Saturday, August 11, 2012

day twenty two of Ramadan // ritual

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt:ritual
what is your ritual during Ramadan? take a photo of it and share

This ritual doesn't particularly happen only in Ramadan but the same baju kurung outfit only happened in Ramadan. As the yearly ritual mother and daugther will look for the same baju kurung or the same color of baju kurung to wear during Eid. Is this year the year of polkadot? I see this type of pattern on clothes, shawl and hijab everywhere.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: cookies

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Whimsical // lesson 10 and lesson 12

I have finally finished with Digi: In Deeper with lesson 10 and lesson 12. I know I skip lesson 11 but I will visit that lesson when I have a photo that go with it.

So far I have so much fun learning digital scrapbook with Jessica Sprague. I really learn a lot in this short e-course. I ended up wishing that there’s more lesson and more style to explore.

I have never made any whimsy style scrapbook before. This is definitely out of my comfort zone.

“The dictionary defines whimsy as: "Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor." So lots of things fall into this category, from vintage children's books (think Dick & Jane), to retro/mod (think 50s style illustration), to fanciful illustrations of characters & animals (think hummingbirds, owls). Lots of CUTE, BRIGHT, and FUN are the names of the game here, and where Freestyle is more sass and spunk, whimsical is more sweet. Layouts that fall into this category often feature:

  • Bright, graphic pattern
  • Bright colors
  • Themes & style that invokes "awwww"
  • Child-like wonder & playfulness, in journaling, photo choices
  • Cute hand-drawn fonts and alphas
  • Whimsical characters & illustrations
  • Subtle distressing, if any “

In this class I learned how to:

  • Paint with patterned paper – this is so cool
  • Use acrylic photoshop brushes to make painted flowers
  • Create a chipboard accent with curving elements
  • Create a striped pattern from a color scheme
  • Doodle inside of an alphabet

And in lesson 12 , putting it all together. It’s a bit challenging because I have to remember the technique from the previous lessons.

Layout from lesson 10


Layout from lesson 12


Other than learning some new technique, I made two layouts using kits I’ve bought this month.

beyou-web [Credit:Love Me Tender Kit by Tracie Stroud Designs] today-web [Credit: Everyone has a story by Captivated Vision]

Today I plan to make more layouts and continue with Project Life Week 14 and packing for Balik Kampung trip next week. I really hate to pack, so starting early will give me ample time looking through things that I want to take for the trip for me and my kids.

Have a great, fun and creative weekend!

Friday, August 10, 2012

day twenty one of Ramadan // hijab

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt: hijab
your favourite hijab maybe, or your new hijab

Our Hari Raya color theme this year is red, so I bought this red hijab for my daughter to wear with her red baju kurung.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: ritual

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Help! My baby doesn’t want to take bottle

My baby is already three months now and he really enjoy life at home with me constantly on call when he is hungry. I am approaching the big day (the day I have to go to work and leave him) way too fast than I would have like. So naturally I have expressed breast milk in storage but him to take while I am at work.


Since early this month I have been trying to get Hanif to take my express milk in a bottle. Sometimes he took it and most of the time he will screamed refusing to take the bottle. Usually Avent bottle doesn’t cause this problem for my other kids, but somehow Hanif doesn’t really like the teat.

I am worry if he doesn’t want milk in other form except me. Giving a baby milk in a cup is going to be so much trouble for the care taker. I frantically search the internet ways to handle this situation.

Here are some of the tips I found around the internet which recommended by most mom

#1) Switch the bottle or rather the teat. Most of the suggestion is to use Tommee Tippee Close to Nature which they say can prevent nipple confusion for baby.

“Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 5oz Bottle is intuitively designed for easier and more natural feeding. The unique, natural shaped nipple mimics the natural feel, flex and movement of breastfeeding, similar to mum's own natural feeding action. The super-sensitive anti-colic, anti-gas valve helps reduce gas and colic when feeding. All features combined provide baby the most natural alternative to breast feeding and allows mum to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding.” excerpt from product description at

#2) Have someone else give the bottle. This is a really good advice which I have tried with my previous kids and it works. This time around I only have my teenage son to help me with this but he doesn’t really have the patient for it.

#3) Don’t give the bottle when the baby is upset. Introduce the bottle when he is happy and let him play with it for awhile.

#4) No mother in the house. Apparently the baby can smell or sense if his mother is near by.
I really have to be strong and leave the house during this proses. Hopefully  this will work

#5) Get him used to the idea of taking the express milk in the bottle at least once a day during the time you usually be absence.


