Saturday, August 18, 2012

day twenty nine of Ramadan // All about Me 2

Alhamdulillah, I've managed to achieve my goals which is to eat less this Ramadan. With that I've managed to loose almost 5kg and I can fit into my pre-pregnancy dress.

I am also glad that I have managed to capture daily Ramandan photos. These will be a constant reminder for me what I can do when I've set the intention, plan and set achievable goals.

Ya Allah, may I will be around to see another Ramadan, always in your blessing and may Allah show me the way to Jannah. Amin

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Project Life Week Fifteen

project life
This week I am keeping it simple, more photos and less embellishments. My main objective for this week is to get all the photos into the template for week fifteen and not worry too much about the design.
Tomorrow, Muslims all over the world will celebrate Eid Fitri and life is going to be a little bit hectic until next week.
----------------------- week15-2
How is your project life progress?Do you still doing project life?

10 things I learned this Ramadan

Saying good bye to Ramadan isn’t easy. It feels like yesterday I was making my Ramadan Goals and now I am saying good bye to Ramadan. This year Ramadan is a little bit different for me. One is because I have a new baby in the house and another one I am a stay at home mom for now.

As always Ramadan is the month of teaching. Learn as much as you can during this month. Insya Allah, the things that you have learned will stick with you for the rest of the year.


Ten things I have learned during this Ramadan

#1) You realize that you have been eating more than you should.
During Ramadan, you only have night time to eat and you usually don’t eat that much at night. I just realize that eating a small quantity of food during iftar gives you more energy during the day. I guess you body is finally get to rest during the day by not processing too much food

#2) You have been given the gift of time.
I just realize that by not eating during the day, I have an extra of two hours to do other things. Waking up an extra one hour early also help tp contribute to the extra time.

#3) You are as strong as you think you are
I can breastfeed my baby and fasting at the same time just because I think I can do it. I believe I will have enough and I pray that I will have enough milk for my baby.

#4) You learned patient
I think when you don’t have energy to fight, patient becomes instinctual. It does take a lot of energy to stay negative

#5) You are more closer to Allah than before
If you really do your ibadah during this month, you realize that Ramadan is the gift from Allah. There are so many good things, ibadah and act of worshipping Allah that when you do it in this month you will be rewarded multiple times compare to other months.

#6) Salah Taraweekh is not only good for your soul, it is also good for you body. Believe me you will get fit by doing this salah alone. Try contracting your abs during all 8th or 20th rakaʿah of the salah. 

#7) Reciting Quran through out the day really helps to keep your mind occupied and focus that this month is about Allah and be good to others

#8) You learned to be grateful for what you have
This month is just a reminded that there are people in this world that go days without food. Hunger has  become their reality. So we should be thankful  that we only fast from dusk till dawn.

#9) Ramadan is a good month to start, develop and maintain good habits
like eating at the same time as a family, plan and organize your day to avoid wasting time, energy and money.

#10) Niat or Intention is a must before you start your fasting ibadah
I realize that when you set your  mind to do something for Allah, Allah will help you. There are different between when you are not eating with Niat than you are not eating without Niat. Somehow with Niat you do feel hungry so much.

What do you learned this Ramadan? Share with me
Do you wish things could be different?

Friday, August 17, 2012

day twenty eight of Ramadan // hometown

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt:hometown
take a photo of your hometown. What's like the last few days of Ramadan?
These are some random photos taken today.

I am finally home at my parents house, the house and the town I grew up in. I was definitely happy to be here.

Last minute cookie making -- my brother and my two kids hard at work..

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: All About Me 2

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Balik Kampung checklist

This week is the last week of Ramadan. By Sunday, Muslims all over the world will celebrate Eid. Right here in Malaysia most of us will 'balik kampung" or travelling back to our hometown to be with our parents and immediate family. If not well plan we might end up stuck in horrific traffic jam.

