Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 1 // 1st day of Ramadan

Photo prompt #1- 1st day of Ramadan

The typical view around me during Ramadan

1st day of Ramadan I am ao tired today. Nursing really burn a lot of callories Hunting for foodRamadan food stall

Some random things around me this first day of Ramadan

* I was so tired today. Nursing really burns a lot of calories

* I went hunting for food with my daughter

* the Ramadan food stall was a little bit slow to pick up. I was there around 6:00 pm and there are still unopened stall

* I am so proud of my son for reciting Quran this morning with so much hassle

* My parents are with me and I am so happy about that

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One little word update


Earlier this year I choose Balance as my one little word for this year. Ever since than my life has been a little bit hectic with last trimester of pregnancy, wrapping things up at work, giving birth and having a new baby.

My plan for this year is to focus more on family and less on work since the last few years my life has been all about work. Ever since I gave birth to my baby boy, my life suddenly become all about baby. For almost four weeks I felt depress and sad. I found out that unbalance life can make me feel miserable. I just have to find balance to do all the things that I love and not getting caught up in just one area.

Now it’s time for me to take control of my life. Here are a few things I do and intend to do this year.

#1) I took an online class that has nothing to do with baby. I really enjoy Dig in Deeper by Jessica Sprague

#2) I take a few hours a day to get up to date with technology

#3) I read books related to baby. The happiest baby on the block is a must have for a new parent

#4) I take six months maternity leave to take care of my new baby and exclusively breastfeeding him

#5) for my health, I do at least three days of exercise weekly and drink Herbalife protein shake daily to get back my energy and hopefully my pre pregnancy weight back

#6) for my soul, as usual recite Quran daily

#7) I intend to make Project Life for the first twelve months of Hanif’s life

#8) Organize my life so that I give attention and time to all the roles that I play – muslim, mother, daughter, scrapbooker, family photographer, manager, blogger and woman

Beautiful Rose Tartan

Blue Flower Art has a beautiful new kit called Rose Tartan. I just love the beautiful color and elements in this kit.

Rose Tartan by Blue Flower Art

This kit is currently on sale at zigzag scraps.

This is my layout I made using the above kit


Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo prompts for Ramadan

I was inspired by fatmumslim monthly photo prompts to make a list of photos that I can capture during Ramadan. I made this goals to capture daily photo of Ramadan, so I intend to use this list as a guide and motivation on what to capture during Ramadan.
1. 1st day of Ramadan: capture anything about the first day of Ramadan
2. only during Ramadan : take a photo that can only be seen during Ramadan
3. peace : Ramadan is also about finding peace. So take a photo that make you feel peaceful during this month
4. all about me: photo of yourself at the beginning of Ramadan
5. time: take a photo of the time of sunset and sunrise, things that symbolise time or compare yourself a year ago and today
6. 4:30 am : what are you doing at 4:30am during Ramadan?
7. on instagram: any photo you capture that day on instagram
8. favourite food: a must have food during iftar
9. Quran: current surah you are reciting, your favourite holy Quran
10. green: anything green that capture your attention
11. dates: take a photo of your favourite dates, favourite dates shop or anything related to dates
12. mosque: your favourite mosque
13. something you bought: take a photo of anything you bought today
14. gift / giving: Ramadan is also a month of giving, take photo that represent gift or giving. It can be clothes you bought for your child or your love one
15. in the news: capture a photo of what make the news today or anything related to news
16. strength: Ramadan is also about strength. Take a photo of something that represent strength.
17. the weather today: what is the weather like today?
18. sign: take a photo of any sign that you see around you
19. Iftar : Where do you have your Ifar? What you have?
20. card: a photo of a card you receive for Eid Mubarak or a card you give for Eid or any cards in general
21. hijab: your favourite hijab maybe, or your new hijab
22. ritual: what is your ritual during Ramadan? take a photo of it and share
23. cookies: what is a must have cookies for Eid? How many cookies do you buy?
24. sale: it’s every where, capture anything related to sale
25. pink: anything related to pink
26. shoes: your new shoes perhaps or shoes in your wish list or a must have shoes during Ramadan
27. reflection: any photos of reflection or anything that symbolise reflection. since Ramadan is almost over, what have you learned about yourself during this Ramadan?
28. hometown: take a photo of your hometown. What it’s like during the last few days of Ramadan
29. all about me 2: a photo of yourself at the end of Ramadan
Hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoy making them. Aside from fasting and worshiping Allah during this month, you might capture and document things about this Ramadan that you want to remember for the rest of your life.

Ramadan Goals

Tomorrow Muslims around the world are celebrating the month of Ramadan. It’s the month for fasting, spiritual reflection and worship.
“Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam and to avoid obscene and irreligious sights and sounds. Sexual intercourse among spouses is allowed after one has ended the daily fast. During fasting, intercourse is prohibited as well as eating and drinking, and resistance of all temptations is encouraged. Purity of both thoughts and actions is important. The act of fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm. It also teaches Muslims to practice self-discipline, self-control,[15] sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate; thus encouraging actions of generosity and charity (Zakat).[16]” excerpt from Wikipedia

goalsforramadan Ramadan this year is going to be so much different from my previous year. This year I’ll be a stay at home mom with a baby (and I breastfeed too)
This Ramadan I intend to..
  • fast everyday (since I breastfeed, this might be possible)
  • Salah Tarawih every night either by myself or with my kids ( with a new baby it’s kind of hard to do it in the mosques)
  • take daily photos during this whole month to document my journey
  • recite Quran everyday after every Salah
  • talk less and read more
  • write my thoughts in my journal so that I have an outlet to express myself
  • eat less not more
  • try to move as much as possible during the day ( this might be hard because breastfeeding alone burn a lot of calories)
  • sleep at least one hour during the day after Zohor prayer
  • Iftar with my kids every evening
I am looking forward to this year Ramadan because for the first time ever I don’t have to worry about staying awake at work, beat the traffic jam and endure the stress at work. I can really take my time, relax and enjoy the month.
So what are your goals for Ramadan?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I believe I can fly