From now until October I am going to make it my mission to ease Hanif into taking milk in a bottle. Hopefully he will learn to accept that sometimes mommy may not be around to provide food.

Beautiful May // May Days

It feels good to scrap again. I feel so much alive and happy when I am in scrapbooking world. I need to be in this world a lot more. I have lots of baby photos that I want to scrap. I am so thankful for Project Life inspiration that now I can enjoy scrapping with out have to play the catching up game.

May Days

The first thing that grabbed my attention is the color. It has a way of reminding me of happy time.


This is a layout I made using the above kit


Thursday, August 9, 2012

day twenty of Ramadan // card

Daily Ramadan Photo Prompt: card
a photo of a card you receive for Eid Mubarak or a card you give for Eid or any cards in general.

Since I am not working this Ramadan, I didn't get that many "Hari Raya" card. This one I got in the mail from mercu optometry.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: hijab
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kad hari raya lagi

Since it’s already Hari Raya mood around here, I am making another Hari Raya e-card for everybody. It’s not a conventional Hari Raya card but the message is still there. Enjoy!


You can download the card by clicking on the image.

5 random facts about me right now

Now and than I love making random facts about me. Last year I did fifteen random facts about me and this year I would love to add another five to that lists.

Five random facts about me right now
* I love making lists
* being a mother to a baby again is so much fun
* loosing the last 5 kg is so challenging at my age
* I am taking a long maternity leave to enjoy life more
* My to do lists is getting longer than before

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

day nineteen of Ramadan and a lists

Daily Ramadan photo prompt: iftar
Where do you have your Ifar? What you have?

I am still having iftar at home with my kids. I have only been to bazaar Ramadan three times and trying to eat less and healthy. After iftar with rice for so long we decided to have pizza instead.
I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.
Tomorrow photo prompt: card

Ramadan is coming to an end and I am a bit sad about that but at the same time I could not wait to celebrate Eid with my family. I haven't seen my brothers in a really long time. I made this checklist using noteplus for ipad. I am warming up for 30 days of lists coming up this September.

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Wordless Wednesday // Kad Hari Raya


[Credit: Sunshine Girl kit by Studio Flergs and Zoe Pearn Designs]

I made this Eid Fitri Card just for you, my beloved reader. Enjoy! Click on the image to download.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

day eighteen of Ramadan // sign

Daily Ramadan photo prompt: sign
take a photo of any sign that you see around you

Time: 2:30pm
I still do not have a chance to visit my favorite hijab store this Ramadan. I will make it my mission to set foot in this store before the sale end.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Tomorrow photo prompt: iftar

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30 days of lists // counting down to September

I am so excited that this year I’ve got a chance to participate in thirty days of lists this September.
What is 30 days of lists?”Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night.
30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day – even something as small as a list.
Every day through the month of September 2012 we will be posting a list prompt – anything from weekend goals to celebrity crushes. At the end of the 30 days you’ll have a collection of entries creating a small snapshot of your life right now.
Only 5-10 minutes per day are really needed. While you’re waiting for someone, or when you’re the passenger in the car. You can even download the list topics ahead of time to get a jump start!” excerpt from

There are really no wrong way of doing this project. This time around I plan to make the lists with my NotePlus apps for ipad. I am not sure if I will print them out or not. Just to make the lists fun and pretty, I am going to make a template for it and I will be giving it for free for those who wants to do the list digitally.
[Credit: One of a Kind kit by Captivated Vision and Wild Dandelion]
To download the jpeg version just click on the image. I made the image in an A4 size so you can easily print it out with your printer. I also made a pdf version if you want to use this for any Note taking application for ipad that support pdf annotation. Download the pdf version.
To get the idea of what you can expect for 30 days of lists in September, check out Campfire Chic, the co founder of 30 days of lists, for a preview.

Monday, August 6, 2012

day 213–day 218 // daily something

It is still Ramadan and life has been a little bit busy than usual. I just realize that I’ve snapped very little photos this past few days.
Eid-ul Fitr is just around the corner. This coming week will be the preparation for upcoming long holiday and also making the most of the last few days of Ramadan.

day 213 – I just love the polka dot pattern on my favorite pillow. I just realize that this year I saw a lot  of polka dot pattern on clothing and hijab


day 214 – my baby


day 215 – is the day we bought a new car. Hopefully we get a chance to drive during Eid


day 216 – I bought my son first ‘baju melayu’ in red.


day 217 – these are the nutritious drink I have during Suhur and Supper. Herbalife Mixed Powder Drink, whey protein and tea mix


day 218  - as always, love seeing the two of them playing


day 219 – I am happy to spend three days and two nights at my parents house and I am a little bit sad that I have to drive back to my home. I’ve missed them already.


