Saturday, June 9, 2012

Like my mother does..

Love this song…. “Like my mother does” by Lauren Alaina

likemymotherdoes-web Credit: Capturing 2012: May Kit by Captivated Vision

[Verse 1]
People always say
I have a laugh
Like my mother does
Guess that makes sense
She taught me how to smile
When things get rough
I've got her spirit
She's always got my back
When I look at her
I think, I want to be just like that
When I love I give it all I've got
Like my mother does
When I'm scared, I bow my head and pray
Like my mother does
When I feel weak and unpretty
I know I'm beautiful and strong
Because I see myself like my mother does
[Verse 2]
I never met a stranger
I can talk to anyone
Like my mother does
I let my temper fly
And she can walk away
When she's had enough
She sees everybody
For who they really are
I'm so thankful for her guidance
She helped me get this far
When I love I give it all I've got
Like my mother does
When I'm scared, I bow my head and pray
Like my mother does
When I feel weak and unpretty
I know I'm beautiful and strong
I see myself like my mother does
She's a rock
She is grace
She's an angel
She's my heart and soul
She does it all
When I love I give it all I've got
Like my mother does
When I'm scared, I bow my head and pray
Like my mother does
When I'm weak and unpretty
I know I'm beautiful and strong
I see myself like my mother does
Like my mother does
I hear people saying
I'm starting to look like my mother does”

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Everything


Such a beautiful and sweet kit from Pixelily Designs called [Im]Perfect. The kit that celebrate you , all of you. Get this kit at 50% off now and start scrapping about you!

“You've been spending much of your time scrapping pages for your loved ones, families, and friends. Now it's time to have a page about you, what you feel, what you love, what you hate. Include this kit into your scrapping project focusing on you.” excerpt from product description.

This is a layout I made using the above kit. Since I just had a baby last April, I just have to scrap about my new baby. Enjoy!


My fabulous friday

School holiday is almost out. I had so much fun juggling a new baby with my older kids. They really help me out a lot.


I just don’t know how I will survive when they went to school next week. I really need to find a project that is fun to do and at the same time taking care of my new baby. Photography and Digital Scrapbook are the only project that I can think of at the moment which include my new baby. The only catch is to find a new angle and new approach to it.

Here are some of the photos I took of my baby this morning while he was in a good mood. I really would  love to take a photo of him sleeping with all kind of pose but I just do not dare to touch him when he is already sleeping (heheheh…)

Friday-hanif5  Friday-hanif2



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Instagram

I went to see the doctor today for my postpartum check up. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health. Everything has gone back to normal except my weight.

Heemm I’ve only managed to loose 6kg for the last 6 weeks and I need to loose another 6 kg to fit into my clothes. I have two new clothes that I didn’t have a chance to wear last year and I intend to wear them by August. I really need a weight lost plan.

Hazirah and her brother Generation gap Merdeka! Dua jam lebih juga tidur masa kat klinik tadi

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introducing breast milk in a bottle

I just wanted to see if Hanif will take milk in a bottle. I expressed 4 oz of milk using Phillip Avent Manual Pump for 20 minutes
and I used Avent Bottle to give it to Hanif. The catch is I don’t give Hanif the bottle myself but I asked my eldest son to do it. I don’t him look for my breast when I hold him and I just don’t want him to have a nipple confuse. I’ve been using this approached since my second son and it work perfectly.
With a little guide from me, he managed to give his baby brother the bottle. Hanif rejected the teat at first but after a little bit of persuasion he sucked the bottle without any complain.
Thanks Hazim for being a good big brother. Now I just have to train Hazim to change his brother nappy, then he will be a prefect babysitter. ( I wonder if he will agree to do it… hehehe).

Playing with Macro

Finally I have a chance to play with my macro lens after almost a year. I am glad that the lens still can function.

My subject of course is Hanif, my 40 days old baby. Taking some details of his cute face, eyes, mouth, ears and fingers.

Hanif-Wednesday1 He was in a good mood after taking a bath

Hanif-Wednesday2 It is not easy to take photo of his fingers when he is awake. A lot of sudden movement .



Have a wonderful and great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy for Font // Traveling Typewriter

I am feeling a little bit happier today, first because today is my 40th day postpartum and this morning I got to see my baby smile and response to me when I talk to him. And today is the first day I ate “Roti Telur” after not having any for more than a month! 

I found Traveling Typewriter font at dafont and I’m loving it. This is a fun font to use either for the journaling or for title.

This is how I used the font above

agreatday-web Credit: Captivating 2012: May by Captivated Vision

Tutorial Tuesday // Vintage Polaroid Effect

I am so happy to learn something new. So today I decided to join Ashley and Sara for Tutorial Tuesday. This time is editing photo to make a Vintage Polaroid Effect. I am not sure if I really get the effect but at least I learned how to changed the angel of photoshop brush.

This is a photo I took of my son this morning using Tamron macro lens. He is 40 days old today.




HanifJuneTTThis is definitely not an easy tutorial to follow especially when adjusting the curves to get the right effect. I really need to practice more.

Tutorial Tuesday

Monday, June 4, 2012

I am totally in love....

I just wish I could take a photo like these. The beauty of newborn and babies.
My Elsie...
5 weeks...
Adorable Asher
note: all images are linked for credit.

When he sleeps like this, all I want to do is watch him, take photos of him and kiss him. I just want to take it all in because he will grow up in a blink of an eye. Hemmmm where is my pause button?
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June Free Desktop Wallpaper–Shabby Princess


Love this new desktop wallpaper from Shabby Princess. Download this free desktop wallpaper here and have a beautiful design to look at everyday!

Day # 156 // 366


Monday and I am still craving for chocolates. To be specific, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. I have this sudden need that I have to have a taste of cocoa in my mouth every single day. I think this is my fourth bar in three weeks! I never thought that I still have a craving after I had a baby. The hunger that I am feeling is so much intense compare to during my pregnancy.

Monday and the things that comes with it

Monday starts with a bang! I am feeling much better today. I think a little outing yesterday did me good. Hanif as usual, don’t really sleep much lately. He is a little bit vocal when he didn’t sleep. So many things he did that makes me jump!

I did managed to squeeze in a few minutes to make these two layouts using Frolic Kit. Just love this kit! Get it at Scrapbookgraphic store.
what it means-web junetodolist-web
* Finally they managed to fix aircond in my room. Love the cool feeling in this really hot afternoon
* I am so craving for chocolate right now
* I am so waiting for the 44 days to be over.
* I am hungry most of the time
* I am so anxious to start working out. My tummy and my arms really need a good stretch and workout

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day # 155 // 366

Gotto love Sunday
-play with photofunia again, this time using Artist effect

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I am.....

# feeling a little bit out of touch with the outside world
# happy that today I got a chance to go to Alamanda for lunch
# glad that Hanif was such a good boy. He slept in his car seat with little or no cry
# taking the outing a little bit slower and try to kept it short

# happy that my eldest didn't mind pushing the stroller. He looked really cool pushing the stroller

# a bit disappointed that I can't spend more time shopping for myself


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