So before we pack our bags and hit the road, here are a few things that you should cross off your checklist
#1. Check all the electrical outlet around the house. Switch off all non essential equipments
#2. Pack early and not too much. If you run out of clean clothes just wash them
#3. Inform your neighbour of your trip and your estimated time of absence
#4. Make sure there is no stagnant water in your home
#5. Clean your sink
#6. Throw away all the garbage
#7. Make sure your car is in tip top condition. Send your car for a routine service if you haven't done so
#8. Doa ,before you start you engine, so that your trip will go smoothly without any unwanted incident

Last but not least don't forget to SMILE. Smile can release a happy hormones which can help during a long drive home.
I hope that you have a pleasant trip going back home.

Be safe , be kind and be courtesy especially on the road.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

day twenty seven of Ramadan // relfection

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt: reflection
any photos of reflection or anything that symbolise reflection. since Ramadan is almost over, what have you learned about yourself during this Ramadan?

I decided to take this photo for todays prompt. One the 27th of Ramadan I am saying goodbye to my Honda CRV car. This car has been with us for about ten years and now it is time to let it go. I am feeling a little bit nostalgic because so many things, good and bad in my life, this car has been a constant witness. Letting go a part of you is not easy but I just have to be strong and let it go.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: hometown

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#30Lists: This Week's Meals

I am so excited that this September I got a chance to join in the fun with 30 days of lists challenge. I have registered earlier this month and I am so enjoying the fun at 30 days of lists personal blog and forum. Love to me other listers like me.
Anyway for the bonus list , the #30Lists team joined forces with the September 2012 Ambassadors and Sponsors to host a blog hop. Check out what they are having this week.
As for me, since right now is still Ramadan and the desire to eat a lot of delicious food has diminished, here are what I wanted to eat or already ate this week.

I made this template using Now and Then Kit by Jenn Barrette. Then I convert the layout into pdf, export them to my Note Plus apps on ipad. Then I write down the list right on the paper.
I will do the same for the rest of the challenge. I will put all of the list into a digital notebook. I might print them out or not. But I like having a notebook style of lists right on my ipad.
Want to take a look at what the #30lists team are eating?
Join 30 Days of Lists
If you are inspired and want to join in the fun it is not too late to register at 30 Days of Lists. For a small amount, you get access to the private blog and community, September's 30 list prompts, listing freebies, sponsor discounts, and if you register between now and August 15th you'll be automatically entered to win a set of Keri Smith books and a chance to win a copy of Adobe Photoshop Element 10 if they get 300 to register!
Thursday Favorite Things  
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5 things I’ve learned from the happiest baby guide to great sleep

When I heard that Dr Harvey Karp has a new book coming up called the Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, I could not be more excited. This book comes at the right time for me because my baby is graduating from forth trimester.
I really really love this book. I highly recommend it to parents with kids age zero to five years. I've tried the 5's for the first three months of my baby’s life and it really works . Now my baby is approaching 4 months and the calming reflex is fading away. What next?
This book has the answer. The book is divided into three parts: Sleeping guide for newborn, for three to twelve months and one to five years. You can just read the part where it's relevant to you but it helps a lot if you are familiar with 5S.
5 things that I've learn from this book
#1. Swaddling is still the best tool for sleeping at night. When I swaddle him, he knows that bed time is coming. This usually calms him down.
#2. White noise is amazingly effective in putting my baby to sleep either during the day or at night. Currently I am using baby shusher apps for iphone.
#3. Putting my baby to sleep at about the same time every night really helps him to settle down faster and sleep longer
#4. I am no longer afraid to put down my baby on his crib after he falls asleep because I know that if he wakes up, he will go back to sleep on his own
#5. I put loveys in his bed to keep him company. If he wakes up in the morning he rarely cry. He usually will make cooing sound, which I find very cute
I haven't try reading to him yet, but sometimes I recite surahs to him before his bed time with white noise in the background. That helps to settle him down.

a little facts about my baby
Age: 3 months and 3 weeks
Familiar with: 5S approach
Swaddle: since the day of birth until now
5S technique he loves: swing and shushing sound
      He only suck when nursing, doesn’t like pacifier.
      And now he is sucking his hand when ever he can
Sleep in : his crib. He only sleep with me when he wakes up around 4:00am to nurse
Duration of sleep: has increased from 3 hours straight to 5 or 6 hours straight at night when he reached 3 months

If you buy only one book this year, let this be the one. It really helps a lot not only it will help your baby to sleep longer at night, it will also help you to sleep longer.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

day twenty six of Ramadan // shoes

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt:shoes
your new shoes perhaps or shoes in your wish list or a must have shoes during Ramadan

This is definitely shoes in my wish list - Louis Vuitton in polka dot. I see polka dot designs every where this year.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: reflection
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Happy Eid Mubarak // Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

It’s that time again! Ramadhan is almost over and by Sunday, Muslims all over the world will celebrate the victory day –Eid Mubarak- [1st Syawal].

