Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hanif oh Hanif

Love the beautiful view in the morning. I can never resist his cute little face, cute chin, cute little fingers and his soft and sweet voice. I just want to cuddle him, bite him and pinch him.
Love seeing him so relax and content even for a moment
I just love seeing him so relax and content after nursing.

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Life Captured May // Pixelily Designs

Life Captured : May

Another great kit to document your daily life from Pixelily Designs called Life Captured May. Get one at 30% of right now.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Ad Inspired // June challenge

Love this June challenge at Scraporchard forum. The ad is so simple and yet so pretty.

Come and join the fun at Scraporchard forum this month. This is my take on the challenge using Captivating 2012:June kit by Captivated Vision.

This is what I do everyday, capturing my newborn son on camera. Mostly with iphone. I just don’t want to miss a thing because this first 12 months a lot can change and by the end of the year my son will no longer be a newborn. He will be moving around and busy with growing up.

funwithyou-web Credit: Captivating 2012: June by Captivated Vision


Just playing with adobe photoshop actions and Spring Frames by Blue Flower Art.

hanif-frameBFA2 hanif-frameBFA3 hanif-frameBFA1 And I also linked up to


Loving my Friday so far…..

How cute is that!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Instagram

My DVD workout collection. Need to start rotating these workout. So far I only did Jillian'sDid this workout today. My lower abs really feels it!Been reading these two magazinesHe really loves sleeping in his bouncing chairLooking forward to read this ebookOn his tummy

Looking forward to..
* morning exercise routine. Jillian is tough and I hope she’ll motivate me to move more. I still have to modify some of her tough moves cause my lower abs still feel numb
* I download Jillian ebook today. So I am looking forward to read about her philosophy about life and health
* I am planning to read these two magazines I bought two days ago, one about motherhood and the other about technology. I really miss technology. I am daydreaming about macbook air but I think I will settle for Sony Vaio
* playing with Hanif. He seems to be more alert about his surrounding and people around him. He response quickly to the sound of my voice. That makes me very excited!
* planning to take an online course. I am still looking around to see which one fits me and my schedule

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 things baby carrier

Yesterday I went to Alamanda with Hazwan and Hanif. I am not in the mood to bring a long the stroller which is heavier than the baby and doesn’t even fit into my small car. So I decided to get a baby carrier so that I can carry Hanif around without a stroller.
He really likes it very much. Well, he doesn’t complain much as long as he is swaddle or have a human contact. I didn’t have the chance to take any photos yesterday so I asked my eldest son to pose for me today. He can handle the carrier without any problem.
5 things why I love this baby carrier
#1) the baby carrier is much more lighter than the stroller
#2) it feels natural to hold my baby closer to me.
#3) no sudden movement from his arms, which can always upset him
#4) this baby carrier from Naforye (available at Modernmums Alamanda) has 4 ways to carry the baby – from newborn to 12 months old baby
#5) I can carry Hanif in a laying position which makes nursing so much easier. I don’t have to take off the carrier
Wednesday-Hanif2 Wednesday-Hanif3 Wednesday-Hanif6 Wednesday-Hanif4
Have a wonderful and great Wednesday!

snapshot // life so far

On Instagram:

Hello Wednesday!

On my playlist:
I am listening to Number One for Me by Maher Zain. Love his new song.

On my to watch TV series: 
Hart of Dixie Season 1 – I can see that this show has potential to be one of my favourite show. It feels like Gilmore Girls in a way.
True Blood Season 5- This show is just started and that’s something to look forward to this summer

On my Nightstand:
Save Me novel by Lisa Scottoline - very interesting conflict , who to choose your own child or a child right next to you.—still reading this book.

On my wish list:
A new laptop for my birthday. And a new body would be nice too. I am starting to continue my slimming treatment at LaSenze but not sure if I could go there on a regular basis since it took me about 40 minutes to go there and I don’t have that  kind of time at the moment

On my mind:
Ways to occupy my time during the day and develop interesting content for my blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day 157– day 164 // daily life

The challenge of staying at home and not worry about work is to keep my daily life fresh and interesting. Routine can really kill creativity and fun. So for the next 4 months I just have to think of a way to make my life interesting and fun.

From now on, I decided to update my Project 366 weekly just to keep things interesting and I desperately need some changes.

My life in review for the last 7 to 8 days

day 157 - I started to play with Macro lensday157

day 158 - Hanif really loves to sleep in his bouncing chair day158

day 159 - I went for my 6th week postpartum check up, bringing the whole family with me. Amazingly Hanif slept for the whole two hours without waking up


day 160 - Checking out the slimming center in Bangi. I really need help especially my tummy and thigh area.


day 161 - first outing to MidValley with Hanif day161

day 162 - I let Hanif cried just to take a photo of him crying. day162

day 163 - Sleeping baby is such a beautiful thing to watch day163

day 164 - Yeah.. I finally managed to captured Hanif playing with his tounge. So damn cute!!!

 then, she {snapped}

Monday, June 11, 2012

Living the 5S


I really got to say thank you to Dr Harvey for his amazing forth trimester and 5s technique. The happiest baby on the block really help me raise a healthy and happy baby. I never knew Calming reflex exist until I read the book.

I’ve tried his technique and it really helps me a lot. Luckily  my baby doesn’t really need all the 5s. Swaddle really helps a lot and helps him calm down and sleep better. Hanif really likes swaddle, swinging and sucking. I am really surprise that I don’t have a crying baby in the house like I used to have with my last baby.

If you have a new baby or about to be a new parent I suggest you run to the book store near you and get the Happiest Baby on the block book and watch the DVD with the same title. It’s the only tools you need to survive the first three months of you baby’s life!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Relaxing Sunday and a Scavenger Hunt

It’s already second weekend in June. The sure does to move faster especially when I am on my maternity leave. In a blink of an eye, my baby is no longer a newborn. He has entered his first month and I really enjoy watching him grow.
This week Scavenger Hunt is so much fun. Since lately I took a lot of photos of my baby, so most of the hunt focus things about him or around him.
1. Travel
SHS-Travel Stroller to the rescue every time I took my baby outside. Luckily he didn't complain much when we put him in his stroller. He loves the movement.
2. Silly
Friday-hanif2 This is my eldest son being silly every time I took a picture of him
3. Black and White
4. Spots
SHS-Spot Love watching him like this. This is exactly the spot where I love to look at him and talk to him and watch his response. So beautiful and magical
5. Paper
SHS-Paper I made a pregnancy journal and now it's finished. I really missed keeping a paper journal. Right now I am thinking of making a baby journal for my new baby.
~~ Have a great and creative weekend ! ~~~
Ni Hao Yall
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