Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tips on outing with a baby in a stroller

When three of my kids were baby, non of them really sat in a stroller for more than 10 minutes. At the end of the shopping outing, my baby ended up in my arms and the stroller became our shopping cart.

This time around, I decided to give a baby stroller one more try and amazingly my newborn baby stay in the stroller for two to three hours straight.
The secret is.... I used Dr. Harvey 5S technique. I found out swaddling is the best tool to use when putting Hanif in a car seat or a stroller. Now I am also adding shushing sound to the equation to make him calm and nap a bit longer.

Even when he wakes up, he rarely cry unless he wants to be change or he wants to feed. Amazing!

I free him from his swaddle to give him a little room to strech out.

I bought these book at Kinokuniya bookstore today and can't wait to read it. My baby almost graduating from forth trimester and I really want to know how to get him to sleep longer beyond the forth trimester.

Will share later what I think about Dr. Harvey's new book.

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Fun monthly kit : life captured June

Another fun monthly kit by Pixelily Designs called Life Captured: June, available right now at Gingerscraps. I love this type of kit because it can really be used in any type of layout.

Life Captured : June

This is my layout using the above kit

iturned41-web I just can't believe I've already turned forty one! And I didn’t really get a chance to really celebrate it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I am glad I was wrong

I thought I was going to be bore out of my mind if I take a long maternity leave. I am so glad I was wrong. Moment like this make staying at home so much fun and amazing!

I really love seeing this face every morning and hear his voice cooing and mumbling. It is so worth it!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Power to the She

Web is full of inspiration! When I saw this layout by blanulak, I just have to scraplift. This is such an inspiring layout.


This is my lift using Happy Space kit Studio Blagovesta

Power to the She

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Selfie Wednesday

I haven’t done this in a really long time. Since I am on my maternity leave, I just don’t have any reason to wear makeup and dress up in the morning. Today out of the blue I feel like taking a few photos of myself with a little bit of make up. It was so much fun and it gave me reason to use my Canon.
selfiesJuly07selfiesJuly05selfiesJuly04selfiesJuly03selfiesJuly02 selfiesJuly01

And this one use the technique I learned yesterday at Tutorial Tuesday segment selfiesJuly06
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

face painting

Face painting is definitely one of the things I would really love to try but really afraid to try at the same time. So I am excited to give the digital face painting a try when I saw this great tutorial at rambing and photos. This is definitely fun and easy.

As always I have hundreds of Hanif photos and not so good photos of mine, so I choose my baby photo to try out the face painting effect.


If you want to join in the fun head over to rambing and photos and be inspired by  her and all other participants. Enjoy!

Tutorial Tuesday

Hanif and me

I am fasting today and I am nursing Hanif. Oh boy! I am so tired now. Three more hours to go before sunset.

I intentionally wait for him to be two months old before I dare fasting. It wasn't bad for me but I hope Hanif get enough milk. So far I can still feel let down which is a good sign. I am still producing milk.
Ramadan is just around the corner and I hope that I can fast for the whole month and not compromise Hanif's nutritional needs.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

day 178–184 // July already?

July is here already. It’s also the end of Euro Cup 2012 with Spain won the title against Italy 4-0. It was definitely the highest goal scored in the final. I am not a fan of football anymore but I do feel excited for my son because he is a fan of Spain.

Anyway.. these are my photos for the past week including today {day 184}

day 178 – My eldest son taking care of his brother. He is getting better and better at this job especially when putting Hanif to sleep


day 179 - So cute when he started to cry


day 180 - Sleeping after seeing the doctor for 2 months checkup and immunisation


day 181 - Having lunch at Wong Solo for the first time after giving birth


day 182 - Went out shopping after my treatment at the Garden Midvalley

day 183 - My attempt at self portrait with a baby on the side

day 184 - Trying out his new play mat. Hanif is more alert and want to play, so we bought this striking colour play mat for him


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blast from the past // lovely moment

I really in love my iphone 4 ( right now this phone is my scanner, photo editor and blog editor). I'm on a roll here. Another blast from the past photos of my sons and my father.
I do think these were taken sometime in early 2000 because my second son is still not walking and I don't think he is one year old in this photos.

The above two photos were edited with snapseed and phonto -- apps for iphone

I am still trying to figure out whether these two photos were taken at my old house or at my parents house.

I am loving my Sunday so far with a walk down memory lane.

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Blast from the past // airplane ride

I was busy clearing up stuffs that have been collecting dust in my drawer and I stumble upon these old photos way back in 2000. I was planning to make a scrapbook page with these photos but never got around to do them.
So I decided to snapped a few photos withmy iphone and blog about it ( too bad Blog was around in late 90's). At least now I have a piece of history permenantly posted here.

This was Hazwan first airplane experience. It was a company trip to Langkawi. Ooo I really miss those days.

I was young and full of hope for the future with two young kids to take care of.

Urgh those outfit!

My eldest son, cute as ever!

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