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my Muslim friends “Happy Eid Mubarak” / Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. May this Syawal brings you joy and happiness. Remember ALLAH always!


Note: For those who missed , these are for you –> Hari Raya Goodies 1 and Hari Raya Goodies 2. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

day twenty five of Ramadan // pink

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt:pink
anything related to pink

Of all the pink stuffs that I owned, I have never photography my ipad smart cover in pink. Tody I spend most of my time travelling, reading google reader with my ipad and thinking more ways to be creative.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.
Tomorrow photo prompt: shoes
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I remember when…

I am so looking forward to start the 30 days of list challenge for September. In the mean time, I just make up a lists to write just to warm up.
I bought Now and Again kit by Jenn Barrette from Sweetshoppe design and I was inspire by the theme of the kit to made this list.

I remember when....

  • life used to be so simple
  • i listen to music all the time
  • I was looking forward to go to work
  • I went to work from 7:30am till 4:30pm
  • I want to boot up my computer I need to have two floppy disk
  • Apple used to be just a fruit
  • Kancil and Rusa used to be just an animals ( now these can also be a car)

Do you remember the good old days?
What are the things that you remember most about it?

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Avent Bottles on sale

I have been using Avent Philips breastpump Open-mouthed smileand bottles since my second son. That was thirteen years ago. During that time I can only purchased this product at Mothercare. Now this brand is available almost anywhere here in Malaysia. The only difference is the price. You need to look around to find a great deal.

Milk a deal is having this great promotion 44% off retail price. If you are looking for one, now is a great time to grab this deal.

Monday, August 13, 2012

day twenty four of Ramadan // sale

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt:sale
it’s every where, capture anything related to sale

Today was a very busy day for me. I just didn't get a chance to go shopping for a new hijab. I browse Ariani's Gallery online and I found a few patterns that I like. I know the new pattern will not be 80% off but it is still worth checking out.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: pink

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day 220–day 226 // the last 10 days

The last ten days of Ramadan is the time to increase your ibadah and getting ready to say good bye to Ramadan. Do some reflection. Did you learn anything this month, did you grow as an individual? For me I just realize that when I recite the same surah over and over again, I am starting to memorize the verse. I thought I can never do that at this age.

Here are my daily something from last week

day 220 – I am glad that my son can still get the nutrition from nursing even though I am fasting


day 221 – me without any makeup on. I do miss getting up early in the morning and get ready for work


day 222 – my son is already starting to roll to his side, getting ready to roll over


day 223 – my daughter and her new red hijab for Eid


day 224 – this mark the day that my son roll over to his stomach for the first time. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to record in on camera


day 225 – my new baju kurung (Malay traditional dress for woman) for Eid


day 226 – the packing. Oooo I really hate to pack.


Note: I just realize that all of these photos were taken with my iphone

Link up

Sunday, August 12, 2012

day twenty three of Ramadan // cookies

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt:cookies

what is a must have cookies for Eid? How many cookies do you buy?

I usually bought a lot of cookies for Eid. Since this year I am not working, I am keeping the quantity of the cookies to a minimum. Besides I do need to watch what I eat.
One of the must have cookies for my family is tart nenas ( pineapple rol)

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: sale

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Project Life // week 14

project life

This is such a fun week for Hanif. He is already in this third month of life. He experience many new things this week like:

  • he travel long distance for the first time
  • he was very good for 2 and a half hours
  • he starting to sleep more than five hours at night
  • he laugh out loud when you talked to him and make fun noises or funny faces
Week 14 Page 1 week14-1

Week 14 Page 2


[Credit: I used Everyone has a story kit by captivated vision. Word art by CD Mucksoky]

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