I spend most of my day making scrapbook pages using all the techniques I have learned so far. It really is a great therapy for me.
For all of these layouts I used Finding Jenny & Finding Jenny 2 bundle by Studio Rosie Posey.
{Quick Page from the kit} loveeffortless-web
{Obsessing with brushes a little bit} onceuponatime-web listentomyheart-web
{Yes! Finally I have managed to master type on a path} lifeisajourney-web

One perfect day // lesson 8

I learned to make another page with shabby and ornate style in lesson 8. It took me more than two hours to complete it because suddenly the video tutorial took a long time to load. I like the style but I am not sure how to use this style often. I like the first layout in this shabby and ornate style that I did last Tuesday.

Anyway this is the layout that I learned to make

oneperfectday-web Credit: Kits and brushes are provided with the lesson

..... So far I've learned to..

  • Use watercolor brushes to create a dreamy, ethereal look on a photo
  • Extract textural items with holes (burlap & lace)
  • Extract dimensional items (including their shadows)
  • Add fabric to your pages
  • Add lines and brushwork to titles

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Strength to move on

I just felt like I want to cry and the feeling of giving up is so overwhelm. I thought that these emotions are not an issue at 12 weeks but I was so wrong. I looked at my son face and I totally feel happy and in love. He is really my strength.
 wwJuly1801wwJuly1802wwJuly1803wwJuly1804 Link up with


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shabby & Ornate // lesson 7

Today I have another great lesson at I really love her technique and her approach. I used to have trouble using Polygonal Lasso Tool but when she said that tool mimic a scissor, Bamb! Suddenly that tool made sense to me. I know how to work a scissor. After that I have no problem using Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Now I learn about Shabby and Ornate style. In her class, Jessica said that Shabby style is about….

“Layouts (and other visual material - ads, posters, etc.), that fall into this category often feature:

  • Light, soft colors
  • Distressed, crumpled, worn edges - not dark, but sanded or light
  • Rich detail and ornamentation
  • A timeworn feel
  • A vintage romance
  • Handmade details such as lace, stitching, embroidery, soft fabric
  • Antique imagery such as vintage birds, florals, damask, birdcages, crowns, postage
  • Photos with softened color rather than ultra-saturated
  • Swirly brushwork
  • Romantic typography
  • Sophistication “

excerpt from the online course at

In this lesson I learned to

  • Create a textural, painterly flower from a clip-art outline – which I think is very cool to be able to do this from scratch
  • Extract twine from a background
  • Shape twine into a curve
  • Create a half-circle banner
  • Add a texture to a photo

This is what I made for this lesson


* all the things on the layout are from the class lesson materials except the photos. They are mine.

Pop art // Tutorial Tuesday

Thanks to Sarah and Ashley for hosting Tutorial Tuesday. I love playing around with photoshop effects. It really  helps me express my creative energy. I usually  used action or apps to create pop art but with this tutorial I can try to make one of my own. It was so much fun.

This is mine



If you want to play along go here. Have fun!

Tutorial Tuesday

Monday, July 16, 2012

lesson 6 // more freestyle

Yesterday I spend one hour sitting in front of my computer and finished learning all the technique in lesson 6 of this amazing online class. Love the urban feeling of this layout.

In this lesson I learned

  • Create a cross-processed look on photographs
  • Create a silhouette of a city skyline from a photograph
  • Create a starburst pattern with a patterned overlay
  • Extract textural items from their background
  • Create a rough-cut sticker

I honestly believe that without this lesson I would never have made any layout that look like this. It’s totally cool that now I would be able to at least duplicate the things I learned in my future layout.

I am having trouble with extracting a city skyline from a photograph. This is definitely something I have to practice and develop more patient for.

This is my attempt at another freestyle scrapbooking


Paper and elements are from the course material provided in this lesson. The KLCC skyline from google search.

day 192–day 198 // one moment in time

Overall I am having a busy week. With all the things need to be done and the preparation for Ramadhan I just didn’t realize that my baby is almost 3 months.

day 192 – He is more alert than ever during the day.


day 193 – I usually  bring him along when I went to pick up his sister from school


day 194 – playing around with Incredibooth


day 195 – just because


day 196 – at Alamanda, nursing him in a fitting room


day 197 – went to Alamanda to watch the Amazing Spiderman movie


day 198 – another great morning with Hanif


Sunday, July 15, 2012

random things

Some quick random updates:
* such a busy Sunday
* for the first time I went to watch The Amazing Spiderman without Hanif ( I don't really enjoy the movie that much )
* Thanks to Rin for babysitting
* Catching up with Rin on things related to work and non work
* we talked for hours and it was really fun for me
* I've finished with Lesson 6 of Dig in Deeper online classes
* Hanif is very good today
* I can't believe that I didn't took as many photos as I used to today
* Watched Masterchef Celebrity today. Yes! Datuk Fadzley is in the final. Looking forward to tomorrow show
* Started to read Superbaby book
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