wordlesswednesday lazy wednesday 1
lazy wednesday 2
he loves sucking his fingers lazy wednesday 3 rewatchingsmallville Re-watching Smallville with my baby
suddenlyasleep suddenly I found him sleeping, so cute!
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#30lists // 05. reasons to start ……..

I am really struggle with todays lists. To pick just one is really tough. At the end I decided to choose scrapbooking. I haven’t scrapbook in a while and I really need a motivation to start doing it again. So this list is a reminder for me to start again.
Reasons to start scrapbooking:
  • documenting your life cause no one else will
  • life is about the everyday
  • showcase your beautiful photos
  • remembering your life through your eyes
  • visually express yourself
  • therapeutic

Do you make a list? Are you joining in on 30 Days of Lists?
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#30lists // 04. When I need a ‘time out’…

Life can be a constant battle to between doing what's important and what's urgent. So taking some time to unwind is really important. So this is usually what I do when I need a break..
Today's Prompt:
When I need a time out

Sometimes I really need to take a break from daily life
  • I recite Quran
  • I treat myself to a facial and a massage
  • I watch movie at a cinema by myself
  • I cried without reason
  • I do window shopping
  • I drive to my parents house
  • I listen to an upbeat music and dance
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Project life week sixteen and seventeen

project life

After a two full busy week, my life is finally back to normal. I am able to do Hanif Journal // Project Life way for week sixteen and week seventeen. So many beautiful things happen in Hanif’s world. He reach his four months of age and he has a lot on his plate. Rolling over, smiling, cooing, sucking his fingers and more alert during the day.

Week 16
Date: August 17 – August 23week16-1 ----- ------ -------week16-2 ----- ------- ------ -----

Week 17
Date: August 24 – August 30week17-1 ----- ------  --------  --------week17-2

Monday, September 3, 2012

day 240–246 // back to normal

Finally life is back to normal. I just can’t believe that it’s already September. Suddenly I felt like life is moving at a lightning speed.


day 240 – finally Hanif is getting better at rolling over and he can lift up his head up to 90 degree


day 241 – doing my hair treatment


day 242 – my baby with his lovey


day 243 – enjoying the morning sunlight at the park


day 244 – enjoying his mobile


day 245 – trying to take a photo of his eyelashes


day 246 – visiting my old friend – Baiyah and her two sons [all grown up]



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#30lists // 03. My friends would describe me as ….

Today's prompt:
My Friends would describe me as …
  • loyal
  • trustworthy
  • quiet
  • strong
  • kind
  • creative

Do you make a list? Are you joining in on 30 Days of Lists? If you do leave your link in the comment. I would love to read your lists
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