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day seventeen of Ramadan // the weather today

Daily photo prompt: the weather today

Time: 10:25am
Location: at my parents' house
Preparing to travel back to my place

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.
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10 things you can do with photoshop brushes

I have been using photoshop for a long time for photo editing and scrapbooking. I have used brush before but I have never really explore the possibilities of this amazing tool. Now I am revisiting this tool with a new perspective and new ways to use brush.

Brushes comes with many fun shape and sizes. Some comes with photoshop and some are from cool site like deviant art and brusheezy. With so many beautiful shapes and texture, the possibilities of making a great look art work are endless.

Here are a few ways to use your photoshop brushes from a digital scrapbook perspective:

#1. Use it as Stamp on your art work like in the image below. The journal brush works like conventional journaling stamp pad which you can just stamp on a paper.


#2. Photo frames. With beautiful shape and texture brushes out there you can create beautiful photo frames in minutes.


#3. Clip art –Since brushes can be stamp on a layer by itself and can be resize and rotate, it’s just a matter of creating a thick border and adding a shadow to make a clip art. I really think this technique is cool because I’ve never thought brushes can be turned into clip art.


#4. Decor your title- with the right brush shape you can add a few touches to your journaling to make a cool title like I did in this layout.

#5. Brush can also be used as a texture or pattern on your background for your card or art work by simply changing the setting at the brush palette and stamp or move your brushes on the solid layer.

#6. Photo effect – by using layer mask, photoshop brushes can be used to create grungy photo effect.

#7. like a water color – with the water color brush you can add a water color effect on your art work

#8. Eraser- brush shapes and texture can also be use as a eraser tool to create a great looking effect. Eraser tool is usually use to soften the brush effect that we use on an image or art work

#9. Clipping mask - by altering the hardness, softness and size of your brush, you can use the brush tool to create a cool clipping mask for your photo

clipping mask

#10. Cool stitches – with a stitch brush you can create this cool stitches by adjusting the spacing and the angle in the brush palette.  I just can’t believe that I can make this cool stitch just by using brush


Note: You can also make your own brushes using your own images and shapes.

Cool brushes that you can add to your collection:

What do you used your photoshop for? I would really like to explore many creative ways to use brushes.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

day sixteen of Ramadan // strength

Daily photo prompt: strength
Ramadan is also about strength. Take a photo of something that represent strength

Daily Ramadan photo // day 16

Shopping for food when you are hungry is really challenging. Today I told my dad that I wanted to eat Baryani Rice for iftar. So we just went to one restaurant and order what we want without the temptation of other food.

I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.

Note: I just can’t believe that it’s already 16th day of Ramadan. So far I am still fasting even though today I felt so tired because of breastfeeding. i just kept telling myself I can do it and my son looks happy and well feed.

Are we or aren't we?

The controlversial logo of the 55th Merdeka Celebration

There are so many talk about this logo on the internet right now that I just have to chip in my personal thoughts about it
My random thoughts when I saw this logo for the first time ( things that makes you go hemmmm )
. What is the relationship between merdeka and janji ditepati
. Who design this logo?
. Will this be the right message we want to convey to our future generation?
. Does merdeka belong to a certain political party or does it belong to Malaysian?
. Will my kids understand and feel the spirit of Merdeka?
. For 55 years, is this the best that we can come out with?
. Are we really and truly mereka? Or are we just ... keluar dari mulut harimau, masuk ke mulut buaya?
. Somehow the whole thing, lack heart and soul.

I was so busy with Ramadan and Eid Mubarak celebration, I totally forgot about Merdeka. With all the negative feedback from the public and the person in charge about this year merdeka celebration, the spirit of merdeka is totally lost to me.

merdeka*51 years
(I am not sure how to make a layout for 55 years merdeka. I did the above layout when we celebrate our 51 years of Independance.)

I do remember when I was a girl in school way back in 1980's and 1990's . Every time merdeka came, I was so excited and so looking forward to what was the slogan and the logo for that year, always guessing and comparing the slogans and the logos from the previous years. During that time I've always think about what my parents life was like before merdeka, what the older generation have to do to achieve our independence. The merdeka song also made me feel the merderka spirit.

Now, I just wonder if my kids feel the same way I did.

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